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"Scanners show a refugee camp to the east of the base. Your Empire wishes you to eliminate it as a show of strength to our enemy."
Grand General Malcor Brashin to General Brenn Tantor[src]

This refugee camp on Abridon was destroyed in 3 ABY.


In 3 ABY, the Abridon Nationalists revolted against the Galactic Empire, briefly delivering Abridon into the hands of the Rebel Alliance. A major Rebel base was set up in a rural area to the southwest of the capital, near a refugee camp.

However, Imperial forces arrived and quelled the rebellion within days. General Brenn Tantor, commanding the Imperial ground forces, finished off the base near the camp last.

His superior, Grand General Malcor Brashin, desired to completely crush Abridon resistance, and ordered Tantor to destroy the nearby refugee camp to display Imperial strenth and the consequences of allowing the Rebels to operate nearby. Tantor refused the order.

Furious, Brashin locked him out of communication frequencies and ordered Tantor's stormtroopers to raze the camp, telling them that Tantor had been injured by enemy fire and they needed to avenge him by razing the camp, ostensibly occupied by Rebel sympathizers.

The incident prompted Rebel general Tyr Taskeen to offer Tantor the chance to defect, which he later took, defecting on Kalaan and later returning to capture Abridon for the Rebellion.


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