"A locally produced beer, but I saw a bottle of Abraxin Brandy inside, if that's more to your liking."
"Thank you, but neither at the moment. Perhaps after working hours."
―Lo Bukk offers Darth Plagueis a drink, which Plagueis declines[src]

Abraxin Brandy was a type of brandy offered as an imported beverage at an eatery located within a Barabel settlement on Abraxin, a planet[1] located in the Outer Rim Territories.[2] While the Muun Darth Plagueis visited the settlement in the guise of a member of the InterGalactic Banking Clan between 67 and 65 BBY, the Jedi Padawan Lo Bukk spotted a bottle of the brandy inside the eatery during his time there with Jedi Master Ni-Cada, who purchased a flagon of a locally-produced beer. As Plagueis wandered around the outside of the eatery, the two Jedi exited the building and offered Plagueis their beer before providing the bottle of brandy as an alternative. Although their offers were declined by Plagueis, the two Jedi held a friendly conversation with the Muun about each other's reasons for visiting Abraxin at a table outside the eatery before parting ways.[1]

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Abraxin Brandy was mentioned in the 2012 novel Darth Plagueis, written by James Luceno.[1]

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