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"Being an Ace is not all fun and games, Kaz. They also have to help bring in shipments, patrol the skies. It can be dangerous."
―Neeku Vozo[21]

Ace Squadron, also known as the Aces, was a starfighter squadron employed by the Colossus refueling station as a defense force during the age of the New Republic. The squadron consisted of the five pilots Hype Fazon, Freya Fenris, Griff Halloran, Bo Keevil, and Torra Doza. Besides their defense and escort work, Ace Squadron also participated in the station's numerous races.


Ace Squadron was a starfighter squadron that defended the Colossus refueling station on the planet Castilon and also escorted critical shipments. They were also tasked with the handling of critical shipments. The squadron consisted of the five best pilotsHype Fazon, Torra Doza, Freya Fenris, Griff Halloran, and Bo Keevil—in the facility. They were also considered as some of the most talented pilots in the galaxy. Aside from their role in station security, the Aces were known to engage in competitive starship racing for leisure.[1][21]

Ace Squadron had five racers which doubled as starfighters: Fazon's Green Ace, Doza's Blue Ace, Fenris' Red Ace, Halloran's Black Ace, and Keevil's Yellow Ace.[1] Ace Squadron resided in the luxurious Doza Tower where they relaxed in the Aces' Lounge.[21]


Juggling defense and racing[]

During the New Republic era, Ace Squadron defended the Colossus from a raid by Kragan Gorr's Warbird pirate gang.[6] While Ace Squadron was escorting a fuel shipment, the Warbirds raided the Colossus a second time but were repelled by Team Fireball and the undercover pirate Synara San. These raids led Captain Imanuel Doza to consider the First Order's protection offer.[7] Later, Ace Squadron took part in defending the Colossus from the enraged rokkna mother who was seeking her child Bibo during the "Bibo incident."[8]

Besides their defensive role, Ace Squadron participated in several races including a race with undercover Resistance spy Kazuda Xiono and the Platform Classic featuring Marcus Speedstar.[1][22] One of their members Torra was kidnapped by the Warbirds at the behest of the First Order. Her comrades pursued the pirates but the First Order managed to rescue Torra. This forced Captain Doza to consent to the First Order's occupation of the Colossus.[9]

The First Order occupation[]

The Aces are released from imprisonment by Captain Imanuel Doza

After the First Order arrived at the Colossus in order to provide security, races were suspended and all starfighters were grounded. Fazon protested, and was arrested by stormtroopers. He was able to escape captivity with the help of Resistance agents.[23] When the Colossus resistance led by Xiono deliberately sunk the Colossus into the ocean, the Aces scrambled to their stations.[24]

Following the sinking of the Colossus, Commander Pyre ordered the imprisonment of Ace Squadron, deeming them a threat to the First Order. However, Torra managed to escape and join Xiono.[25] After the Colossus resistance retook the station, Ace Squadron and Xiono's Fireball starfighter participated in a dogfight with First Order starfighters during the Colossus' escape from Castilon. They then escaped with the Colossus into hyperspace.[10]

Station's voyage[]

Shortly afterward, the Colossus' hyperdrive ran out of coaxium fuel, stranding it near D'Qar while they ran low on supplies and the First Order continued their quest to capture or destroy the station.[26]

After limping into the Ileenium system, the crew discovered the remnants of a fierce battle and a destroyed Resistance base. Xiono hatched a plan to recover coaxium from a downed First Order dreadnought. After Pyre's Star Destroyer arrived in the system, the Aces were scrambled to defend the salvage team from attacking TIE fighters. Once the team returned to the Colossus and refueled the engines, the Aces landed back aboard, allowing them to escape back into hyperspace.[11]

Eventually, after the Skirmish over D'Qar, they were assigned a new member, Kazuda Xiono, and a new instructor, Jarek Yeager, to take advantage of his experience. Their first cooperative exercise was a disaster, with the two newcomers getting the drop on the squadron. After Yeager split them into pairs, they learned to act together, saving the instructor after his craft was grabbed by a jakoosk.[4] Following a failed attempt by the Warbird gang to hunt a jakoosk, Kaz, Torra, and CB-23 managed to work together to hunt down the giant beast, providing enough meat for the residents of the Colossus.[12]

After the depot was sabotaged by the First Order spy Nenavakasa Nalor, the Aces were scrambled to defend it from Pyre's Star Destroyer while the engineering team restored functionality.[13]

Later, Xiono along with fellow Ace pilots Torra and Freya and their droids undertook a resupply mission to the planet Ashas Ree. Kel and Eila stowed aboard Xiono's ship. Together with Xiono and CB-23, they explored a local Sith temple and rescued an archaeologist named Mika Grey. The group was subsequently captured by a group of First Order Raiders led by Agent Raith but were saved by Grey, who activated a Sith relic that destroyed them. Grey accompanied the Aces, Kel and Eila back to the Colossus.[27]

Later, Doza subsequently ordered the station to hide in the Outer Rim Territories. As they deployed a beacon at a rendezvous point, the Aces were forced to defend it until they were beaten back, landing back aboard the station to escape.[14]

Seeking to raise credits for the Colossus and growing bored, members of Ace Squadron agreed to race with the Hutt businessman Vranki's racing droids. During the Voxx Vortex 5000, the Aces were systematically outmaneuvered by Vranki, who used unscrupulous tactics to win the various legs of the race. In the final leg, Vranki bidded on the entire Colossus and the Aces. However, Xiono managed to outwit him with the help of Vozo, who used his technical savvy to beat Vranki's droid algorithms. As a result, Vranki was forced to let the Aces go and gave the Colossus 50,000 credits.[28]

As the Colossus continued hiding in the Outer Rim, the station traveled through Guavian Death Space. Their home was attacked by the Gang, and when Captain Doza refused to give into their demands, the Aces were scrambled. Using Kaz's guidance, they took out all the attacking fighter ships.[15]

After Xiono, Yeager, San and CB-23 undertook a mission to rescue the Resistance spy Norath Kev on the planet Varkana, Ace Squadron led by Torra and Freya escorted Xiono's team and Kev offworld. Ace Squadron also fought several TIE fighters. The Colossus then evacuated them offworld.[16]

Later, Ace Squadron explored the ocean planet of Aeos Prime, which Captain Doza intended to establish as the Colossus's new home. Xiono and CB-23 accompanied Griff and his astromech droid R5-G9. While scouting a nearby island, they encountered several indigenous Aeosians, who initially reacted with hostility, blaming the offworlders for a recent First Order attack on their village. Meanwhile, Freya and Bo Keevil were involved a dogfight with Aeosians riding Krakavora. Xiono managed to convince the Aeosian Queen that the Colossus did not pose a threat by healing one of their members. As a result, the Aeosian Queen ordered her people to stand down and made peace with Captain Doza. She allowed the Colossus residents to stay for as long as they wanted.[29]

While staying on Aeos Prime, Ace Squadron resumed their races on the ocean planet, which had a similar environment to Castilon. Xiono subsequently departed on the Fireball with CB-23 to rendezvous with the Resistance. However, he was forced to abandon his plans after encountering a Spider probe droid in space, which alerted Commander Pyre and Agent Tierny to their presence. Ace Squadron along with Xiono subsequently took part in a battle with First Order forces, downing several TIE fighters and First Order TIE bombers. With the help of their Aeosian allies, the Colossus inhabitants managed to escape into hyperspace.[17]

Joining the Resistance[]

Following a request for help from Captain Doza's wife and Resistance Commander Venisa Doza and her Jade Squadron, Ace Squadron accompanied Jade Squadron on a mission to breach the First Order's blockade of Dantooine and evacuate several Resistance recruits. During the mission, the two squadrons were attacked by Commander Pyre's Star Destroyer and one of the Resistance transports was downed. After the two squadrons returned to the Colossus with the Resistance recruits, Captain Doza decide that the Colossus would join the Resistance.[18]

Following a fraught mission by Xiono, Yeager, and CB-23 to rescue Tam Ryvora from the First Order, the First Order caught up with the Colossus in the Barabesh system. Ace and Jade Squadrons took part in the defense of the Colossus, fighting several TIE fighters and attacking Commander Pyre's starship. After CB-23 lowered the Star Destroyer's shields, the two squadrons were able to blow up the ship's engines, destroying the vessel. Following the defeat of the First Order forces, members of Ace and Jade squadrons joined Xiono, Yeager, and Ryvora in celebrating Ryvora's defection and homecoming.[19]

Behind the scenes[]

"The Aces are a group of pilots amongst the best in the galaxy...They're all reluctant resistance members. They didn't want this. It's sort of been thrust upon them because of the First Order."
―The Aces featurette[30]

Ace Squadron was created and developed for the animated series Star Wars Resistance. The first footage of the squad was released on August 17, 2018.[31] Further details regarding the pilots that formed the squadron were released on September 14, 2018.[2]


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