The layout of Ackbar's seapod.

Ackbar's seapod was the personal residence of Admiral Ackbar on Mon Calamari. It was located amidst the kilometers-long length of the Mkbuto Seatree Preserve.

Construction[edit | edit source]

The seapod was strongly constructed from plastoid in a spherical shape with small deck used as a mooring for Ackbar's personal utility sub. It floated on the sea's surface while being anchored to strong seatree trunks below the surface. Originally a dirty white color, seavines had wound their way up the anchor cables to cover the surface of the pod. This along with the green and brown algae on the surface helped the pod blend in with its natural surroundings. Entrance to the pod was gained through a small opening in the underside of the structure. Force fields and simple pressure kept the pod from filling with water. The interior of the pod was a split-level, single-room layout with furniture extruding from the floor. It contained a sleeping area, galley, and several science stations.

Leia Organa Solo and Cilghal arrive at the pod.

History[edit | edit source]

Ackbar settled in the Mkbuto Preserve primarily for the isolation it afforded him. It also served as a place he could research and study the geological instability and tremors afflicting his homeworld that were seemingly caused by the World Devastators during the Battle of Calamari.

In 11 ABY, after crashing his personal B-wing/E2 shuttle into the Cathedral of Winds on Vortex, destroying it and killing hundreds of native Vors, Ackbar placed himself in self-imposed exile on his homeworld. He retreated from public view to his personal seapod to continue his geological research. When Mon Mothma was struck ill from being poisoned by Caridan Ambassador Furgan, Leia Organa Solo traveled to Mon Calamari to persuade him to return to New Republic service as Supreme Commander. Leia was led to the seapod by Cilghal, Ackbar's niece.

It was during this time that Admiral Daala attacked the planet with the Star Destroyers in her command. Ackbar put aside his depression and left his seapod with Leia and Cilghal to take command of the Mon Calamari defenses. He rallied the local forces and ultimately fended off the Imperial attack, driving Daala into retreat.

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