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The Absolutes were the secret police organization of Civilized government on Apsolon prior to the revolution in 47 BBY. After the revolution they were outlawed and went underground. In 41 BBY they almost succeeded in gaining power over the planet, but they were stopped by Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi.


"Technically the Workers were allowed freedom of expression, but in actuality the Absolutes tried to control what we could say or do."
Irini to Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

The Absolutes were created by the Civilized government to keep Workers under control. Any dissident Worker was killed or taken prisoner and tortured. In 47 BBY, the Workers revolted against the oppression by the Civilized and the Absolutes, and for the first time free elections were held. A Worker, Ewane, was elected Supreme Governor and the Absolutes were outlawed. But many members of the Absolutes went underground and avoided capture. Their former headquarters was turned into a museum.

Despite being outlawed, many Civilized still supported the Absolutes. The Absolutes still had a large treasury at their disposal, with which they bought an old warehouse on the edge of the Civilized sector to act as their new headquarters.

After Ewane was murdered shortly into his second period, the Absolutes rose in power again with the backing of Ewane's daughters, Alani and Eritha, who wanted to take control of the planet. They were aided in this by Balog, a former Absolute and protector of Roan, the new Supreme Governor and protector of the two girls. They devised a plan in which Balog would kidnap the two girls, forcing Roan to resign, allowing Alani to run for office. They also invited Jedi Knight Tahl over, under the guise of being in danger, to give legitimacy to their take over. However, then they found out that Roan had a list containing all the names of Absolute members, Balog's name was among them. Balog leaked this information to the Absolutes and the list was stolen, not by an Absolute, however, but by a Worker infiltrator. When Tahl arrived Alani and Eritha pretended to be threatened by the Absolutes and Tahl infiltrated the organization to find out how strong they were. The girls hoped Tahl would discover the list and take it to them. A few weeks after the infiltration the Absolutes "discovered" the infiltrator and Tahl was forced to flee. During her escape she met Oleg, the Worker infiltrator who had stolen the list and who was also fleeing. The Absolutes suspected that Oleg had given the list to Tahl and Balog kidnapped her to a secret base in the country side.

Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi managed to track down Balog and created a diversion by setting explosives in the base, so they could free Tahl. But Balog realized the base has been infiltrated and sets it to self-destruct by overloading a weapons storage. The Jedi manage to free Tahl from the Absolutes, but they were too late, and Tahl died as a result of Balog's torture.

Back in the city Obi-Wan realized the connection between the girls and the Absolutes and with help from Lenz. The Jedi learned of a secret tunnel connecting the Supreme Governor's residence and the former Absolutes' headquarters. As they entered the tunnel they were confronted by Eritha, who confessed their plan to take over power. The Jedi arrested her, and soon afterwards Balog and Alani were arrested as well, removing the Absolutes' leaders.


While the Absolutes were still legal they employed several methods to keep the Workers in check. The entire Worker sector had been surrounded by an energy wall, only exitable through security checkpoints. The Absolutes also had many informants among the Workers population, many of these had been forced by torture. Besides these informants the Absolutes used probe droids to monitor the Workers.

The Absolutes used several methods of torture. One such method was the sensory deprivation containment device, which was a coffin-like box in which people slowly went mad or were administered paralyzing drugs until they died. Balog also used this device to torture Tahl about the list with Absolutes names. Another method was letting people watched how loved ones were tortured.



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