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"There is nothing wrong with fear. You need never be ashamed of it, as long as it doesn't stop you functioning. Fear is your natural warning system; it keeps you alive so that you can fight. Show me a man who isn't afraid, and I'll show you a fool who is a danger to his entire ship. And I do not tolerate fools in my navy."
―Adar Tallon[src]

Adar Tallon was a renowned military starfighter tactician and naval commander who served the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire, the Alliance to Restore the Republic, and the New Republic. A legend in his own time, Tallon devised such maneuvers as the Tallon Roll and the Tallon split, which would be used decades past their invention. Tallon served with distinction in the Clone Wars, where his starfighter combat tactics were put to good use against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Alongside Captain Jan Dodonna and Jedi General Plo Koon, he fought at the Battle of Rendili, which resulted in a Republic victory over the Confederacy.

When Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Galactic Emperor and transformed the Galactic Republic into the Empire, Tallon served the New Order, leading naval forces against Separatist holdouts. However, he later took a stand and publicly spoke out against the new regime. But the war hero soon discovered that Palpatine was far too powerful to be defeated, and so Tallon feigned his own death. Hiding on the planet Tatooine, Tallon settled down and married, and was content for two decades. But due to the betrayal of his former shipmate Quist, Tallon found himself once again the target of Palpatine's agents.

Left with little choice, Tallon joined the Rebel Alliance, and actively fought against Palpatine's New Order. Working alongside Admiral Gial Ackbar, starship engineer Walex Blissex, and Rebel pilot Jake Farrell, he helped develop the RZ-1 A-wing interceptor. At one point, Tallon's naval command saw him lead Rebel forces into the Battle of Heterkus. After Palpatine was finally defeated in 4 ABY, Tallon continued to serve the New Republic, as a part of General Jan Dodonna's "Gray Cadre."


Early years and the Clone Wars[]

"Alarm klaxon? Commander Tallon, what have we got?"
"Separatist ships have arrived to support the Rendili fleet, General!"
―Saesee Tiin and Adar Tallon[src]

Adar Tallon was an officer in the Republic Navy who was particularly adept at starfighter tactics, though he also served as a naval commander. He devised several famous starfighter maneuvers,[6] such as the Tallon Roll,[7] and became a legend in his own time, later being revered as the "Father of the Old Republic Navy."[1] He became fast friends with colleagues such as Jan Dodonna, who would collaborate with him in his revolutionizing of space combat.[8] At some stage, Tallon developed the Treatise on Starfighter Tactics, which expounded upon and outlined Tallon's five stages of starfighter combat. The book was carefully considered when the T.I.E. starfighter was designed, and became the basis for deployment of later incarnations of the craft.[9] He became a celebrity amongst military personalities to the point that "fans" would have posters of him on their walls,[10] and statues were constructed in his honor.[1] Tallon even worked on developing and modifying starfighters themselves, as with the case of the Z-95t Headhunter. Tallon took the standard Z-95 model, fitted it with a Class 3 Hyperdrive, and in the process made the craft more maneuverable. This would later prompt the Incom Corporation to develop their own hyperdrive-capable Z-95.[11]

Adar Tallon served with the Jedi during the Battle of Rendili.

During the Clone Wars, Tallon made a name for himself and eventually became a hero due to his exploits of the field of battle. At some stage during the war, he fought alongside the House of Alderaan, though his more well-known exploits found him at the side of the Jedi Knights.[1] When a Confederacy of Independent Systems flotilla emerged in the Balamak system and began jamming a HoloNet node with experimental technology, Adar Tallon was enlisted to devise a counterattack for the Galactic Republic. With Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Nanda-Ree Janoo leading the attack, Tallon's plan was enacted, and the jamming was lifted, allowing HoloNet access in the Taldot sector once more.[12] Tallon's actions led him to later be hailed as the "Victor of Balamak."[1]

Now bearing the rank of Commander,[13] Tallon served with a naval task force headed by Jedi Generals Plo Koon and Saesee Tiin. Tallon was stationed aboard the flagship Sundiver, which was called into action during the Battle of Rendili. When negotiations aboard the Rendili Home Defense Fleet's flagship turned sour, General Koon and Captain Jan Dodonna were taken hostage by Mellor Yago, along with Republic sympathizer Captain Jace Dallin. The situation remained a standoff until a Confederate force entered the system.[14]

Tallon alerted General Tiin to the danger, prompting the Iktotchi to take action. Tiin took to space in his starfighter, joining the battle personally and leaving command of the Sundiver to Tallon. As the Rendili fleet attempted to flee, Tiin ordered Tallon to engage the Home Defense Fleet flagship at close quarters, hoping to dissuade any attempts at escape. The attack allowed Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker to disable the flagship's astronavigation system, trapping them in the system. Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Quinlan Vos were able to liberate Koon, Dodonna and Dallin, seize control of the Rendili flagship, and turn the tides on the Confederate attackers. The battle won, the Republic now had possession of a large fleet of Rendili Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers.[14] At some later stage in the war, Tallon was promoted to the rank of Admiral.[15]

Feigning death[]

"There came a time when it became obvious that Palpatine would soon rule the galaxy. I knew that I would have to flee or die opposing him. I came here to this desolate planet far from the interests of the Empire, fell in love, and settle down to start a home."
―Adar Tallon[src]

In 19 BBY, the New Order was formed, and Supreme Chancellor Palpatine declared himself Emperor.[16] Tallon was concerned by the government's new policy and direction: his former allies, the Jedi, were now virtually extinct and considered enemies of the Galactic Empire, and the navy he served was now a part of Palpatine's gargantuan war machine.[1] Despite his reservations, Tallon continued to serve the new regime, and he and Jan Dodonna were dispatched to the Outer Rim, to lead the Twelfth Sector Army in a campaign against Separatist holdouts. During what became known as the Sy Myrthian Insurrection, Tallon and Dodonna engaged Confederate forces under the command of the former senator Toonbuck Toora, leading the Empire to victory at the worlds Diado and Metalorn. Tallon and Dodonna subsequently pursued Toora to Trasemene, where Tallon's command ship, the Praetor-class Star Battlecruiser Battalion, destroyed Toora's flagship, bringing the insurrection to an end.[3]

Tallon spoke out against Palpatine, but realized that the Emperor was far too powerful to be toppled. Palpatine himself paid attention to Tallon, who, being a war hero, could influence the population. In response, Tallon decided to feign his own death. He hired a medium-sized freighter to stand by in the Dalchon system and enlisted his pirate friend Quist to "attack" it while the Battalion was in the vicinity. The Battalion arrived, supposedly to help defend the freighter; Quist turned his attention to the new arrival, and Tallon and his crew safely transferred to the freighter as Quist destroyed the Battalion. In accordance with Tallon's instructions, the freighter then took him to Tatooine. In the Empire, it was commonly accepted that Tallon and his crew had gone down defending helpless merchants from pirates. Even Palpatine bought the story, and believed that he didn't have to do the damaging deed of executing a popular war hero for treason.[1] Tallon's tactics and maneuvers would go on to be used by the Imperial Navy.[17]

On Tatooine, Adar Tallon and the Battalion crew bought new identities and settled down, waiting for the politics of the galaxy to swing once more. As the years went by, Tallon's desire to fight the Empire lessened. He found himself a wife in Kay, and a home in Fort Tusken. He employed two servants, Morr and Cala Wenn, as well as a droid, LN-26. The spacious Fort Tusken allowed him to pursue several hobbies, such as music, and also featured a large hangar in which he kept his vehicles, including four Z-95 Headhunters.[1]

The Tallon Roll in use by the Rebellion

Galactic Civil War[]

Joining the Rebellion[]

"And now the hiding ends."
―Adar Tallon[src]

In 0 BBY, Imperial stormtrooper patrols began scouring Tatooine for a pair of droids. Tallon believed that the Empire had finally come to track him down, so he contacted his old Battalion crew, including Vytor Shrike and Jungen, who were now bounty hunters. At any rate, Tallon was tired of hiding, and he decided to form his own army of mercenaries from his crew to fight Palpatine's Empire. Although the intent of the Imperials had been to search for the two droids, they did indeed discover that Tallon was alive. Quist had been captured by the Imperials and had exchanged information on Tallon for his life. Acting on their information, the Imperials, led by Captain Parlan of the Relentless, brought in bounty hunters, as well as their own agents to track down the war hero.[1]

Holing up in Fort Tusken with his comrades as Imperial troops and bounty hunters, as well as a small group of soldiers from the Rebel Alliance closed in, Tallon vowed to take the battle to the Core Worlds if he won on Tatooine. Quist had returned to Tallon's band, but the war hero did not realize that his former comrade was now acting as an agent of the Empire. Soon enough, a group of people Tallon believed to be Imperials were brought into Fort Tusken's music room. The group claimed to be members of the Alliance, and protested that they were sympathetic to Tallon's cause. As the war hero debated with the intruders, Quist took Kay hostage, and used the momentum to usher in his Imperial allies.[1]

A pack of bounty hunters swept into the room, amongst them Jodo Kast, Zardra and Puggles Trodd. Shrike and Jungen were quickly paralyzed by Kast, but the Rebels were able to beat the invaders back. Quist relinquished custody of Kay to the Rebels, on the condition that he be allowed to leave in peace. Realizing that the group were in fact Rebels, Tallon agreed to join the Alliance, provided he could bring his wife and droid along with him. Making their way through various Imperial entanglements in Mos Eisley, and evading capture by the Relentless over Tatooine, Tallon and his new Rebel allies were able to make it to the Alliance safely.[1] In the Alliance, Tallon would serve alongside former comrades, such as Carlist Rieekan.[18]


"It is rarely given adequate attention. The inexperienced pilot frequently believes that following an attack pass, particularly a successful one, the engagement is over and he can relax. This is dangerous nonsense."
―Tallon in his Treatise on Starfighter Tactics[src]

Tallon as a Rebel tactician

In his service to the Alliance, Tallon worked with both an old guard of tacticians and promising newcomers. He worked in the field with other tactical luminaries such as Risiev Credal, and Tallon's influence clearly showed in Credal's later work.[19] Tallon's own book, Treatise on Starfighter Tactics, would be employed thoroughly by the Alliance when planning to battle the Empire.[6] In the aftermath of the Alliance's victory in the Battle of Yavin in 0 ABY, Tallon, the Alliance admiral Gial Ackbar and the starship designer Walex Blissex came to the joint decision that the Rebels required a new model of starfighter that was faster than the Alliance's T-65 X-wing starfighter, in order to counter some of the Empire's new TIE Series starfighter lines. They worked with the Alliance pilot Jake Farrell to develop some new designs, and the result of their endeavors was the RZ-1 A-wing interceptor, a modified version of the R-22 Spearhead fighter. Around this time, Ackbar re-organized the Alliance Military, to make it more centralized, but due to his reputation, Tallon retained significant influence, because it became politically impossible for him to be subordinated under Ackbar's command.[3]

Shortly after being accepted into the Alliance, Tallon took a fleet to Heterkus, when an Imperial force of three Imperial-class Star Destroyers was laying waste to Alliance installments and and cities with suspected sympathies for the Rebellion. As soon as his forces entered the area, Tallon launched X-Wings and A-wings to engage the Imperial TIE/LN starfighters that were approaching. On his flagship, the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Silent Water, Tallon watched the battle unfold as his inexperienced crew went rigorously through the battle drills. As the engagement wore on, Tallon saw an opening for an attack, having recognized the Star Destroyer Relentless—a craft under the command of Westen. Confident in his knowledge of the Relentless's crew, Tallon ordered his helmsman to accelerate towards the Star Destroyer, with rear deflector shields shut down, and minimal starfighter cover from the rest of his fleet. He then ordered another of his staff, G'hengle, to open an Imperial channel for communication with Westen, as he wanted his enemy to know whom he was fighting.[20]

Tallon survived the encounter, and in 1 ABY, Tallon found himself in the city of Tyrena, Corellia, where one of his starfighter pilots had been framed by the Empire and arrested by CorSec. Hoping to rescue his colleague, Tallon enlisted the help of a wandering spacer. He needed security override codes that would allow him to get close enough to the prison ship carrying the pilot to successfully pull off a rescue operation. The operation was a success, and the pilot was spirited away, saving him from a fate of Imperial imprisonment on Dathomir.[4]

After the formation of the Rebel Alliance's successor state, the New Republic, Tallon joined his old friend General Jan Dodonna's "Gray Cadre," together with former colleagues Vanden Willard and Pashna Starkiller.[5] Dodonna had just been released from Ysanne Isard's prison ship Lusankya, and was unable to serve as a military advisor to Mon Mothma alone.[21] In 4 ABY, Tallon oversaw New Republic starfighter operations during the capture of the Imperial installation Bannistar Station by the New Republic First Fleet.[3] As part of the Gray Cadre, Tallon continued to advise the New Republic on military policy, especially during the reappearance of Palpatine in 10 ABY.[5]

Personality and traits[]

Tallon's family crest

Adar Tallon always believed he was serving justice when fighting for the Republic. He voiced his ideals and beliefs strongly when he became, essentially, a celebrity.[1] He would not suffer the antics of brash and reckless fools under his command,[15] and he served his superiors efficiently and without question.[14] Despite severe repercussions for those who spoke out against Palpatine and his Empire, Tallon did not hesitate, though it would eventually cost him his liberty. As time went by, Tallon became less patriotic and more content with his home life, but when hunted by Palpatine's agents, the war hero took an active role in the fight against the Emperor.[1] He also cared enough about his men to personally aid in rescuing them.[4] He was skilled, as well, in the modification of starships—so much so that corporations would later follow his examples.[11]

Behind the scenes[]

Adar Tallon first appeared in Tatooine Manhunt, a sourcebook written for West End Games's Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. It is impossible to determine the precise details of his rescue, as every group of players running through the adventure would do something different. However, "official" information in the campaign always suggests that Rebel agents (the player characters) helped Tallon's associates rescue Tallon from Jodo Kast and the other bounty hunters.[1]

Tallon was later mentioned in various other West End Games sourcebooks, and has featured in such works as the comic book story arc Star Wars: Republic: Dreadnaughts of Rendili and the computer game Star Wars: Rebellion. In the latter work, Tallon is the Alliance equivalent of the Empire's Bevel Lemelisk, being able to research in all three fields of technology: ship design, troop training, and facility design. Despite his past as a soldier, his combat and espionage skills are low, and his leadership abilities are average.


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