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Acclamator-class transgalactic military assault ships, also known as Acclamator-class assault ships, Acclamator-class Planetary Assault Ships, or Acclamator-class battleship, more commonly called Republic assault ships, were military warships utilized by the Galactic Republic for ferrying clone troopers across the galaxy. They were first deployed at the First Battle of Geonosis after transporting the clone army from Kamino, and subsequently carried the Grand Army of the Republic from Coruscant to the various arenas of the Clone Wars, a conflict in which they would see extensive use.[1] Unlike many ships of its size, the Acclamator-class could land on the surface of planets to deploy its forces.[4]



An Acclamator-class transport entering a planet's atmosphere.

The Acclamator-class transgalactic military assault ship was developed by Rothana Heavy Engineering, a subsidiary of Kuat Drive Yards, and had a dagger-shaped design, of similar character to the Venator-class Star Destroyer. It was manned by a crew of 700, could ferry upwards of 16,000 clone troopers, and 48 AT-TEs, 66 LAAT/i gunships, 14 LAAT carriers, 320 speeder bikes, 36 SPHA-Ts,[1][3] and at least one Nu-class shuttle.[10] In order to monitor ground movements and coordinate attacks, each clone trooper was equipped with a tracking device in their helmet that allowed controllers on Acclamator-class ships to better establish a picture of the combat zone. Their versatility and role as a troop transport proved essential during the Clone Wars.[1]

In order to defend itself against space-based attacks, the ship was armed with twelve quad turbolaser turrets, along with twenty-four laser cannons, and four missile launchers. The quad turbolaser turrets were located on the port and starboard sides of the hull, while the four missile launchers were located in the bow of the vessel.[4] It was also equipped with extraordinarily fast[1] twin hyperdrive engines.[4] A notable weakness, as displayed during the Battle of Ryloth, was that Separatist proton cannons could easily penetrate the shields of an Acclamator-class assault ship.[6]

Unlike many craft of its size, the Acclamator-class could land on the surface of planets, where it could unload its complement. The command tower was located toward the stern of the vessel, and was 752 meters in length and could achieve sub-light speeds of 1,200 kilometers per hour.[4] It had a ventral hangar opening as well as one in its port side.[10]


RotS Acclamators depart

Clone troopers load onto Acclamator-class transports departing Coruscant.

Acclamator-class assault ships saw extensive use in the first engagement[5] of the pan-galactic[10] Clone Wars, the First Battle of Geonosis.[5] There, twelve Acclamator-class ships were utilized to reinforce the Jedi and engage gathered Separatist forces on Geonosis. Acclamator-class assault ships transported a totality of 192,000 clone troopers, 1,600 LAAT/i gunships, 400 LAAT carriers, 100 SPHA-Ts, and 2,160 AT-TEs,[11] eventually resulting in the Republic becoming victorious.[5] At least one, the Lodestar, was still active during the Galactic Civil War, serving as the flagship of New Republic General Hera Syndulla's battle group.[9]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Acclamator-concept art

Concept art of the Acclamator-class assault ship.

The Acclamator-class transgalactic military assault ship first appeared in the 2002 episodic film, Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones.[5] Initially referred to as the "Jedi troop transport", the triangular shape of the starship was intended to be a nod to the Imperial Star Destroyers of the original trilogy.[12] They were later identified in the 2015 canon reference book, Star Wars: Ships of the Galaxy, authored by Benjamin Harper.[1]



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