The Adamite Tower was name of the bridge tower of a Star Destroyer that had crashed into the Ordan Spine Mountains on the planet Weik at the end of the Clone Wars. Home to a group of Force-users, the Star Destroyer was converted into their fortress.


When a Star Destroyer crashed into the Ordan Spine Mountains on Weik, the ship was buried under tons of earth and debris, with only the bridge tower remaining above ground. While the clone troopers aboard, under the command of Vasque Mirlan, led an attack on Vossport, the army was dispersed by Force-sensitives wielding lightsabers. When the heroes of the battle at Karnik Valley refused all payment or reward, they requested ownership of the tower and the surrounding lands. Establishing a feudal colony around the Adamite Tower, the group became known as the Paladins and converted the destroyer into a stronghold. Building a stone fastness around the tower's base, a farming community supported the Paladins of the Tower. Unbeknownst to most of the townspeople, the Paladins had located the below ground structures that the Tower was attached to and begun to search its hidden depths. While many of the mysterious halls were damaged and collapsed in, hundreds of rooms and halls were kept sealed by the Paladins until they had time to safely explore them.[1]


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