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"I'm really getting tired of these assassins and bounty hunters mistaking me for a holotarget or something…"
Lieutenant Commander Adazian Liebke, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

Lieutenant Commander Adazian Liebke was a Weequay scout and military officer. After graduating at the Galactic Outdoor Survival School, Liebke and many of his classmates joined the Rebel Alliance. Liebke served in the Alliance ground forces and obtained fame as a member of the Eclipse Team. He also worked on the Sandwind Team and wrote intelligence reports on threats to the Alliance for the Task Force on Alliance Security—many of those were on Liebke's personal enemies who had survived previous hostile encounters with him, including Callandri, Ssach'thirix, Ther-das and the Jundland Banshee.

After the end of the Rebel Alliance, Lieutenant Commander Liebke joined the Special Forces of the New Republic and survived an assassination attempt staged by his former partner turned fugitive Ma'w'shiye. Commander Liebke then became a member of a special team to track Ma'w'shiye.


Adazian Liebke was a Weequay male[3] born on the Weequay homeworld Sriluur[1] to a family with a long history of military service. Following the family tradition, Liebke became a soldier at his coming of age.[3]

Liebke studied at a fringe survival school,[1][3] the Galactic Outdoor Survival School, where the headmaster Barosa Warren and his team taught students to thrive in hostile ecosystems by providing one of those environments on the planet Thrantin[1] during a course of almost five years.[3] Liebke's dozen-individual team, the Twilight Class, including assorted specialists of different species who learned to work as a team while at the same time breaking a number of previous records.[1] During this time, Liebke and his classmate, the deranged Vodran Xenon "Xe" Nnaksta, met and became best friends.[1][3]

In 12 BBY,[1][3] Liebke and the rest of their class received their graduation assignment: An expedition through the several terrain types of Thrantin during several days, without any kind of advanced technology. Led by Liebke's classmate Sisquoc, the team passed their test in 104 hours, breaking the previous record by more than a day, although they were exhausted at that point. From that point on, having been a member of the Twilight Class became a prestigious background.[1]

During that time, Sriluur was shaken by the Houk–Weequay conflicts, a local problem between the native Weequay and the immigrant Houks. Adazian Liebke returned to Sriluur and joined the Dnalvec Militia, in the Weequay side.[1][3] During his service as a wilderness fighter,[1] Liebke became a dark wolf handler,[3] and owner of two dozen dark wolves. He also made two good friends at the Militia, with whom he kept contact.[1] Liebke saw several of his partners die to protect Weequay territories such as the city of Dnalvec, Copper Coast and the industrial Meirm City from the Houks.[3]

Eventually, the Galactic Empire stepped on Sriluur to finish the Conflicts. They established a number of garrisons in the areas that the Weequays had tried to protect, much to Liebke's chagrin. Liebke then decided to pack his belongings, secure his best wolfpack, make an offer at the Obsidian Shrine, and leave Sriluur.[3]

Some people suspected that Liebke had spent a brief time working either as a security guard or as an assistant at an experimental cybernetics laboratory, but the statement could not be confirmed and, in later years, Liebke refused to talk about this.[3]

Soon after the end of the Houk-Weequay Conflicts, Liebke and his two friends from the Dnalvec Militia, as well as several of his classmates from the GOSS,[1] joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic, also called the Rebel Alliance.[1][3] Liebke became a member of its branch of Alliance Special Forces.[4]

During an unexpected trip to the Pii system, Liebke met his former classmate and friend Nnaksta working as a manager of the Greel Wood Logging Corporation on Pii III. Nnaksta agreed to shelter Liebke so that the Empire would not find him. During that time, Liebke convinced Nnaksta to join the Alliance. From that moment on, Liebke and Nnaksta worked together in several missions, frequently arguing on who of them would drive the airspeeder: Nnaksta's reckless approach to the task harmed the vehicles and sometimes the passengers, but was clearly faster than Liebke's traditional driving.[3]

After a time as a refugee at Pii IV, Liebke became a wilderness fighter for the Alliance Special Forces at New Kisge and a Major in the Alliance ground forces. He was also the contact to send training teams to Pii IV, where he specifically asked to use rough terrain to train infantry units. Liebke was also in charge of integrating Rebel refugees by hiding them in the working force on Pii III.[3]

Later, Liebke became a Lieutenant Commander and served along Lieutenant Ma'w'shiye, one of his former classmates at the GOSS.[2] Soon, Liebke became one of the most distinguished Weequays in the Rebel Alliance, and he became notorious as a member of the infamous Twilight Squadron in the equally-disreputable Eclipse Team. He was also famous because of his use of his raquor'daans in missions.[1]

Liebke was assigned to the Sandwind Team as interim head, when agent N'tain Xalis was at Elus sector. On Tatooine, he noticed that the vandalic activities of the Tusken Raider nicknamed the Jundland Banshee were a real problem to the Sandwind cell and wrote a report on him.[1]

A partner of fellow Rebel officers Alton Lochner and Tirranna, Liebke was having drinks with them on the Brawl and Grill establishment, in Trader's Quarter, Ord Mantell. Suddenly, assassin Callandri entered the bar shooting, on an attempt to kill Lochner. As Tirranna and Liebke were unaware of a good reason for Lochner to die, they worked together saving Lochner's life. Tirranna's actions were essential in the rescue. Liebke would be later consulted by Rebel officer Vanden Willard when Willard wanted to write a report on Callandri.[1]

Liebke cooperated with Xenon Nnaksta, trying to get supplies for the Rebel cell on Pii III. They were found by bounty hunter Ssach'thirix, who tried to capture them. Believing him to be an Imperial bounty hunter, Nnaksta and Liebke asked for reinforcements. With help in the form of Kichiir and others in the area, Ssach'thirix was beaten and humiliated. Later, Liebke would write a report on the threat of Ssach'thirix, specifying that he was bored of bounty hunters and assassins taking him for a holo-target.[1]

Liebke was a member of the Rebel Alliance Task Force, writing essential reports about some important threats to the Rebel Alliance. Besides of Callandri and Ssach'thirix, Liebke also wrote on Ther-das, the Arcona swordsbeing: He specifically noticed that Ther-das's past addiction was no longer a problem to the fencer on 2 ABY, and that the incident on Teloc Ol-sen was a good proof the threat Ther-das posed.[1]

After the Battle of Endor, Lieutenant Commander Liebke went on to serve the New Republic Special Forces as an officer. Ma'w'shiye, on the other hand, had deserted and began a series of assassination attempts on the lives of his previous teammates, including Liebke. Liebke did survive, and then joined a special team formed to track the fugitive. Liebke became one of the officers leading this team.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit


Liebke was a man of many talents.

Adazian Liebke was a trained survival expert,[1] especially in desert conditions. He was in good shape and was a qualified rider and climber, having also honed his stealth and searching skills. He was also a good fighter using either his naked hands, melee weapons or, to a lesser extent, grenades or personal and vehicle-mounted blaster weapons. His weapons of choice were a heavy blaster pistol and a force pike, the weapon he used best. He also wore a protective battle vest and carried a comlink.[3]

Liebke was also a good pilot, better than his friend Nnaksta, but Nnaksta was indifferent to the state of the vehicle and of the passengers, and thus the Vodran was faster than Liebke. Liebke's specific piloting skills focused on ground vehicles such as swoops and repulsorlifts—which he could also repair—but he had had some experience operating starship guns. Liebke had technical skills on the fields of security, demolitions and programming and repairing computers, as well as some first aid training.[3]

Having served in the Dnalvec Militia, Liebke was very familiar with its bureaucracy and, to a lesser extent, with the bureaucracy of other organizations. He had studied about alien species, planetary systems and law enforcement, as was comfortable moving through the criminal underworld. Liebke was a good, experienced commander, and sometimes an intimidating person.[3]

Liebke was also notable as a handler of dark wolves,[4] having specific scholarly training in the area. Liebke commonly carried with him tail stinger wraps and two dark wolf muzzles.[3]

Like other Weequays, Liebke generated pheromones that he could use to communicate with other Weequays from his clan without uttering a word. Liebke was unlike many Weequays while dealing with other Rebels: He was friendly in general, but only really open with close partners who had survived several ordeals with him,[3] while other Weequays tended to be quiet, violent, unfriendly people.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Adazian Liebke was first mentioned in the article Wanted by Cracken published in Star Wars Adventure Journal #4 (November 1994) and written by Craig Robert Carey. Information on Liebke was expanded in the article The Greel Wood Haven, also by Carey published in Star Wars Adventure Journal #6 (May 1995). This article included the first image of Liebke, drawn by David Day.


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