"I think I've done the right thing here, it's just getting out is going to be a little more of a challenge than usual."
―Kanan Jarrus, on escaping Absanz[src]

Absanz was a desert planet that hosted a factory belonging to Sienar Fleet Systems. The Spectres traveled to Absanz to retrieve intelligence on Sienar's newest TIE prototypes. They attempted to capture lead designer Dron Ryall, but were forced to let him go in order to escape.


A planet with flat and rocky desert terrain, Absanz had an atmosphere that was breathable and filled with clouds.[1]


"This factory contains intel on Sienar's new bombs and updates on their most recent TIE prototypes. We're to find the information and bring it back to the fleet."
―Kanan Jarrus, to Garazeb Orrelios[src]

Sienar Fleet Systems operated a factory on Absanz that was eventually controlled by the Galactic Empire. During the early rebellion against the Empire, the rebel cell known as the Spectres infiltrated the factory in an attempt to find information on new developments, including bombs and TIE prototypes.[1]

Escape from Absanz

The Spectres attempt to escape Absanz

While the rest of the crew waited elsewhere in the Ghost, Kanan Jarrus and Garazeb Orrelios entered the factory. They encountered Dron Ryall, one of the lead designers at Sienar. The rebels kidnapped Ryall to interrogate him for information, but they were chased by several stormtroopers. Jarrus and Orrelios took Ryall aboard a Sentinel-class landing craft, but fire from an Imperial cruiser caused Ryall to fall out of the ship. Orrelios managed to catch Ryall, but decided to let him escape to prevent the destruction that the Empire would cause in pursuit of him.[1]

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Absanz first appeared in "Secrets of Sienar", a comic written by Martin Fisher, illustrated by Eva Widermann and published in Star Wars Rebels Magazine 13.[1]


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