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"My father, Jar Jar, was a muey muey nice father. He'sa'd always tries to bring home presents for me'sa and mom."
Abso Bar Binks[src]

Abso Bar Binks's mother was a female Gungan and the mate of Jar Jar Binks. Sometime before the beginning of the Galactic Civil War, she gave birth to a son, Abso Bar Binks. Jar Jar would attempt to bring home presents for his mate and their child, but these gifts were confiscated by the Empire at their checkpoints. This eventually caused Abso Bar to join the fledgling Rebel Alliance.

Behind the scenesEdit

This individual is only mentioned in the story Tantive IV, published in Star Wars Manga: Black issue of Tokyopop's Star Wars Manga. Originally published in Japan, those stories were considered to be of "fuzzy" continuity by Lucasfilm.[1] Since then, they have been republished in English in the United Kingdom under Infinities label, which established the material in them as non-canonical.


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