"I'm Lord Adasca–welcome to my world. On behalf of all our corporate citizens, welcome to Adascopolis. Coruscant may be the heart of the Republic–but the mind that dreams is right here on Arkania."
―A hologram of Arkoh Adasca played at the Adascopolis spaceport[1]

Adascopolis was the ancient capital of the Colonies planet of Arkania and the ancestral seat of the House of Adasca, a rich and powerful family that ran The Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania, or Adascorp. Nestled within Arkania's snow-covered mountains, Adascopolis had strict segregationist policies in place by 3963 BBY—members of the genetically-engineered sub-species known as the Arkanian Offshoots were forced to live outside the city in derelict mining camps, apart from pureblood Arkanians. During the Mandalorian Wars, Adascorp was run by Arkoh Adasca, the scion of the House of Adasca, who opened the Adascopolis Financial Exchange in the city. In 3963 BBY, an Arkanian Offshoot named Jarael disguised herself as a pureblood Arkanian and sneaked into Adascopolis, hoping to get a medical diagnosis for her ailing friend, an elderly Offshoot named Camper. However, Camper's genetic profile was recognized as that of Gorman Vandrayk, a former Adascorp research scientist, whom Arkoh Adasca required for his future plans.


"Is it always so cold here?"

Adascopolis was a city on the world of Arkania,[1] located in the Colonies,[2] and was the traditional seat of Arkania's venerated House of Adasca.[3] Located amongst the world's freezing tundra and snow-covered mountains,[1] Adascopolis was both the ancient capital[3] and a major corporate and financial center for Arkania. Adascopolis mainly consisted of towers and tall buildings poking out of the snow-covered ground, along with mining camps that doubled as Arkanian Offshoot settlements on the city's outskirts. Although Offshoots were not allowed into Adascopolis as of 3963 BBY, with the right disguise it was possible for Offshoots to sneak into the city. Adascopolis had an extremely cold and windy climate to go with its snow-covered terrain.[1]


"My friends and I have been sneaking into Adascopolis for years. You just need the right look."
―Zadawi, to Jarael[1]

Adascopolis was the ancient capital of the planet Arkania and the seat of Arkania's House of Adasca,[3] a rich and venerated family that ran a biomechanical corporation commonly known as Adascorp. The Arkanians were keen bioengineers, and they eventually created the Arkanian Offshoot sub-species to aid in mining operations, including digging for valuable gems just outside of Adascopolis. At some point before 3963 BBY, the mine ran dry—not allowed to enter Adascopolis, the Offshoots remained in their ramshackle settlement and lived in relative squalor. With the outbreak of the Mandalorian Wars between the Mandalorian warrior clans and the Galactic Republic, and the devastation of the planet Serroco in 3963 BBY, there was a certain breakdown of civility in Adascopolis noticeable to visitors.[1] Around that time, Adascorp opened the Adascopolis Financial Exchange in the city, an effort that Adascorp hoped would move the galaxy's center of commercial gravity toward Arkania.[2] In 3963 BBY, an Arkanian Offshoot named Jarael traveled to Adascopolis looking to obtain a medical diagnosis for her friend, an elderly Offshoot known as Camper, who was seriously ill.[1]

Unfamiliar with Adascopolis' segregationist policies, Jarael was spotted at the Adascopolis spaceport and forced to leave the city. With the help of a young Offshoot named Zadawi, Jarael was able to don a convincing pureblood Arkanian disguise and gain entrance to Adascopolis. Jarael bribed a doctor into helping her,[1] but when Adascorp analyzed his sample and recognized Camper's genetic profile—"Camper" was actually a former Adascorp research scientist named Gorman Vandrayk, whom Adascorp head Arkoh Adasca needed to carry out future plans—Adasca ordered his men to take the Offshoot into custody, knowing that he needed Jarael in order to get to Vandrayk.[4] After a violent skirmish in the medical center, they succeeded,[1] bringing Jarael up to Adasca's flagship, the Arkanian Legacy.[4]

Adasca's plan was to use his control of the exogorths—massive spacefaring creatures who devoured stellar matter at an incredible rate—as a bargaining chip to make himself, and Adascorp, into a galactic power. However, when Adasca attempted to sell the exogorths to the highest bidder, his plot was foiled, and he was killed.[5] The whereabouts of the only other remaining heir to the House of Adasca had been unknown since the devastation of Serroco, leaving the door open for a group of investors, headed by the Draay Trust, to file a legal challenge in Adascopolis for the right to bid for control of Adascorp.[6]


"It's like we've been put down so long that now we're a party to our own degradation."

Adascopolis was the traditional seat of the House of Adasca and by 3963 BBY was mostly inhabited by pureblood Arkanians. Arkanian Offshoots were not allowed in the city, instead living in the derelict mining camps on the outskirts of town. Offshoots were allowed at the city spaceport but were not permitted to enter the city proper—some older Offshoots justified the policy as being for their own health, since most pureblood illnesses and diseases were extremely deadly to Offshoots. Some Offshoots, including Zadawi and her friends, disguised themselves as pureblood Arkanians from time to time so they could sneak into the city.[1]


"While you're here, be sure to visit our bioengineering facilities–the most advanced in the galaxy. And our materials processing labs are at the forefront of the Republic's drive for victory against the Mandalorian invaders."
―A hologram of Arkoh Adasca[1]

Visitors to Adascopolis landed at the Adascopolis spaceport, where they were greeted by a massive hologram of Arkoh Adasca—from there, shuttlebuses took travelers either to the city or, if they were Offshoots, to their settlements on the edge of Adascopolis. The spaceport had a stun baton-wielding security force that ensured Offshoots did not attempt to enter Adascopolis. Adascopolis also boasted the most advanced bioengineering facilities in the galaxy as of 3963 BBY, materials processing labs that aided the Republic during the Mandalorian Wars,[1] and the Adascopolis Financial Exchange.[2] Adascopolis also contained a state-of-the-art medical facility, although while the doctors there balked at treating Offshoots, they could be convinced to for the right price.[1]

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Adascopolis first appeared in Knights of the Old Republic 16, a comic written by John Jackson Miller and released in 2007.[1] The city was also mentioned in two in-universe news reports appearing in other issues of the Knights of the Old Republic comic series,[2][6] and in 2008 Adascopolis received an entry in The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.[3]



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