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"As the saying goes, 'If you can't find something fun to do on Adarlon, you're either dead or an Imperial.'"
Cohden K'Reye[5]

Adarlon was a planet in the Minos Cluster. Colonized in 250 BBY and located on the Rimma Trade Route, it attracted many tourists, and was known for its music and holographic entertainment.


Adarlon was a rugged, mountainous world originally colonized by a group of Republic altruists—many from Alderaan—for its beauty rather than its resources. They were particularly well-funded, and their society grew into one focused on entertainment rather than survival. It soon became the sector's entertainment capital and one of the galaxy's most prominent centers for tourism and the entertainment industry.

It was on Adarlon that the holographic medium was developed as an entertainment staple. Music from the planet was also highly sophisticated, and it was home to one of the most famous opera companies in the galaxy, and famous opera singer Neile Janna. Its primary industry was centered around tourism, and its warm climate was well-suited to the various resorts and parks which operated there.



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