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"Pretty motley assortment… even when you add one Corellian space ace like me…"
―Han Solo[src]

An X-wing ace pilot with 6 kill markers

The title of ace or space ace was conferred onto any starfighter or combat airspeeder pilot who had achieved five or more kills against enemy forces in combat. The origins of the title were unknown, but the status held equal import regardless of the era in which it was earned. Many pilots throughout the history of the galaxy earned the title of ace, with many of them exceeding the minimum number of victories by considerable margins. Among the Galactic Republic and later the Galactic Empire, particularly exceptional aces could be given the title of "Tan," which would be used before their full name.

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In Star Wars Galaxies, players have to complete all the missions from a particular squadron before they are awarded the title "ace."

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