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Three green Adegan crystals.

"They're Adegan crystals—precious and hard to find. Jedi use them to make the best lightsabers."
Andur Sunrider — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Adegan crystals were commonly used by Jedi as a main component of a lightsaber. These rare Force-reactive stones were primarily found in the Adega system, though a fair amount of these crystals could also be found on the planet Halm. Other known locations where Adegan crystals could be found included Mygeeto[2] and in parts of the Cularin system asteroid belt.

The Force shared a special connection with Adegan crystals and it was through their use that Jedi created a bond amongst themselves, the Force, and their weapon. This trait caused the Adegan crystals in a lightsaber to give off a weak Force signature that could be sensed by any Jedi.

The mephite and pontite variants of Adegan crystals, which produced the best lightsaber blades, were similar in structure to Ilum crystals. This caused some to use their names synonymously, though crystals from Ilum were much more common. Ilum presented to the Jedi Order entire caves full of high-quality crystals, while Adegan crystals were even rare in their own system. This led to Ilum crystals being the most commonly used lightsaber crystals amongst the Jedi up until the Great Jedi Purge. Most Jedi Padawans underwent the ritual on construction of their first lightsaber at Ilum.

The vast majority of lightsaber crystals from Ilum were green or blue in color and, though they were not connected to the Force like the Adegan crystals were, all of them had the special properties that made them ideal for a Jedi's weapon. When induced by resonant frequencies, the crystals emitted powerful bursts of light, and further components of a lightsaber harnessed this power into a rod-like beam. Obi-Wan Kenobi used an Adegan crystal in his first lightsaber.

During the Cold War, the Sith Empire discovered a way to utilize Adegan crystals to create a stealth armada.

After the execution of Order 66, the Galactic Empire banned possession of all crystals capable of use in a lightsaber.

Types of Adegan crystal[]

A cache of rare pontite crystals.

  • Kathracite was the most common form of Adegan crystal, followed by relacite and danite. These crystals didn't focus energy as well as their rarer cousins, and thus were usually reserved for use in training sabers.
  • Mephite was a typical Adegan crystal used by the Jedi.
  • Pontite was the rarest and most powerful type of Adegan crystal. Nearly impossible to find, it resonated with a powerful aura that cooled both skin and temperament.[3]



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