Achtnak Turbine Station was constructed by Baron Orman Tagge shortly after the Battle of Yavin. It was named after the achtnak predator from Tagge's homeworld of Tepasi.


The Achtnak Turbine Station was the size of a large Star Destroyer and was fitted with a command tower similar to those used on Kuat warship models.

The station consisted of multiple giant turbines that could generate a vortex within the atmosphere of whichever planet it was orbiting. On top of the turbine array was a hangar used to store Imperial starfighters. There was also docking moors for capital ships on the sides.


Achtnak Station was hidden within the gas giant Yavin where it launched TIE fighter attacks on Massassi Station.

The TIEs would fly out through the calm central 'eye' in the vortex and return once the attacks were complete. Upon receiving a special transponder signal from each fighter, engineers aboard the Achtnak Station would start the turbines and re-open the vortex.

With the vortex closed, no trace could be found through either instrumental or visual scan of Yavin's storm-wracked clouds; the TIEs would have appeared to vanish in thin air.

Only because he was tracking Baron Tagge's personal ship was Luke Skywalker in the right place at the right time to see the vortex opening to receive supplies. Achtnak Station was destroyed by Luke, who infiltrated it using a stolen TIE containing a salvaged transponder. As a result, Baron Tagge swore vengeance on the young Rebel.



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