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"Ace" was the self-applied nickname of a youthful associate of the bounty hunter Tirog, Tirog's protocol droid GT-9R, and the pirate Drebble. His older associates apparently did not share Ace's inflated opinion of himself, alternately calling him "Brat" or "No, don't touch that."[1]

When he was still young, Ace's hometown was attacked by the forces of the Galactic Empire. During the attack, Ace led the other children in his town to safety. Ever since then, he considered himself to be a born leader.[1]

Ace once visited an open-air marketplace on a world with a bright blue sun with Tirog, Drebble, and GT-9R. During this visit, they were accosted by a gambler accompanied by two armed thugs, who had been pursuing the group for some time. As the gambler and his cronies fired on the foursome, Ace took cover in a nearby bar.[1]

In another incident during Ace's travels with Tirog, Tirog was was knocked unconscious by a stun bolt from a stormtrooper's blaster. Ace rushed to Tirog's aid, trying to revive the hunter.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Ace is one of the characters appearing in "Tirog's Story", a series of gameplay examples in Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition. Ace's player in "Tirog's Story" is identified as "John". The chapter on gamemastering also uses the backstory John has for Ace as an example of ideas from the players which the gamemaster could use in an upcoming adventure. The gamemaster, "Bill", is described as considering an adventure where one of Ace's hometown friends has been kidnapped by pirates or run into some similar danger, leading Ace to attempt a rescue. Later in the rulebook, Ace's rescue of Tirog is used to illustrate the game mechanics of medical treatment of a stunned character.

Ace's statistics appear to be based on the "Kid" character template in the rulebook. If these statistics are accurate for Ace, Ace is a Human, and is twelve years old at the time of his adventures with Tirog. His meager possessions include two bottles of fizzyglug, a bag of candy, a small stone, some string, 25 credits, and a small pet which may or may not be dead.

The chapter on designing adventures in Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded uses Ace and his backstory again as an example of a player-generated idea which a gamemaster could use as a premise for an adventure. However, Ace's player in the revised rulebook is named "Vince", the gamemaster is named "Kristen", and Ace's friends (and thus probably Ace) are adults in this hypothetical campaign. Kristen considers having one of Ace's friends owe money to a loan shark, be on the run from the Galactic Empire, or ask for help tracking down his missing daughter.


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