The Action IV transport was a Corellian Engineering Corporation medium bulk freighter of the Action series.


An Action IV is damaged in combat.

It had a trapezoidal shape and was roughly 100 meters in length. Internally, its holds could be adapted to various pressures and climates with individual configurations.

The Action IV had two levels. The lower level had the bridge and living quarters for the crew. There were two escape pods on this level. The cargo bay spanned both levels, with the upper level having a smaller forward cargo bay. A conduit ran fore to aft, which allowed the crew access to the engineering area in the rear of the ship if the main hold was full or depressurized.[2]


Even though each ship was sold without any weaponry or defensive shields built in, plenty of after-market systems could be added to the Action IV.

During the time of the Galactic Republic, the Action IV transport Azure Queen was captured by Black Sun pirates, while en route to the planet Rutan.[3]

The Imperial Navy refitted a number of them as Imperial Patrol Ships.

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