"Skywalker's here?"
Imperial General Brenn Tantor[src]

Abridon was a pleasant, mountainous planet with special significance to the career of Brenn Tantor. Its capital housed the Abridon Government Center, while Sayan was the center of its shipbuilding industry. It was primarily notable to the greater galaxy as the site of Luke Skywalker's capture by the Galactic Empire. It was located on the Northern Corridor's Lipsec Run.


Around the time of the Battle of Hoth, the Abridon Nationalists took control of the planet with the cooperation of Rebel Alliance armed forces. Five Rebel diplomats, including Skywalker, arrived in order to convince the planet's Government Council to join the Alliance.

Three days later, their efforts were interrupted when the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Inquisitor arrived. Grand General Malcor Brashin oversaw the reconquest of the planet. His subordinate, General Brenn Tantor, led a strong force that retook the capital city, captured Skywalker and the rest of the diplomats, and drove the Rebels, led by General Tyr Taskeen, off-planet. Brashin also ordered the destruction of a refugee camp near the final Rebel position, but Tantor refused the order. Brashin stripped Tantor of command and ordered Tantor's forces to destroy the camp, telling them it was full of Rebels.

However, Nationalist resistance remained, concentrated in Sayan. The continual fighting in the city grew so bad that after several months, the Empire finally gave up hope of holding it and began to simply bombard it to dust.

The capitol of Abridon.

Shortly before the Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance heeded the Nationalists' call for relief. They sent Taskeen back to Abridon. This time, Tantor would be unable to stop him. Tantor had in fact defected to the Alliance after the massacre, and now led Taskeen's forces to victory, retaking the capital, freeing a prison camp, and destroying the Imperial presence in Sayan. The planet was now free to join the Alliance, which it did under the leadership of Nationalist Hamman Flatt. The new government's first act was to release a squadron of A-wing interceptors to the Alliance, which would be put to good use in the Battle of Endor.



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