"I need someone to deliver a parcel to the Outer Rim."
"We are in the Outer Rim."
―Pall Gopal and Izal Garsea[src]

Actlyon was a planet located in the Outer Rim and Western Reaches regions, home to the crowded city of Actlyon City. Around 34 ABY, the crew of the smuggler Ana Tolla operated on Actlyon for some time. When the crew moved on to their next job, they abandoned their associate Izal Garsea in a cantina on Actlyon.


A terrestrial planet, Actlyon was located[1] in the Western Reaches portion[2] of the Outer Rim Territories. It was situated on a hyperspace route that led to the planet Batuu. Actlyon had mountainous terrain, rusty skies, and a polluted, foul-smelling atmosphere that was nevertheless breathable to numerous species.[1]


"It's straightforward enough. Deliver the parcel, collect your payment, and don't ask questions."
―Pall Gopal hires Izal Garsea[src]

Around 34 ABY,[3] the crew of the smuggler Ana Tolla visited Actlyon for a job, staying on the planet for some time. Shortly before the crew intended to leave Actlyon and undertake their next mission, they stopped at a cantina in Actlyon City. While the crew was at the cantina, the establishment was raided by a gang of bounty hunters, who kidnapped a Trandoshan waitress over her debts, leaving the cantina upon securing their captive.[1]

After the raid was over, Tolla's crew departed, leaving their associate Izal Garsea behind under orders from their captain. Left alone in the cantina, Garsea was approached by the Rodian musician and spy Pall Gopal, an acquaintance of her parents. Gopal hired Garsea to transport a package to Batuu, intended for the Ithorian collector Dok-Ondar. Garsea remained on Actlyon for several hours before leaving to deliver the package.[1]


During the time that Ana Tolla's crew visited the planet, Actlyon City's lower district was crowded. A number of individuals of different species were present at the cantina that the crew visited, including humans. According to Izal Garsea, hundreds of smugglers and pirates operated on Actlyon.[1]


Actlyon City was a city located on Actlyon. Its lower district contained a spaceport and at least one cantina.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Actlyon appeared in the novel A Crash of Fate, written by Zoraida Córdova and published in 2019.[1]



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