The action on Asturias was the mission involving Theta Squadron and their attempt to rescue director Lorca Oviedo, after their ships were shot down by Separatist vulture droids. It occurred in orbit and on the surface of the Outer Rim planet of Asturias.


While returning from a conference on the planet Aviles Prime, mission director Lorca Oviedo's Consular-class space cruiser reported damage to its life support systems and dropped out of hyperspace, along with its escort. As they slowed to fix repairs, a hidden droid control ship appeared and released squadrons of Vulture Droids upon the Republic ships. The attack easily defeated the unprepared convoy, and sent Oviedo's ship to the surface, along with the sole surviving lander.

The missionEdit

After counting their casualties during the initial crash, Theta Squadron deployed from their damaged lander, using a device to track where Oviedo's ship had landed. Upon boarding the Consular-class cruiser, the commandos discovered that the life support systems were fine, and there was never any need to for the cruiser to drop out of hyperspace. Traveling deeper into the ship, the commandos discovered that all of the passengers except Oviedo had been killed with a shot to the head, execution-style. Two of the commandos reported a series of battle droid tracks leading away from the ship.

Following the tracks, the commandos happened upon Oviedo discussing his plans with Wat Tambor, who was speaking with Oviedo via hologram. During the conversation, Oviedo laid out his plans to return to the Republic as a hero, and to supply Tambor with troop deployment intelligence. Having heard enough of the conversation, the commandos appeared out from behind their cover and destroyed most of the positioned droids with blaster fire and incendiaries, reclaiming Oviedo into their custody.

After a short discussion, the commandos decided to return to the director's damaged but intact ship. However, they were attacked by vulture droids, leaving the sergeant, RC-2088, severely injured. Shortly after, they finally reached the waiting Consular cruiser, but were ambushed by droidekas. The destroyer droids unleashed an attack that killed two commandos, leaving only the pilot, the captain, and the sergeant alive. As they made their way up the ramp with Oviedo, the final survivors faced two battle droids that had previously boarded the ship. The ensuing confrontation left Oviedo killed and the pilot wounded. RC-2088 dragged both the pilot and Oviedo's body on board the ship, allowing them to escape the planet and return to Coruscant.

Upon reaching Coruscant, the pilot died from his injuries. RC-2088 reported to Mace Windu and Yoda, foiling Tambor's plot. Windu told the sergeant that his men's and the captain's sacrifices would not soon be forgotten.



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