"So? What's the word, Des? When they finally give us the go, is this mission going to be a spicerun?"

Adanar was a male Senior Trooper in the Brotherhood of Darkness army during the New Sith Wars against the Galactic Republic. He joined the Sith army in 1003 BBY, on the same day as Dessel, a Human who later became his friend. After basic training, Adanar was placed in the Gloom Walkers unit. He first saw combat in the Battle of Kashyyyk and later fought in the Battle of Hsskhor, a confrontation that left him emotionally scarred and traumatized. Over the next year, Adanar fought in scores of battles on many worlds. In 1002 BBY, he participated in the Battle of Phaseera, where Dessel mutinied by knocking out their commander, Lieutenant Ulabore, and taking control of the unit. Adanar readily supported Dessel's action.


Early missions[]

"You got a bad feeling, don't you? This is Hsskhor all over again!"

Adanar, a male, fought for the Brotherhood of Darkness during the New Sith Wars against the Galactic Republic. He first joined the Brotherhood military in 1003 BBY, on the same day as a fellow trooper named Dessel.[1] After completing basic training,[3] Adanar and Dessel were placed in the same unit, the Gloom Walkers, under the command of Lieutenant Ulabore, and would eventually become good friends. The two saw their first action during the Battle of Kashyyyk, a Brotherhood attempt to gain a foothold in the Mid Rim by capturing the Republic stronghold of Kashyyyk. When the Brotherhood troops arrived, the Republic forces disappeared into Kashyyyk's mighty wroshyr forests, using guerrilla tactics to inflict heavy casualties on the Sith. Nevertheless, the Sith Masters continued sending troops into the maelstrom, and the Gloom Walkers were part of the second wave of reinforcements, although they were separated from the main lines of battle and were stranded deep behind enemy lines. Alone and surrounded by enemies, Ulabore panicked. However, Dessel was able to lead them on a three-day march back to the main force. The Sith were able to win the battle and capture Kashyyyk. The story of the Gloom Walkers became a rallying point for the Sith forces, raising morale that had become dangerously low.[1]

After the Battle of Kashyyyk, the surviving Republic troops fled to the neighboring planet of Trandosha. Twenty units of Sith troopers including Adanar and the Gloom Walkers, were sent in pursuit. The Sith caught up to the fleeing Republic troops on the desert plains outside the city of Hsskhor, and the Battle of Hsskhor ensued. A day of fighting left many dead on both sides, and as night fell, the two armies retreated to opposite sides of the battlefield to regroup. Several hours after sunset, the native Trandoshans attacked both sides, as they were not allied on either side of the galactic conflict. The Trandoshans inflicted massive casualties on both the Sith and the Republic, and in response, the Sith were forced to send reinforcements from Kashyyyk. The Sith eventually repelled the Trandoshan attack and annihilated the remaining Republic forces, razing Hsskhor to the ground after the conclusion of the battle. Adanar, however, was emotionally traumatized by the battle. In the year following the fight, Adanar and the Gloom Walkers fought scores of battles on many worlds.[1]

Battle of Phaseera[]

"Guess you got it all worked out."
―Adanar, to Dessel, after Dessel knocked out Ulabore[1]

In 1002 BBY, the Gloom Walkers participated in the Battle of Phaseera, an attempt to capture the Republic manufacturing world of Phaseera. By this time, Adanar had become a Senior Trooper and the third in command of the Gloom Walkers, behind Dessel and Ulabore. The Gloom Walkers were tasked with taking out a Republic outpost overlooking a valley leading toward the Republic base in Phaseera's capital city. Before the Gloom Walkers received their orders to move out, Adanar conversed with Dessel, relating his belief that the mission would be easy. Dessel responded by telling Adanar that he had a bad feeling about the battle to come, something that distressed Adanar greatly, as Dessel had had a similar feeling before the Battle of Hsskhor.[1]

When Adanar's group finally did receive their orders, they were told they would move out in one hour, in broad daylight. Although Dessel protested, stating that Republic flatbed gunships that were at the outpost would mow the Gloom Walkers down if they tried to take the outpost out during the day, Ulabore refused to listen to reason. Dessel responded by knocking Ulabore out and taking over the Gloom Walkers. Adanar readily supported this action, as did the rest of the Gloom Walkers. The unit, now under Dessel's command, waited until nightfall to strike at the outpost, and when the sun set, the Gloom Walkers moved stealthily through the jungle. Upon reaching the outpost, the Gloom Walkers split into four squads and encircled the outpost's perimeter, each armed with interference boxes to jam all transmissions within their perimeter. However, the three Republic flatbed gunships that were believed to be shut down for the night were still ready for battle, and were each manned by three crewmen.[1]

Frustrated and acting on impulse, Dessel sprang into action and killed several of the Republic gunners before being blinded by a flash canister. Dessel was able to retain his sight despite the blinding effect of the canister and killed the remaining gunship crewmembers with seemingly impossible speed and precision. Their mouths agape at what they had just witnessed, Adanar and the rest of the Gloom Walkers hesitated a moment before continuing the battle for the outpost. Three hours later, the Gloom Walkers took the outpost with only nine casualties, and the Sith army was on its way to the Republic camp in the capital. Adanar was left behind with a small squad as the rest of the Gloom Walkers returned to their camp in the jungle to hold the outpost. The Battle of Phaseera proved to be the last time Adanar served with his friend Dessel, as word of Dessel's incredible shooting spread, and he was taken to be trained in the dark side of the Force at the Korriban Sith Academy. Dessel eventually became Darth Bane, an influential Dark Lord of the Sith.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"I want to know what we're really in for."

Adanar, who joined the Sith army and was placed in the Gloom Walkers unit, became very good friends with Dessel. He looked up to and greatly admired Dessel, as he was both astonished by his friend's abilities and trusting in his leadership. Adanar held a degree of contempt for his commanding officer, Lieutenant Ulabore, believing him to be a cowardly and ineffective leader; he surmised that he would much rather have Dessel in charge of the Gloom Walkers than Ulabore, and he fully supported Dessel after the latter knocked Ulabore out, even with the threat of being court-martialed for mutiny. Adanar was emotionally scarred during his participation in the Battle of Hsskhor.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Adanar appeared in Drew Karpyshyn's 2006 novel Darth Bane: Path of Destruction.[1]



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