The Acklay-class mobile fortress, known less formally as Acklay Battle Fortress, was an underwater walker which acted as a mobile command base for Imperial Army forces loyal to Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire. The Acklay-class was named after the Acklay of Vendaxa and apparently modeled after the appearance of the creature.



An Acklay recalling Shark subfighters.

These large vehicles carried a complement of Shark subfighters as well as aquatic assault stormtroopers. The docking bay of the battle fortress was on the belly of the craft, allowing forces of the Imperial Army to exit the vehicle by dropping straight through an open porthole. The docking bay was staffed by a crew of technicians who helped in maintaining the Shark fighters and organizing fuel tanks. The battle fortress was armed with an array of laser cannons, including a large double cannon that branched off of the elevated bridge of the craft.


The Acklay Battle Fortress was employed during the Skirmish on Dac, where it tracked down Mon Calamari refugees and slaughtered them on the orders of Emperor Darth Krayt. The Mon Calamari Rangers, led by Imperial Knight Treis Sinde attempted to capture one of the fortresses in order to secure a mobile command base which would strengthen their hit-and-run attacks. One such Acklay Battle Fortress, the Sea Lion, was commanded by Commander Sturves, who nearly lost his vessel when Sinde infiltrated his ship through the docking bay.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Acklay-class mobile fortress was featured in Legacy 32: Fight Another Day, Part 1 a comic issue in Star Wars: Legacy's 2009 story arc Fight Another Day.


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