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The capital city of Abridon was a pleasant city that served as the seat of government for the planet.


Urban area mingled with park space inside the city, while it was surrounded by craggy hills and grasslands on its outskirts. A river ran through the city, and at its bend was situated Government Mound.

The Government Center, the planet's capitol building, was situated at the summit of the hill and fronted with gardens. On the southeast edge of the city was an Imperial base.


In 3 ABY the Abridon Nationalists seized the capital while Rebel Alliance forces set up a series of bases around the city.

However, the capital reverted to Imperial control in a matter of days when General Brenn Tantor arrived and eradicated the Rebel contingent. During the fighting, he also set up a base in the gardens at the foot of Government Mound. A holding camp on the eastern border of the city was another Imperial addition.

The city was recaptured by the Rebellion shortly before the Battle of Endor when Tantor, now a defector, returned to the planet at the head of a Rebel force. He drove the Empire out of the capital and the industrial center of Sayan, putting control of the planet firmly in the Rebellion's hands.


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