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This article is about the Star Destroyer. You may be looking for the bulk cruiser Adamant.

The Adamant was a Victory-class Star Destroyer that served within the armada of Grand Admiral Thrawn.[1]


Service under ThrawnEdit

With the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn from the Unknown Regions, only to find that the Galactic Empire, was fragmented as Moffs, Admirals, and Generals became warlords and forged their own splinter groups from the Empire. Thrawn would eventually assemble a large fleet capable enough of threatening the New Republic.

Mission to Abregado systemEdit

Thrawn dispatched the Adamant to the Abregado system to capture Mara Jade after the brief meeting held aboard the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Chimaera. The operation was successful. With Talon Karrde in Imperial hands, Thrawn would be able to learn the location of the Katana Fleet, a fleet of over two hundred Dreadnought-class heavy cruisers.



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