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"So, it seems the rat has run out of places to hide."
―Mara Jade upon cornering Abron Mar[src]

Abron Mar was a lieutenant in Takara's criminal organization. He was known to frequent a cantina located in the Katraasii Spaceport. During the year 10 ABY, the New Republic Jedi Mara Jade was tasked by Ka'Pa the Hutt to find Mar in order re-obtain a stolen Global Communications Transponder device from Takara. Jade tracked Mar to the spaceport, and after cutting off his escape routes, she cornered him. However, Mar had actually laid a trap and rendered Jade unconscious. He then sent her to Takara's stronghold.


"Is this the best that Ka'Pa has to offer? Let's find our rat some suitable accommodations. I'm sure Takara will have some questions he'll want to ask her."
―Abron Mar[src]

Abron Mar, after capturing Mara Jade

A male member of a green-skinned species, Abron Mar served as a lieutenant for the crime lord Takara. Mar was known to frequent a cantina located in the Katraasii Spaceport, on the planet Katraasii.[1] During the year 10 ABY,[2] Takara stole a Global Communications Transponder from his Hutt rival, Ka'Pa. Around the same time, the New Republic, in need of supplies, sent the Jedi Mara Jade to negotiate a deal with Ka'Pa to obtain said supplies. Ka'Pa saw this as a chance to retrieve his stolen property, and tasked Jade in retrieving the GCT device from Takara. The Hutt's agents informed Jade of Mar, and that he would be the key in reaching Takara's stronghold. By the time Jade made it to Katraasii, Mar was present in his favored cantina, surrounded by Gran and Weequay bodyguards. Jade, not wanting to provoke Mar into running off, eventually found the hangar where Mar had parked his personal R-41 Starchaser and sealed the hangar door.[1]

Jade went back to the cantina to apprehend Mar, but the lieutenant escaped the cantina while Jade dealt with his cronies. With his ship currently unable to take off due to the hangar having been sealed, Mar opted to run further into the spaceport with two Weequay and lay a trap for Jade. The Jedi fought her way through Mar's men and various Galactic Empire field stormtroopers, and caught a glimpse of Mar and his Weequay heading through a small speeder bay. Mar shut the bay doors on Jade, but the Jedi used a T-4 troop transport to smash through the doors.[1]

She continued to follow Mar until she finally cornered him in a storage room. Mar pretended to surrender, allowing Jade to let her guard down and get subsequently hit with a stun blast from behind. Mar then sent her to a prison in Takara's stronghold. Jade, however, eventually recovered the GCT device anyways.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Who's the rat now? You walked right into my trap."
―Abron Mar, after subduing Mara Jade[src]

Abron Mar enjoyed frequenting a cantina in the Katraasii spaceport. Upon capturing Mara Jade, Mar expressed disappointment in Jade's abilities, and was unimpressed with Ka'Pa's choice of agent. Mar was a member of a species that had green colored skin and three ridges in place of a nose.[1]


Mar was armed with an E-11 blaster rifle during the chase with Jade, and had his own personal R-41 Starchaser. Mar wore dark clothing with red stripes at the time, and wore goggles that concealed his eyes.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"Mara then heads off to the spaceport city of Katraasii to hunt a guy named Abron Mar."
Ryan Kaufman, the LucasArts continuity supervisor and level designer for Mysteries of the Sith, speaks of Abron Mar[src]

Abron Mar first appeared in the video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, which was an expansion pack for the previously released Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. Mar's voice was provided by Terence McGovern, and appears throughout two levels of the game. Mar's character model was also available as a multiplayer avatar in the game. In multiplayer, Mysteries of the Sith introduced multiplayer personalities, where character models were categorized by profession. Mar was categorized as a scout.[1]



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