"Accidental Allies" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of the animated micro-series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny. It was first released on Disney's YouTube channel on October 29, 2017 and later that same day during the Star Wars: Forces of Destiny: Volume 2 special[2]

Official description[]

Sabine helps Jyn escape a stormtrooper pursuit and Jyn helps Sabine in return.

Plot summary[]

The episode opens with the Spectres member Sabine Wren fleeing from stormtroopers by leaping from roof to roof in Garel City. Sabine contacts Hera Syndulla by comlink to tell her that she has gotten the package and will meet her at the drop-off. While leaping from a building, Sabine drops the package, which turns out to be a holo-map. The package is picked up by Jyn Erso, who recognizes that it is something important. Jyn is spotted by a stormtrooper, who thinks that she is the thief who stole the map. Jyn flees while Sabine realizes that she has lost the map.

Imperial loud speakers announce that the suspect is female with brown hair and armed and dangerous. Jyn encounters two more stormtroopers but quickly knocks them to the ground. Two more approach her and chase her. From the roof of a building, Sabine sees Jyn running with the map. Jyn reaches a dead end. The only thing lying between her and the stormtroopers is a large cargo container held up by a crane. With the stormtroopers closing in on Jyn, Sabine shoots at the chains suspending the cargo container, causing it to crash to the ground. This separates the stormtroopers from Jyn.

Sabine Wren meets Jyn Erso.

After the stormtroopers retreat, Sabine jumps down from the roof and tells Jyn that she has somethings that belongs to her. When Jyn asks Sabine if she is working for someone else, Sabine says that she has no time to explain but that people are counting on her. Jyn replies that she has made that mistake before. Sabine realizes that Jyn is working alone. When Sabine reiterates her demand for the map, Jyn asks her to give a reason why. Sabine tells Jyn that she used to work alone but that she has gotten over thinking about herself. Sabine adds that the information on that device is going to help people. Sabine pleads with Jyn, who agrees to hand over the map after some reflection. Sabine thanks her and Jyn wishes her good luck before fleeing over the wall. Sabine contacts Phoenix Cell to tell them that she has gotten their intel before leaving the scene.




Notes and references[]

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