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"Many of your fellow Jedi are learning how to be leaders during a war after a lifetime of peace, and you are likewise learning to be a Jedi Knight and a general. Mistakes will be made. Your job is to meditate on your reasoning and impulsiveness and learn to do better."
―Adi Gallia, to Iskat Akaris[10]

Adi Gallia, a Force-sensitive Tholothian female, was a Master of the Jedi Order and member of the Jedi High Council during the final decades of the Galactic Republic Era. Born into an upper-class diplomatic family on Coruscant, the Republic capital, Gallia was highly regarded by both the Jedi and the Republic Senate for her skills as a diplomat and political consultant, a reputation she fostered by controlling a vast covert intelligence network that ran throughout Coruscant. During the Clone Wars, a pan-galactic conflict between the Republic and its splinter state, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Gallia was promoted to the rank of Jedi General in the Grand Army of the Republic. On the frontlines, Gallia led clone forces such as the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps into battle while also working alongside pirate groups such as the Lok Revenants.

From the opening salvo of the Clone Wars, the First Battle of Geonosis, where she oversaw the orbital battle, Gallia was turned from a political expert to a battlefield commander. In the earliest days of the war, she helped strategize the war effort as the Republic armies spread across the galaxy but soon had to join the conflict herself. When Master Eeth Koth was taken captive by Confederate General Grievous, Gallia joined her fellow Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in the Battle of Saleucami to rescue him. Although Gallia and Skywalker successfully freed Koth, Kenobi's attempt to defeat Grievous failed, though not before Gallia personally clashed with the feared Jedi killer. Gallia later served in the daring retrieval of Republic forces in the Battle of Lola Sayu, flying as one of General Saesee Tiin's wing commanders, and continued to aid in strategy meetings on Coruscant, including during the Battle of Mon Cala.

Shortly after leading a mercy mission to disaster-ridden Aleen, Gallia was taken prisoner by General Grievous in the Battle of Patitite Pattuna, but her captivity was brief and she was soon rescued. Alongside Kenobi, Gallia answered a distress signal on Bray, where they fought the vampiric creature known as Lord Ravna. At the start of the war's third year, Gallia again stood at Kenobi's side when he set out to track down the rogue Sith Lords Darth Maul and Savage Opress. Following the two Dathomirians across the Outer Rim, Gallia and Kenobi tracked them to Florrum, where they recruited the aid of the pirate king Hondo Ohnaka. Despite her efforts, Gallia was outmatched during the subsequent duel with the Sith and was slaughtered by Opress in their confrontation. After her death, her seat on the High Council was offered to her cousin, Jedi Knight Stass Allie.


Early life[]

Coruscant landscape RotS

Adi Gallia was born in Coruscant's upper sprawl to wealthy diplomat parents.

Adi Gallia was born on the planet Coruscant,[1] an ecumenopolis located in the galactic Core.[11] Her parents were upper-class diplomats associated with the Galactic Republic,[7] a democratic union that governed much of the galaxy from its seat of power on Coruscant.[11] Because of her family's occupational standings, Gallia was raised as a child among the high social classes of Coruscant and, from a young age, was surrounded by the ceremonies and formalities that characterized life in the upper reaches of the galactic capital. Likewise, being born to parents involved in Coruscant's political spheres placed her at the center of the Republic's politics. Though seemingly destined for an elite future, Gallia's Force-sensitivity was identified when she was still young, and she was sought out and taken in by the Jedi Order, a monastic order of Knights associated with the Republic that was also located on Coruscant.[7]

Gallia was brought to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where she trained under a Jedi Master and spent many years in the Temple's halls learning the ways of the Force. Despite her former life as the auspicious child of diplomats and current life as a trainee in the Jedi Order, Gallia spent much of her free time away from the Temple, escaping from the calm and meditative atmosphere so she could roam freely through the various levels of Coruscant, in part because she missed the village-like aura of her distinguished origins. Her excursions brought her from the lowest levels of Coruscant back to her home at the top, and her grasp on the realities of Coruscant life allowed her to slip between poorer and more affluent societies naturally.[7] At some point prior to[12] 32 BBY,[2] Gallia was assigned a mission, during which she lost her first lightsaber, the weapon of the Jedi. As a result, she was forced to replace it with a new one, which she would wield for the rest of her life.[12]

A seat on the Council[]

Intelligence kingpin[]


Due to her background and extensive knowledge of Coruscant, Gallia established a network of informants once appointed to the Jedi Council.

By the time Gallia, like all Jedi, had been knighted by the Order, she had proven to be a valuable source of insight to the Jedi High Council, the Order's governing body, as the Council recognized that her opinions on politics and related topics carried great weight. After many years of service to the Jedi Order, Gallia was granted the rank of Master, a prestigious honor only followed by a seat on the High Council, which she was offered and accepted[7] by 32 BBY.[13] From the start of her membership on the Council, Gallia provided a new perspective compared to some of her peers due to her preference for working behind the scenes, a trait that came with her belief that attaining information was more effective than the standard methods the Council utilized to achieve its goals. As part of her endeavor to provide the Council with a constant flow of new information and rumors regarding Coruscant's political realm, Gallia set out to establish a covert intelligence network that would funnel information from across the planet to her. Over the years, her network gradually expanded to the point it rivaled the intelligence operations of Coruscant's legitimate security services.[7]

At the height of her web's power, nothing moved on Coruscant without Gallia knowing. Armed with her network of informants and spies, Gallia was able to grant the Council a copious source of data, conjecture, and rumors at their disposal. Thus, the Council had a near-endless supply of information that kept them aware of everything that was happening or could happen on Coruscant. Gallia's connections were no secret among the Republic's politicians but helped the Council create the impression from the outside that the Order was capable of perceiving the future course of events. As a result of her intelligence apparatus,[7] Gallia began serving as a diplomat,[14] much like her birth parents,[7] and would become famous[14] for her political advisement to the leaders of the Republic Senate.[1] She was additionally aspirational to her cousin,[1] the Tholoth native Stass Allie, who too had been identified as Force-sensitive and joined the Order.[15] Like Gallia, Allie would go on to become an exceptional diplomat but also focused on her own talents as a healer.[14]

Invasion of Naboo[]

"Bring him before us, then."
―Mace Windu, allowing Anakin Skywalker to be brought before Gallia and the rest of the Jedi Council[6]

Through her extensive network,[7] Gallia learned about the Trade Federation's suspicious activities in the Naboo system.[16] The Trade Federation, a conglomerate of merchant enterprises, had been vocal opponents of the Republic Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum's tax reform policies, which had culminated with the Senate's passing of Prop 31-814D, which stripped the Federation's exploitative control over Outer Rim trade zones.[17] Gallia was the first to warn the Senate of the Federation's strange movements around Naboo,[1] and her intuition proved correct when the Federation blockaded the planet in protest against Prop 31-814D.[17] In response, Valorum and the Council authorized Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn,[6] a friend of Gallia's,[7] to seek out negotiations with the Federation's leaders alongside his Padawan learner, Obi-Wan Kenobi. Their efforts faltered when the Federation launched an all-out invasion of Naboo, forcing them to remove Queen Padmé Amidala from the planet to bring her to Coruscant to speak before the Senate.[6]

High Council Chamber

Gallia and the High Council test Anakin Skywalker at Qui-Gon Jinn's request.

Before arriving on Coruscant, the malfunction of Amidala's starship forced Jinn to stop on Tatooine, where he found a young boy, Anakin Skywalker, who he believed to be the prophesied Chosen One; the one who would bring balance to the force by destroying the Sith, the ancient enemies of the Jedi. Jinn also encountered a mysterious warrior he suspected to be a Sith Lord, and, once on Coruscant, brought this information before the Council. Gallia was present in the High Council chamber when Jinn and Kenobi informed them of the possible Sith warrior, who Jinn noted was highly trained in the Jedi arts. Despite initial disbelief from Masters Mace Windu and Ki-Adi-Mundi, the Council elected to devote its resources to uncovering the warrior's identity. At Grand Master Yoda's inquiry, Jinn revealed what he believed about Skywalker, that the boy was possibly conceived by the midi-chlorians as the Chosen One. Jinn requested that the boy be trained as a Jedi, and Yoda and Windu decided that the Council would test Skywalker themselves before any such decision was made.[6]

Master Gallia was later present when the Council tested Skywalker's Force-sensitivity, but despite the results showing the boy's power, the Council ultimately decided that he could not train as a Jedi because he was too old and retained a deep attachment to his mother, which some believed would make him susceptible to the dark side of the Force. When Gallia and the Council informed Jinn of their decision, however, Jinn decided to train the boy irregardless. The Council contentiously reversed its decision when Jinn was slain by the warrior, identified as the Sith Lord Darth Maul, during the Battle of Naboo to repel the Trade Federation's forces. In accordance with Jinn's dying wish, the Council agreed to allow Kenobi to train Skywalker. Alongside the majority of the Council, Gallia traveled to Naboo to attend Jinn's funeral. Inside the Funeral Temple in Theed, Gallia stood next to Windu and Yoda as they solemnly watched Jinn's cremation. She later attended the victory parade in Theed alongside her peers, standing on the steps of the Royal Palace to observe the festivities.[6]

Separatist Crisis[]

In the years after the Invasion of Naboo, Gallia continued to serve as a member of the Jedi High Council. From the intelligence given to her, Gallia learned of the increasing threat of a Separatist crisis within the Republic and shared her findings with the Council.[18] In 24 BBY, when Count Dooku of Serenno, a former Jedi Master, denounced the Republic in the Raxus Address, thousands of dissatisfied member systems began absconding from the government to join Dooku's nascent Confederacy of Independent Systems, which promised to provide these worlds an alternative to the bureaucratic Republic.[2] Concern in the Senate over what seemed to be a looming conflict led to debate over the enactment of an official Republic Military, and the Council feared that the Order would not be able to provide the Republic with enough manpower to defend against the Separatists.[19] That same year,[2] the Senate opened debate on the proposed Military Creation Act to grant Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine the ability to commission an army.[19]


Master Gallia and the Jedi Council discuss the assassinations attempts on Senator Amidala.

In 22 BBY,[2] even as the Separatist threat continued to grow, political opposition to the Military Creation Act remained steadfast. Among those who opposed the bill was Alderaan Senator Bail Organa,[19] who had some connections to Master Gallia,[1] and Padmé Amidala, who had become the senator of the Chommell sector[20] and was the target of an assassination attempt. In response, the Council assigned Kenobi and Skywalker to protect Amidala.[19] Another attempt on the senator's life that ended with her almost-assassin dead only opened further questions of who was responsible, with the revelation that the dead assassin was working for another bounty hunter of dubious allegiance. Kenobi and Skywalker went to Gallia and the Council for advisement, and Master Yoda tasked Kenobi with tracking the bounty hunter and Skywalker with acting as Amidala's bodyguard. While Skywalker removed Amidala from Coruscant for her safety,[19] Kenobi embarked on a mission that would uncover a web of mysteries that would perplex the Council for years.[21]

Kenobi tracked the bounty hunter, who he discovered was Jango Fett, to the planet Kamino, where he inadvertently learned that the native Kaminoans had created an army of clones for the Republic's use, seemingly at the request of the Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, who had been deceased for nearly ten years. Kenobi later followed Fett from Kamino to Geonosis, where he learned that Fett was an agent of the Confederacy, Count Dooku was planning on secretly contracting major galactic manufacturing firms, including the Trade Federation, to create a droid army for the Separatists, and that Geonosis was already home to droid factories. Although he managed to report his findings to the Council, Kenobi was taken captive by Separatist forces, and an attempted rescue by Skywalker and Amidala resulted in their capture as well. The Council informed the Senate of the Kaminoan army, and this doubled with the intel of the Separatists' plans for armed conflict prompted the Senate to grant Palpatine emergency powers to commission a Republic army from the Kaminoans.[19]

Geonosis system

During the First Battle of Geonosis, Adi Gallia commanded the new Republic navy in space (space over Genosis pictured).

With the Grand Army of the Republic now a reality, the Council prepared to strike Geonosis, hoping to rescue Kenobi, Skywalker, and Amidala and crush the Separatist forces prematurely. While Master Yoda traveled to Kamino to muster the clone armies,[19] Windu gathered a task force of 212 Jedi,[22] including Gallia,[7] to head for Geonosis and prevent the Separatists from executing the captive trio. Where many of the Jedi traveled to the planet's surface aboard shuttles,[10] Gallia piloted her Delta-7B Aethersprite interceptor and remained in Geonosis space, where she was instructed to command the Republic's new naval forces once they arrived.[7] On the planet's surface, some Jedi secured a staging area, while the majority infiltrated the Petrakani execution arena Windu attempted to arrest Dooku, but the confrontation was interrupted by the arrival of dozens of battle droids that engaged the assault team. Overwhelmed, many of the Jedi were killed, with only a small number surviving the initial onslaught.[23]

As Windu and the other surviving Jedi struggled against the Separatist forces in the arena, Master Yoda arrived with the clone troopers, who established footholds across the planet's surface. After the Grand Master successfully evacuated the survivors from the arena, however, the battle entered its second phase, and the direction of the Republic forces became unclear. While large-scale warfare broke out across the surface,[23] Gallia was joined by fellow Council member Saesee Tiin in the space battle.[1] The Confederate armies were forced into retreat, and as the Separatists attempted to flee Geonosis onboard Trade Federation core ships, Gallia commanded the Republic fleet in an operation aimed at intercepting the Separatist ships entering the upper atmosphere.[7] Together with Tiin,[1] Gallia engaged in aerial battle to accomplish their mission,[7] but the confused ground battle allowed most of the core ships to escape the surface, and the failure to establish a proper orbital blockade denied them the chance to prevent a full Separatist retreat.[23]

The Clone Wars[]

Stationed on Coruscant[]

"Master, why are we worried about a factory on Thule when the Separatists are strip-mining Praadost II and decimating the population? The air there is unbreathable now. According to—"
"The Jedi High Council is working closely with the Senate and the Supreme Chancellor to plan the strategies that will do the most to stop the Separatists once and for all. The Jedi are called to serve, and this is how we need you to serve."
―Tualon Yaluna and Adi Gallia[10]

After the Battle of Geonosis, Separatist forces established footholds on various worlds across the Outer Rim. Seeking to ascertain what purpose the Confederacy had in establishing a presence on Hissrich, Gallia and the Council assigned Windu and a covert team of Jedi to investigate.[24] Gallia was later present when the Council gave Kenobi and Skywalker permission to mission Senators Amidala and Yarua, whose diplomatic mission to the moon of Staggec was compromised by the Separatists.[25] Several weeks after Geonosis, by which point the Clone Wars had fully erupted across the galaxy, the Galactic Senate passed the Jedi Military Integration Act, formally establishing the Jedi as officers in the Grand Army of the Republic.[26] To her discomfort, Gallia was among the Jedi given the title of Jedi General.[7] As many Jedi spread throughout the galaxy, Gallia remained on Coruscant in the early days of the war, aiding Grand Master Yoda in strategizing with Chancellor Palpatine.[10]

Yoda Episode I Canon

Early in the Clone Wars, Gallia and Grand Master Yoda (pictured) strategized the war effort alongside Supreme Chancellor Palpatine.

As a consequence of the many Jedi lost during the Battle of Geonosis, the Council chose to prematurely elevate many Padawan learners to the status of Jedi Knight so they could aid in the war effort despite hesitations about their readiness. A few weeks after the battle, Gallia and Yoda learned through Palpatine that Republic Intelligence had learned the Separatist Army was finalizing construction on a new droid factory on Thule. Because the mission only called for the stealth sabotage of the factory to ensure the Republic could shut it down and slice into it for intel on other factories, the High Council assigned the mission to three younger Jedi, Josk Nivar, Tualon Yaluna, and Iskat Akaris, the latter two of whom had only been recently promoted to Knighthood. Because Akaris had warranted concerns among the Order for her aggression and disconcerting behavior, Master Windu assigned Nivar to monitor her on the battlefield, and in turn, Nivar asked the Council if he could take Akaris under his wing since her master, Sember Vey, had died on Geonosis.[10]

On the day they prepared to send the task force to Thule, Master Gallia and Yoda set themselves up in the Jellani Garden on the Temple's rooftop, where they issued missions to various parties throughout the day. When the time came to brief Nivar, Yaluna, and Akaris on their assignment, Gallia summoned them to the garden via their new comlinks. Nivar, known for his punctuality and formality, was the first to arrive, followed by Akaris and Yaluna. Yoda told the trio that the war had begun in earnest and that the Jedi were called to serve the Republic, then turned the briefing over to Gallia. Lifting three datapads out of a crate beside her, Gallia handed them to the three Knights and informed them that they were to infiltrate and sabotage the factory on Thule. Nivar raised his hand and asked why they did not bomb the factory from the air, and Gallia explained that the facility was heavily armored and that the Republic could not get into the habit of destroying planets.[10]

Gallia added that Republic Intelligence believed that the task force could gather intel on other Separatist factories, such as locations and production schedules, by slicing into the one on Thule. She then told the three Jedi that their mission required subtlety, which meant they would only be accompanied by a company of clones and could not have any signals traced back to Coruscant. Yaluna raised his hand and asked why they were focusing on Thule despite atrocities on Praadost II, but Gallia and Yoda immediately waved away his question and sternly explained that they were acting on the strategies wanted by Chancellor Palpatine. Gallia concluded the briefing by telling Nivar that he was in charge, then added that the trio's datapads were equipped with vital information about their assignment and advised that they observe and bond with the clones under Clone Captain Spider's command,[10] following recent observations that the clones were more than just the perfunctory soldiers the Kaminoans touted them as.[27]

The Iskat matter[]

"We were told the area was occupied only by droids. There was no mention of civilians. We didn't see any evidence of living beings from the air or the ground. How were we to know?"
"Josk knew. This information was among his schematics. His file contained additional details of every aspect of the factory. Perhaps he decided that information wasn't relevant to your plans. It's true that there were fewer than a dozen casualties, mostly builders and administrators. But, again, it was meant to be a stealth mission with no loss of life, and here we are."
―Iskat Akaris and Adi Gallia[10]

Iskat Akaris (pictured) reported the mission to Thule to Adi Gallia.

During the mission to Thule, an accident led to General Nivar's death, leaving Akaris in charge of sabotaging the factory alone. The mission continued to go awry when intel regarding the factory's defense proved incorrect. Though Yaluna successfully extracted the intel, most of the clone forces were killed, and Akaris improvised to complete the mission, exploding the factory's power grid with three massive explosions that destroyed the factory, power grid, and a small underground settlement of civilian laborers. When their shuttle entered Coruscant airspace, Gallia was notified and contacted Nivar for a status update. When Akaris answered, Gallia told her that she and Yoda awaited the full account since they had heard troubling reports about the mission. Gallia and Master Yoda were waiting on the landing pad when Akaris and Yaluna deboarded their ship, then invited the two up to the High Council chamber to discuss the mission.[10]

In the Council chambers, Gallia motioned for the two to sit and tiredly asked when and how Nivar had died. Akarus explained that Nivar had fallen while climbing a cliff face when he disturbed a flock of native birds. Gallia asked what followed Nivar's death, and Akaris responded that she and Yaluna decided to share command. Iskat and Tualon then gave their account of the mission, after which Gallia chastised Akaris for her decision to destroy the power grid. When Akaris replied defensively, Gallia informed her that the explosions had not only cost the lives of civilians but compromised the point of the mission since the Separatists were likely to increase security at their other factory sites. When Gallia mentioned that a historical site was damaged as well, Akaris asked if it was the altar. At Gallia's insistence, Akaris explained that their forces had set up camp near a stone altar with distinct markings. Gallia shared a look with Yoda, who commented that Thule was an ancient Sith world.[10]

Yaluna began to apologize for the mission's outcome, but Yoda interrupted him and told him that war was complex. Taking on a softer tone, Gallia told Akaris and Yaluna that the Council would arrange Nivar's funeral and reminded the pair that, though new Jedi Knights, they had many in the Order who would guide them and be guided by them. She gestured for the two to leave but asked Iskat to stay behind. Gallia told Iskat that the Council knew she was having a hard time since her master's death and that losing a master was a natural part of a Jedi's life, then added that the Council recognized she was hurried through the process. Akaris again responded defensively and argued that she would have destroyed the factory even if her master were still alive and, when Yoda brought up the civilian casualties, she reminded him and Gallia that her intel was incomplete. Gallia informed Akaris that Nivar had been given the full intel, then speculated that he had kept it from her because he believed it was unimportant.[10]

Yoda advised Akaris to be more careful in the future, but Akaris, angered, argued that the civilians on Thule were enemy Separatists like the Geonosians killed during the Battle of Geonosis. Becoming more stringent, Gallia responded that the Geonosians were armed attackers, while the civilians below the factory were just workers attempting to make a living. She again pointed out that Akaris had been rushed into Knighthood and still had to learn, quickly adding that Akaris's disrespect and aggression were unbecoming of a Jedi. Insulted, Akaris rhetorically asked if that was why Windu assigned Nivar to report on her, surprising Gallia, who explained that Windu had concerns about her behavior. Yoda told Akaris that she needed to find peace through the Force and Gallia, though weary, smiled at Akaris and advised that she speak with Masters Klefan Opus or Uumay Hawlatha to process the events on Geonosis and Thule. She then suggested that Iskat wash and get a meal, dismissing her from the Council chamber.[10]


Adi Gallia and Mace Windu (pictured) gave Iskat Akaris her position as a youngling instructor.

At the Council's orders, Akaris and Yaluna were given assignments to help teach younglings as rotating instructors. Taking notice of Iskat's good performance as a teacher, Gallia and the Council decided that it would be best to assign her to a full position as an instructor, believing it would aid the younglings and keep Akaris restrained. Shortly after the Thule debriefing, Gallia and Windu summoned Akaris to the Council chambers to inform her of their decision. After Windu asked if she had given thought to the events on Thule, to which Akaris gave a placating answer, Gallia energetically commended Akaris for her work with the younglings and told her she was the ideal candidate to be their full-time instructor. Though Akaris replied that it was a great honor, Windu and Gallia sensed that she was displeased. Iskat told the two Masters she believed she could better serve on the battlefield.[10]

Unforgiving, Windu told Akaris that the Council was in agreement about her new assignment, and Gallia added that they believed it would prove mutually beneficial. When Akaris attempted to reason with Windu that she had learned from her mistakes and was fit for duty to prove herself to the Order, Windu shut her down and told her that she would prove herself by accepting the Council's decision until she was deemed ready to return to active military service. Just then, Windu got a notification on his datapad and ordered Akaris to go to the landing pad and escort Chancellor Palpatine to the Council chambers, who he informed Gallia was early for a scheduled meeting. Despite Iskat's disappointment at her new position as an instructor, Gallia and the Council's judgment proved correct, and, over the following several months, Akaris slowly fell into a new pattern and was able to learn to restrain herself and her aggression while working with the younglings.[10]

Battle of Saleucami[]

"How close are you going to jump in next to Grievous' ship? "
"Hmm. Pretty close."
"Define 'pretty close.'"
―Adi Gallia and Anakin Skywalker[28]

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Adi Gallia agree to rescue Jedi Master Eeth Koth from Grievous.

In 21 BBY,[2] shortly after Jedi Master Eeth Koth, a member of the High Council, was taken captive by the cyborg Supreme Martial Commander of the Separatist armies, Grievous, during an assault on the Venator-class cruiser Steadfast, Gallia and various other Jedi met in the Jedi Temple communication center to watch a message sent to them by Grievous, who had a long and deep hatred of the Order. Standing with Kenobi and Skywalker, Gallia watched Grievous taunt the Jedi as he tortured Koth. Though the Jedi present resolved to rescue Koth and put an end to Grievous's carnage, they were at a loss on how to locate them until Clone Commander Wolffe alerted Master Plo Koon that he had found a message hidden in the holotransmission, a series of hand signals discreetly given by Koth. Koon asked for the message to replay, and Kenobi translated the hand signals, in which Koth revealed that he was being held prisoner by Grievous in the Saleucami system.[28]

Gallia expressed her surprise at this revelation, reminding her peers that Republic Intelligence had no report of a Separatist presence near[28] the Suolriep sector,[15] which Saleucami was in, but Yoda pointed out that their information could be inaccurate. Gallia, Kenobi, and Skywalker volunteered to lead Republic forces to Saleucami to rescue Koth, and soon their forces, consisting of the 212th Attack Battalion, 501st Legion, and a fleet of ships from the Open Circle Armada, were mustered in Coruscant space. In Kenobi's battle strategy, the fleet under his command would engage Grievous's fleet above Saleucami while Gallia, Skywalker, and a small group of clone soldiers led by Captain Rex, would exit hyperspace undetected and infiltrate Grievous's command ship from an Eta-class shuttle. As they prepared to depart Coruscant, Kenobi contacted Gallia and Skywalker and informed them that he would send them the coordinates of Grievous's ship.[28]


Though unfamiliar with Anakin Skywalker's unorthodox strategies, Gallia trusted his plan to infiltrate Grievous's ship.

Gallia asked how he planned to lure Grievous onto his own cruiser, the Surrogator, and Kenobi explained that he and Grievous had an informal rivalry. Before Kenobi and the fleet under Admiral Wullf Yularen's command left for Saleucami, Gallia assured him that she and Skywalker would find Master Koth, whether he was alive or not. Once Kenobi's forces engaged General Grievous's above Saleucami, he ordered Commander Cody to transmit the coordinates to Gallia's shuttle. When Rex received the coordinates, Gallia asked Skywalker how close he planned on jumping out of hyperspace near Grievous's ship. When Skywalker replied that it would be "pretty close," Gallia, who found his unorthodox plans amusing, smiled and asked him to define "pretty close" as the ship entered hyperspace. When they arrived at the exit point, Skywalker brought the ship out of hyperspace and skillfully navigated the shuttle through the battle.[28]

Skywalker landed the shuttle on the underside of Grievous's Recusant-class destroyer, and Gallia remarked that had they flown any closer, they would "be flying down hallways." The two Jedi and the clones entered the ship through a series of ducts and split into two teams; while Gallia and Skywalker went to search for Koth, Rex and the clones stayed to guard the entrance to the passageways they had come through. Using a tracking beacon, Gallia found that Koth was being held on the ship's bridge, and she and Skywalker ran to retrieve him. As they neared the bridge, the two encountered a group of battle droids, which they quickly dispatched using their lightsabers before continuing. Meanwhile, Kenobi had successfully lured Grievous onto his cruiser, giving Gallia and Skywalker their opening. When they arrived at the bridge, they destroyed the super battle droid standing guard and found Koth suspended in midair as a tactical droid, TV-94, oversaw the space battle.[28]


Gallia and Skywalker defend themselves from a group of commando droids.

Unbeknownst to Gallia and Skywalker, Grievous had presumed that there would be an attempted rescue of Koth while he faced Kenobi, and a squad of ten BX-series commando droids surrounded the two Jedi. TV-94, which controlled Koth's restraints from a panel in its arm, began electrocuting Koth and threatened to kill him unless the Jedi surrendered. Skywalker used the Force to pull the droid towards him and swiftly severed its arm, and Gallia swiftly cut down two of the commando droids. Fighting in tandem, Gallia and Skywalker destroyed the rest of the commando droids and TV-94 before freeing Koth. Gallia caught Koth when he fell from his suspension, and the Zabrak asked Skywalker where Grievous was. Skywalker responded that Grievous was on board Kenobi's ship and that they had a chance to capture the general if they cut off his escape. As Gallia and Skywalker aided Koth back to their entryway, Kenobi contacted them and reported that Grievous was trying to escape to his destroyer.[28]

Koth urged both Gallia and Skywalker to help Kenobi capture Grievous, but Skywalker denied his request and told Gallia to go ahead while he and Koth returned to the shuttle. While Gallia ran to provide help, Kenobi and Commander Cody's forces managed to chase the general to the docking tube between Grievous's destroyer and Kenobi's cruiser. Before Kenobi's ship could detach, preventing Grievous's escape, the Separatist warship opened fire on the cruiser, destroying the stabilizers and causing the ship's engines to explode. The docking tube started breaking as the ships pulled away from each other, and Grievous entered his ship while Kenobi and the clones followed him into the tunnel. Before Grievous could close the entrance to his destroyer, however, Gallia arrived and engaged him in a duel. Suddenly, the tube broke apart completely, and Gallia was pulled from her feet by the vacuum of space as Grievous fled into his ship.[28]


Gallia duels Grievous as he tries to make his escape.

Pulling herself out of the tube and back into Grievous's battleship, Gallia fired a grappling hook toward Kenobi, Cody, and another clone, who clung to the sides of the tunnel to keep from being sucked into space. Once the three climbed inside Grievous's ship using the cable, Gallia quickly shut the entrance. Though exasperated, Kenobi told Gallia that there was still time to capture Grievous, but she reminded him that Skywalker was leaving and they would be trapped on the ship if they stayed to follow Grievous. Kenobi contacted Anakin for assistance, and Skywalker told him he would pick them up in a hangar near their position. While an evacuation sequence sounded ordering the Separatist droids to retreat to the landing craft, Gallia, Kenobi, and the two clones headed for the hangar, where they boarded the shuttle. Skywalker piloted the ship away from Grievous's destroyer, which was rocked by explosions as debris from the Republic cruiser slammed into it.[28]

On the shuttle, Gallia and Kenobi entered the cockpit, where she knelt to tend to Koth as Kenobi contacted Admiral Yularen, who confirmed that Grievous had fled his ship on the landing craft, which had crashed on the surface of Saleucami. Once the shuttle entered the hangar of Yularen's command ship, Gallia and Rex helped Koth down the ramp, where a medical droid awaited them. As Kenobi and Skywalker prepared to continue the battle and track General Grievous on Saleucami, Gallia informed them that she would bring Koth to a medical frigate. Turning to his rescuers, Koth thanked them for saving him but expressed his regret that Grievous had escaped and stated that he would have given his life if it meant Grievous was brought to justice, after which Gallia and the medical droid led Koth away.[28] Kenobi and his forces traveled to Saleucami, where they nearly captured Grievous but were unable to prevent another escape, costing the Republic a significant victory.[29]

Battle of Lola Sayu[]

"If the team isn't at the extraction point when you arrive, you may be forced to leave them, or put us all at risk."
"I'm afraid Master Gallia is right."
"They'll be there."
―Adi Gallia, Saesee Tiin, and Plo Koon on their rescue mission[30]

Adi Gallia, Saesee Tiin, and Clone Sergeant "Boss" discuss the Devaron massacre.

A short time after the Battle of Saleucami,[2] General Gallia participated in a strategy meeting at the Jedi Temple via hologram, where Master Koon proposed reinforcing the Republic fleet along the Hydian Way in an effort to counteract Grievous.[31] In 20 BBY,[2] Gallia, along with Koon, Tiin, and Kenobi, examined the corpses of Jedi Master Halsey and his Padawan, Knox, after Delta Squad retrieved their bodies from the site of the Devaron massacre. Gallia stated that only Asajj Ventress, Dooku's assassin, was capable of such a feat, but Ventress was believed to have died during the Battle of Sullust. Security footage from the massacre site revealed it to be the work of an unknown Zabrak assailant, Savage Opress.[32] When the Republic intercepted a 2,000-year-old distress code, Gallia and the Council sent Kenobi, Skywalker, and Skywalker's Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, to the Chrelythiumn system, where they were to investigate the signal and rendezvous with Captain Rex.[33]

That same year,[2] Jedi Master Even Piell was sent on a dangerous mission to the Outer Rim, where he discovered the coordinates of the Nexus Route, a hyperspace lane that could change the direction of the war. Control over the hyperspace route would prove to be a major tactical advantage to either the Republic or the Confederacy, as it would provide them the ability to launch strikes against each other's homeworlds, including Coruscant. To keep the coordinates from falling into enemy hands, Piell and his captain, Wilhuff Tarkin, each memorized half of the information before sabotaging their ship's onboard computer. That way, the incomplete coordinates would be useless unless both broke under interrogation. As Piell feared, they were taken captive by the Confederacy on their return trip, and they were brought to the infamous Citadel prison on Separatist-controlled Lola Sayu. A rescue mission mounted by Kenobi, Skywalker, Tano, and a clone task force went awry when their transport was destroyed while attempting to escape.[34]


Gallia engages CIS forces in her Aethersprite-class interceptor over Lola Sayu.

With the survivors of the rescue team and the Republic prisoners needing rescue themselves, Gallia and Master Kit Fisto were assembled to aid Koon and Tiin in an assault on Lola Sayu and retrieve the Republic forces on the surface. Their plan called for Gallia, Tiin, and Fisto to draw the attention of the Separatist blockade, while Koon traveled to the planet's surface with a group of gunships to pick up the survivors. As their fleet was en route to Lola Sayu, Tiin noted that the window of time he could provide Koon depended on the size of the Separatist fleet. Gallia warned Koon that if the survivors were not at the extraction point when he arrived, he would have to either abandon them or put the Republic fleet at risk. Tiin concurred with Gallia's assessment, but Koon assured the two that the survivors would be ready to depart. Upon their arrival at Lola Sayu, Gallia, Tiin, and Fisto boarded their respective Aethersprite-class interceptors and led scores of ARC-170 starfighters into battle while Admiral Barton Coburn commanded the four Venators.[30]

Despite their efforts, Gallia and her colleagues were unable to break the blockade and quickly became overwhelmed by droid starfighters. The opportunity closing, Koon urged Tiin to break through the blockade himself, and Tiin ordered Gallia and Fisto to form behind him as his wing commanders. Together, they slipped through the blockade and escorted Koon's gunships to the extraction point on the surface, which the survivors had reached despite the loss of Master Piell along the way. After the survivors were picked up, Gallia, Tiin, and Fisto helped the gunships escape into the atmosphere, where Koon ordered the flagships to prepare their retreat back to Coruscant. The numerous Republic starcraft were recalled to the cruisers, and Gallia held up the rear of the gunship as they pushed through the Separatist forces. Once Gallia had landed and the survivors were safe, Koon had the cruisers jump into hyperspace. On Coruscant, Gallia and the rest of the rescue team met at the Jedi Temple to discuss the future of the Nexus Route.[30]

Continued service[]

Captured by Grievous[]

"They've hit the main reactor. Prepare to evacuate."
―Adi Gallia orders the evacuation of her cruiser[35]

Master Gallia duels General Grievous during the Battle of Patitite Pattuna.

At some point during the war,[35] Gallia was appointed the commanding general of the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps. Serving at her side was Marshal Commander Neyo, who had not worked with the Jedi prior to joining the 91st. Although Gallia's flagship was typically a Venator-class Star Destroyer, she changed her transport on several occasions.[36] Sometime after the Battle of Mon Cala,[2] which Gallia helped strategize from the Jedi Temple,[37] the planet Aleen was rocked by natural disasters, facing a series of devastating groundquakes. Since Aleen and the native Aleena population, led by King Manchucho, were Republic-affiliated, a mercy mission was authorized to deliver supplies and repair critical infrastructure.[38] Gallia and the 91st were dispatched to provide aid[39] to Commander Wolffe and the 104th Battalion, who had been rerouted from the Qiilura system to Aleen.[38]

After Wolffe and his Battalion, joined by the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, successfully repaired the source of the groundquakes and the planet's mainframe, they departed Aleen to rendezvous with Gallia's flagship before they returned to Master Koon's fleet to reinforce him.[38] During the rendezvous, Wolffe offloaded the two droids onto Gallia's ship,[35] which was set to return to Coruscant.[39] Despite the peaceful nature of the mission to Aleen, the return trip was under threat of a Confederate attack, which Gallia hoped to avoid. As it neared the planet Patitite Pattuna, however, Gallia's cruiser came under attack by three Separatist ships, one of which, a Providence-class dreadnought, was under the command of General Grievous. As her Venator was hit by the Separatist barrage, damaging the main reactor, Gallia initiated an evacuation sequence, beginning with nonessential personnel, while she prepared to deal with Grievous, who had boarded the damaged Venator.[35]


Taken prisoner by General Grievous, Gallia watches as he orders an attack on a nearby pirate ship.

Backed by several of her soldiers, Gallia fiercely dueled Grievous, who gained the upper hand with a hard kick to her torso sending her flying back as his droid forces advanced. Gallia continued to fight Grievous as the rest of the 91st Corps, as well as R2-D2 and C-3PO, evacuated the cruiser.[35] Because she was separated from Commander Neyo and the rest of her men,[36] Grievous was able to best Gallia and take her captive.[39] Grievous brought her back to his dreadnought as his prisoner,[35] and the three Separatist starships, far outmatching the single Republic cruiser,[39] pressed fire on the ship, resulting in its explosive destruction.[35] While Gallia was in Grievous's custody, Master Koon and Commander Wolffe were directed to rescue the survivors of the battle,[36] and soon organized a mission to rescue General Gallia. On board Grievous's dreadnought, a handcuffed Gallia stood near his command seat, where she watched him order his droids to use a nearby pirate ship as target practice.[35]

Koon arrived to confront Grievous's warship with no less than five Venators.[39] Koon and Wolffe boarded the dreadnought, where Wolffe and a group of troopers went to rescue Gallia as Koon cleared a path through the droid forces. Amid the rescue, Gallia was freed and snatched back her lightsaber as Grievous fled the turning tide. Gallia and Wolffe then rushed to meet Koon, thanking her colleague while they vanquished the remaining droids. Wolffe then informed Koon that Grievous had fled, and Koon ordered his men to finish off the rest of the scattered droids on the dreadnought. At that moment, C-3PO and R2-D2 appeared from behind a protrusion in the wall. The two droids had been on a series of bizarre adventures in conjunction with Gallia's capture and, as a result, had ended up on Grievous's ship by happenstance. Though Gallia and Koon were initially confused by the droids, Wolffe recognized and identified them. Seeing Wolffe's annoyance with the droids, Koon prompted C-3PO to tell him their story as he and Gallia spoke.[35]

Unending war[]

Later in 20 BBY,[2] Gallia and the High Council dispatched Generals Kenobi and Skywalker, commanding the 212th and 501st, to the planet Kiros to investigate the disappearance of 50,000 Togruta colonists, which they linked to the Separatists and resurgent Zygerrian Slave Empire.[40] When the Council, in conjunction with Republic Intelligence, learned of a plot by criminal mastermind Moralo Eval and Dooku to kidnap Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the Festival of Light of Naboo, the body decided to authorize a risky plan to have Kenobi go undercover as bounty hunter Rako Hardeen to stop Eval. The Council arranged for Hardeen to "assassinate" Kenobi, and Gallia was among those to attend the subsequent fake funeral.[41] While Kenobi worked to sabotage Dooku and Eval, the Council took charge of security during the Festival of Light. Gallia participated in meetings to discuss the protective measures to ensure the Chancellor's safety. The Council's plan was ultimately a success, and Palpatine escaped unscathed.[42]


Master Gallia and the High Council speak with representatives from the Onderon rebels.

Early in the Clone Wars, the Confederacy invaded the planet Onderon and ousted its king, Ramsis Dendup, with a puppet ruler loyal to Dooku, Sanjay Rash. A small resistance group of Onderonians loyal to Dendup rebelled against the new monarch and his Separatist backers,[43] and near the end of 20 BBY,[2] two of the rebel leaders, Saw Gerrera and Lux Bonteri, contacted the Jedi Council seeking support. Gallia and the Council were wary of providing aid, however, as any official support to an underground rebellion would earn the Jedi scrutiny from the Republic Senate. Nonetheless, the Council sent Kenobi, Skywalker, Tano, and Rex on an operation to covertly give the rebels combat training.[43] At various points during the Clone Wars, Gallia worked alongside the Lok Revenants, a pirate group led by the Feeorin Nym that operated on the Rimward end of the Corellian Run and along the length of Llanic Spice Run. Though the Revenants preferred to target the Trade Federation, they also targeted slavers and spicers.[9]

Between 20 BBY and 19 BBY,[44] Master Yoda uncovered information on a mysterious Separatist weapon that fell under the codename "Operation: Titan" and informed the Council of his findings. Despite the Grand Master's interest in the discovery, Though some on the Council were disinterested in his report, Master Kenobi entertained the Grand Master's plans and told him that Skywalker, who was onboard a recently-confiscated Confederate Munificent-class frigate, could possibly provide further information from the ship's databanks. Yoda and Skywalker followed their leads and learned that Operation: Titan involved the construction of a new droid army containing "megadroids."[45] Gallia was later present when the two reported to the Council that the megadroids were under construction on the planet Golatha and informed them that they planned to destroy the factory there before the megadroids were deployed on the battlefield.[46]

Sometime during the war, Gallia flew her Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor in battle over a blue astronomical body alongside a V-19 Torrent starfighter, with Gallia using Battle Meditation during the incident.[47]

The vampires of Bray[]

"Did the Brayan Elders invite you to invade their world? To transform their children into monsters?"
"That was none of my doing. Like you, I am but a guest on this gloom-ridden planet."
―Adi Gallia confronts Count Dooku[48]

At some point between 20 BBY and 19 BBY,[49] Gallia and Kenobi were sent to the planet Bray to investigate a distress signal sent by the local Brayans,[50] who had pleaded to the High Council for help. According to a story detailing their mission, though Gallia and Kenobi were dispatched in good faith to help the native population with their troubles, the Council had ulterior motives for sending them to Bray since the planet was suspected of housing Separatist activity. Accompanied by Commander Cody and a unit from the 7th Sky Corps, Gallia and Kenobi traveled to the gloom-ridden world onboard an Eta-class shuttle. Upon landing near the village the distress signal originated from, Gallia, Kenobi, and the clones departed the ship and were met by a group of Brayans, who thanked them for answering their call for help. Kenobi responded that the Jedi Council would never have ignored a plea for aid, but Gallia cynically added that the Council would especially not do so for a planet suspected of Separatist activity under her breath.[48]

Kenobi chastised Gallia for her cynicism, reminding her that even Master Yoda had remarked on it, then introduced himself and Gallia to the Brayans. He asked the group how the Jedi could be of assistance, and the Brayans informed them that life on Bray had become a living nightmare since the arrival of "the dark lord," who made the natives live in fear. Intrigued, Kenobi inquired about the identity of the dark lord, but the Brayans revealed they did not know and had never seen him. Gallia asked why they were afraid, and the Brayans replied that the dark lord plagued their village, where nothing worked since he had desecrated the Citadel of Light. Seeing the fortress towering over them on a hill, Adi asked if the dark lord was still residing in the Citadel, but the Brayan replied that the Citadel was once a sacred beacon of light for Bray. The Brayan continued that it was the dark lord's fault Bray was covered in darkness, but Gallia cut them off and pointed out that the village still had running power.[48]

Just then, the power in the village cut out, and Kenobi commented that Gallia had spoken too soon. The Brayans immediately blamed the dark lord and warned the Jedi that he had sent his "creatures of the night," prompting Kenobi to ignite his lightsaber. Gallia, Kenobi, Cody, and the other clones went to investigate the outage and discovered a malformed creature chewing on power lines. Cody asked what the creature was, and Gallia responded that it looked like a mynock, which was enough reason for Cody and his men to open fire on it. To Cody's shock, the mynock opened its mouth and began "eating" the blasterfire. The clone "Peel" stepped forward to throw a thermal detonator, but the creature slashed him across the chest, making him drop the detonator. Using the Force, Gallia threw the bomb at the creature, and the resulting explosion sent it flying toward the Citadel. The issue temporarily resolved, the Jedi and the clones returned to their shuttle, where Gallia and Kenobi discussed their next move.[48]

Gallia told Kenobi that she saw no other option than to investigate the Citadel, to which Kenobi concurred, suspecting that the dark lord could be Count Dooku. As they spoke, the power on the ship started cutting in and out, and Gallia suggested that another creature was on their shuttle. With Cody, they searched the ship and found Peel tearing at its wiring, having been transformed into one of the creatures. Peel attacked Kenobi, and Gallia, deducing that Peel had been infected by the mynock-like creature, warned Kenobi to keep Peel from scratching him. Cody used his blaster to stun Peel, and Kenobi ordered him to secure the trooper until they found a cure for his disease. Believing the solution would be in the Citadel, Gallia and Kenobi left the shuttle and headed for the dark lord's fortress, lightsabers deployed. Inside the fortress, Kenobi's suspicions proved true when he and Gallia encountered Dooku, who mockingly chided the Jedi for entering the Citadel when uninvited.[48]

Ravna Lord of Darkness

Gallia and Kenobi face Dooku and Ravna on Bray.

Gallia angrily returned the comment to Dooku, asking if the Brayans had invited him to invade their world and transform their people into monsters, but Dooku responded that the events on Bray were none of his doing. Dooku added that the Jedi had not met their host yet and introduced "Ravna, Lord of Darkness," and the Jedi turned to see a hulking creature hissing at them. Gallia and Kenobi sprang into action, but Ravna absorbed the energy from their lightsabers. When Ravna grabbed Kenobi, Gallia attempted to strike at the beast, only for Dooku to stun her with Force lightning. Dooku revealed to the Jedi that he and Ravna had forged an agreement in which Ravna would help the Sith destroy the Republic armies with his vampiric abilities in return for being allowed to swarm freely. Dooku's ego got the better of him, however, and Ravna immediately dismissed the count's suggestion that he and his "children" would be subservient to the Confederacy. Ravna's swarm entered the room and surrounded Gallia and Kenobi.[48]

Ravna attacked Dooku, infecting him, then ordered the count to transform the two Jedi. When the influenced Dooku agreed, Kenobi shouted that Dooku was showing his true colors as a weak-minded puppet. Gallia questioned Kenobi's tactic, but Kenobi's ruse to bait the count's ego worked when Dooku broke from Ravna's influence and electrified Ravna's infected with Force lightning. Recognizing the threat Ravna posed, Dooku told Gallia and Kenobi to bury the infected while he electrified them. As they ran out of the chamber, Kenobi told Gallia that they would tear down the Citadel entirely to do as Dooku asked. Using the Force outside the fortress, they began to make the ancient walls crumble, and their effort, in conjunction with Dooku's clash with Ravna, caused a large explosion, destroying the Citadel. With Ravna's defeat, his curse on Bray ended, and light returned to the planet as the infected, including Peel, were cured. The threat over, Gallia, Kenobi, and the clones left Bray and returned to the war.[48]

Tracking the rogue Sith[]

"We have a match on the cargo ship."
"It seems Maul and Savage have picked up a pirate escort."
"Maybe to unload the stolen cargo."
"I'm not sure the pirate Hondo would have an alliance with Maul and his brother."
"So you know this Hondo personally?"
"Unfortunately, yes."
―Adi Gallia and Obi-Wan Kenobi[51]

Long sympathetic to Obi-Wan Kenobi for his master's death, Gallia offered to join his hunt for the Sith who killed him, Darth Maul.

At the start of the year 19 BBY,[2] Gallia offered to help Kenobi in his quest to hunt down the rogue Sith Lords Maul and Savage Opress,[7] brothers who had been on a spree of chaos across the Outer Rim, which had led to the deaths of two Jedi, including Finn Ertay.[51] Darth Maul, who had killed Qui-Gon Jinn thirteen years earlier, had returned from his supposed death and sworn vengeance on Kenobi, who severed the lower half of his body during the Battle of Naboo.[2] Gallia had always lamented Jinn's death, and upon learning that the opportunity had arisen to bring Darth Maul to proper justice, she offered her aid to Obi-Wan.[7] While on the trail of the Sith Lords, Gallia and Kenobi responded to a distress call[51] from the Cybloc Transfer Station, an InterGalactic Banking Clan storehouse[4] in the Cybloc system of the Meridian sector. As they approached the space station, Gallia noted that the system was close to the last reported attack by the Sith, and Kenobi replied that he had a feeling that the two were behind this attack as well.[51]

Inside the Cybloc Station, Gallia and Kenobi met with Superintendent Morlimur Snugg,[4] who showed them the damages caused by the attackers.[51] In one of the station's main offices,[52] Snugg informed them that the assailants were two Zabraks who had stolen a fortune in credit chips, which were untraceable due to being unlocked. As Gallia and Kenobi examined the crime scene, Snugg asked if the attackers had been Jedi gone rogue, at which Gallia and Kenobi shared a look of acknowledgment. Kenobi responded that the two were not Jedi, and Snugg asked him to ignite his lightsaber. Seeing the blue blade of Kenobi's sword, Snugg mentioned that his security droids reported that the Zabrak wielded red-bladed lightsabers, and Gallia and Kenobi looked at each other again. After telling Snugg that the two Zabrak were Sith, Kenobi insisted that he and Gallia needed to find them. Snugg informed the Jedi that the Sith Lords had taken his cargo ship and that one of his droids overheard them mention the Sertar sector.[51]


Gallia and Kenobi traveled to the Cybloc Station which the Sith Lords recently attacked.

Kenobi turned away from Snugg in contemplation, and Gallia joined him. She asked what was located in the Sertar sector, and Kenobi replied that it was where the planet Florrum was. Seeing that Kenobi had been to Florrum before, Gallia asked what they could expect, and he responded, "Pirates." Leaving the Cybloc Station for Florrum, Kenobi told Gallia that Florrum was home to the Ohnaka Gang, which was operated by the pirate king Hondo Ohnaka. When they entered the system, the Jedi flew towards the space around Florrum, where they saw a cargo ship surrounded by three of Hondo's Corona-class frigates. With the information given to them by Snugg, Gallia found that the cargo ship matched the one stolen from Cybloc, and Kenobi commented that Maul and Opress had picked up a pirate escort. Gallia speculated that it could be to offload the stolen cargo, but Kenobi countered that he didn't believe Ohnaka would ally himself with the Sith. Gallia asked if Kenobi knew Ohnaka personally, which he confirmed with regret.[51]

Kenobi and Gallia contacted Ohnaka's base on the planet's surface. Arbitrarily blaming Kenobi for bringing about the destruction of his base by General Grievous and the collapse of his pirate empire, Ohnaka demanded to know who the two Zabrak were, and Kenobi informed him that they were Sith and that he and Gallia tracked them to Florrum. Hondo revealed that Maul and Opress had recruited his men to their side and threatened to attack his base. From their shuttle, Gallia and Kenobi watched as the cargo vessel and the three frigates began their descent to the planet's surface, and Ohnaka asked if the Jedi would help him fight back against the mutiny. Kenobi informed Ohnaka that he and Gallia could do nothing about his pirates but would do what they could to stop the Sith. Hondo agreed to deal with his traitorous underlings while Kenobi and Gallia dealt with the Sith Lords, and the transmission ended, after which Gallia piloted the shuttle toward the surface of Florrum.[51]

Death on Florrum[]

―Obi-Wan Kenobi, upon witnessing Opress kill Adi Gallia[51]

Adi Gallia is dealt a fatal blow by Savage Oppress, who rams his horns into her body.

After landing their ship on a ridge overlooking the canyon housing Ohnaka's base, Gallia and Kenobi quickly disembarked and saw Hondo's pirates battling each other. Maul and Opress saw the ship landing and went up to the top of the canyon to confront the Jedi. Reaching for their lightsabers, Gallia and Kenobi turned to face them. Kenobi mocked Maul for allying with pirates, commenting that "the mighty Sith have fallen" before he and Gallia ignited their sabers. Maul leaped forward and moved to strike at both Gallia and Kenobi simultaneously, but Gallia dodged his blow as the Sith Lord focused on fighting Kenobi. Opress rushed forward to combat Gallia, and the two began trading strikes. Though Opress was much larger than her, Gallia swiftly avoided the swings of his double-bladed lightsaber. A few seconds into their duel, Gallia and Kenobi were pushed close to the edge of the canyon walls, and both jumped to the ground below, closely followed by the Sith. The Jedi were separated on the base of the canyon as Opress and Maul pursued them.[51]

Though she had been able to hold her own against Opress briefly,[51] Gallia was unprepared for the fury of her adversary's attacks. Savage easily withstood all her attempts to subdue him,[7] and she was forced on the defensive as he continued to advance towards her. Nearly on the ground to avoid the swings of Opress's lightsaber, Gallia made one final attempt to gain an advantage by kicking his knee, a move that would severely injure his leg if powerful enough. Though Gallia managed to land the kick, it had no impact on Savage, and she looked up at him in fear before returning to a bipedal stance. Gallia blocked a few more lightsaber strikes from Savage before the Sith used the Force to hurl her into a wrecked ship.[51] Stunned by the blow, Gallia could not get out of the way in time before Opress rammed his head horns into her midriff, piercing her body.[7] Gasping for air, she slumped limp and fell to the ground. As Kenobi watched, Savage raised his lightsaber and plunged the red blade into Gallia's back, killing her.[51]


End of the Clone Wars[]

"Where is the other Jedi?"
"She's...she's dead."
"She's d—They are too powerful for even you?"
―Hondo Ohnaka and Obi-Wan Kenobi, after Gallia's death[51]

Seeing Gallia's murder and realizing that the tide had turned against Ohnaka's loyal crew, Kenobi retrieved his fallen peer's lightsaber and retreated into the base with the pirate king, who asked where Gallia was. Kenobi sadly told Ohnaka that Gallia was dead, and the two prepared to face the Sith. While Kenobi lured Maul and Opress to one side of the base, Ohnaka and his men set up an ambush for the traitors on another. Using both his lightsaber and Gallia's, Kenobi dueled the Sith Lords alone but was outmatched until he successfully landed the same blow Gallia had attempted on Opress, kicking in the Dathomirian's knee. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Kenobi sliced Opress's arm off using Gallia's lightsaber. Maul and the injured Opress retreated from the base but were met by Ohnaka, who had reunified his crew. The pirates fired at the Maul and Savage, who fled to the cargo ship. Ohnaka had one of his underlings launch a rocket at the ship, causing it to fall from the sky and forcing the Sith to evacuate on an escape pod.[51]


Gallia's cousin, Stass Allie, took her seat on the Jedi Council and command of the 91st Corps, and was killed by Commander Neyo during Order 66.

By the final weeks of the war,[53] the High Council offered the vacant seat left by Gallia's death to her cousin, Stass Allie. Allie gratefully accepted the position and soon proved that she was deserving of her late cousin's seat.[54] Alongside Master Oppo Rancisis, Allie was also among the Jedi who came to tentatively command the 91st Reconnaissance Corps,[55] which Gallia had led prior to her demise.[36] Another Jedi affected by Gallia's death was Iskat Akaris, who Gallia had attempted to help guide in the early days of the Clone Wars. Despite Akaris's indifference to Gallia, which bordered on outright contempt due to Gallia's stern and disciplined nature, Gallia had been empathetic to Akaris and took a personal interest in helping her. With Gallia numbering among the dead and the Council's focus on the war effort taking precedence over internal issues, Akaris found the remaining members of the Council, such as Ki-Adi-Mundi, dispassionate towards her and harbored a deep disdain for the Jedi Order for its failings.[10]

At the end of the Clone Wars, Chancellor Palpatine revealed himself as the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious, and manipulated Anakin Skywalker into becoming his Sith apprentice, Darth Vader.[53] Sidious enacted Order 66, marking the start of the Great Jedi Purge and forcing the clone armies to turn on their Jedi commanders by corrupting their inhibitor biochips. Among the thousands of Jedi slain by the clones was Stass Allie, whose speeder bike was shot down on Saleucami by[2] Adi Gallia's former second-in-command, Neyo.[36] As part of Sidious's plan to eradicate the Jedi, he recruited Jedi who had flirted with the dark side in the past, including Akaris, to his Inquisitorius. While Sidious set about transforming the Republic into a Sith-controlled Galactic Empire, Akaris and her fellow Inquisitors hunted the remaining Jedi across the galaxy. While facing down Jedi Master Klefan Opus, who had survived Order 66, Akaris took note that his tranquil fighting style differed greatly from Gallia's by-the-book sensibilities.[10]

Visions and voices[]

"Rise, Rey..."
―Adi Gallia speaks to Rey[56]

Adi Gallia, as she appeared in Yoda's vision of the Jedi Temple if the war never happened.

Prior to the Clone Wars' conclusion,[2] Master Yoda traveled to the mysterious Wellspring of Life to learn the secrets of immortality at the insistence of the spirit of Qui-Gon Jinn, believing it would help preserve the Jedi Order. There, he met with the Force Priestesses, who tested Yoda with various visions, including one of the Jedi Temple where the Clone Wars did not exist. In the vision, Yoda saw many Jedi mingling peacefully on the Temple's rooftops near the Great Tree, among them Gallia, Jinn, and other deceased Jedi. Also present was Dooku, appearing as though he had never become a Sith. Though initially mesmerized by the vision, Yoda realized it was a lie, pointing out to the illusions of Gallia and Jinn that they were dead before reminding himself that Dooku was a traitor. The mirages of Gallia and the other Jedi floated away while Dooku attempted to attack Yoda, who affirmed that the vision was false. Yoda woke up afterward, having passed the test.[57]

In 12 BBY,[2] after constructing Fortress Vader on Mustafar with the Dark Lord Momin, Vader entered a portal within the palace in an attempt to resurrect his deceased wife, Padmé Amidala. After entering the portal, Vader experienced a series of visions involving figures from his past. In one vision, Vader was confronted by several Jedi, both dead and alive, on the steps of the Jedi Temple, among them Gallia. One by one, Vader slew the illusions of his former colleagues, severing Gallia's torso as the words "let the past die" resounded in his mind.[58] Between 2 BBY and 4 ABY,[59] Commander Lina Graf of the Alliance to Restore the Republic and her crew crash-landed on Mustafar and planned to explore Fortress Vader. Along their route to Fortress Vader, Lieutenant Thom Hudd warned that nothing good would come from exploring the castle, and told Graf and the rest of their crew the story of Adi Gallia and Obi-Wan Kenobi's mission to Bray during the Clone Wars.[48]

In 35 ABY, fifty-four years after her death on Florrum,[2] Gallia's voice was heard by the Jedi aspirant Rey during the Battle of Exegol, fought in the war between the Resistance and the Final Order, a junta commanded by Sidious and his Sith Eternal cult. Calling on the aid of the Jedi past, Rey heard Gallia's voice among many others, with Gallia urging her to rise and face Sidious. Propelled by her Jedi forbears, Rey gathered the strength to kill Sidious, destroying the Sith once and for all.[56] An artistic depiction of Gallia was included in the publication of a journal by the Graf Archive of Orchis 2 detailing various species from throughout the galaxy. Though the artist of the journal could not be identified, the Archive suspected that it may have been Gammit Chond. Following the journal's restoration, which paired the original artwork with other data from the Archive, Gallia was named as one of the most celebrated of her species, of which the Archive had scarce information.[60]

Personality and traits[]

"We know you're having a hard time, without your master, with your first real mission without her guidance."
"Everyone is having a hard time."
"Losing a master is a pivotal moment for a Jedi, one Tualon can’t yet comprehend. But it is a natural and inevitable part of our journey in the Force. It can set your internal compass spinning. The Knighting Ceremony is meant to be a ritual timed appropriately to allow reflection and to celebrate your outgrowth from mentorship, but we realize that you were hurried through this process and that you might need some time to find your path."
―Adi Gallia and Iskat Akaris[10]

Adi Gallia was a female Tholothian,[3] a seemingly ageless[60] near-human species.[61] She had blue eyes, dark skin mottled with blue pigment, particularly around her eyes,[1] and stood at 1.74 meters, or 5 feet and 9 inches.[4] Although not a native of Tholoth,[1] the homeworld of the Tholothians,[61] Gallia was still a biological Tholothian and, as such, had a scaled cranium. From this skullcap, eight fleshy head tendrils, which were white with speckled coloration, descended to her shoulders.[1]


Adi Gallia's greatest assets were her intelligence and political acumen, and she would later be a capable combatant.

Born into the high-class political scene of Coruscant's ecumenopolis, Gallia experienced a wide range of worldviews in her youth, beginning with the wealth and formalities her parents' occupations afforded her. Though taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant at a young age, Gallia remembered her former social life well and missed the closeness that she felt was lacking in the Temple. As a Jedi trainee, she routinely escaped the haunting, brooding atmosphere of the Temple to explore her homeworld, excursions that she considered brought her closer to the realities of civilian life. Though once the auspicious child of upper-class diplomats, Gallia had no issue wandering between the many levels of Coruscant's cityscape and could blend into the varied social classes with ease. Her experiences freely roaming Coruscant impacted her outlook and opinions, and she adopted egalitarian stances on policy and strategy, positions that gave her word value to the Jedi High Council since they offered new perspectives to the body.[7]

As a member of the Jedi Council, Gallia also proved different to her peers for her penchant for behind-the-scenes work. Believing that information was more effective than a lightsaber in almost all circumstances, Gallia used her class awareness and political acumen to establish a network of spies and informants. Highly respected and revered for her intelligence and powers of intuition, Gallia was able to provide her colleagues with a new source of information and mold herself into a leading beacon of the Council,[7] which brought her into the circles of[1] progressive politicians[62] such as Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum and Senator Bail Organa.[1] Since childhood, Gallia had valued the efficacy of political strategy and found that she excelled in information gathering and high politics.[7] Though known mostly for her intelligence,[1] Gallia was also known for her infamous cynicism.[48] She had a sarcastic wit[28] and a cynical attitude,[48] even towards her fellow Jedi,[3] both of which were qualities that made her appear standoffish and were commented on by the likes of Grand Master Yoda.[48]


Proving to be an excellent military commander, Gallia took part in strategizing various battles during the Clone Wars.

Most at home while dealing with Coruscant's political spheres, Gallia was a peaceful being, but the outbreak of the Clone Wars abruptly threw her onto the battlefield as a Jedi General, a title she was uncomfortable accepting. Despite her initial hesitancy, Gallia, who was used to changing her lifestyle to fit her needs,[7] was able to make the transition from a peacekeeper into a wartime commander easily[5] and helped strategize the earliest stages of the war effort. Although Gallia believed that it was the Jedi's duty to do as they were called to in service of the Republic, she felt that the Order had made unwise decisions to promote unprepared Padawans to Knighthood for the sole purpose of sending them into battle, which she believed made some of the new Jedi Knights, such as Iskat Akaris, unsure of themselves and lacking a well-developed internal compass.[10] The war likewise forced Gallia herself to alter her ways and become a dedicated warrior, an aspect of being a Jedi she had put aside to focus on her information brokering.[7]

On the front, Gallia improved her combat skills enough[7] that she earned a reputation for aggression and her willingness to bring the fight to the Separatists. Stern and focused, she was unused to the outrageous tactics of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, but she rarely condemned their actions due to their effectiveness,[63] as well as how entertaining she sometimes found them.[5] Although the by-the-books[10] Gallia did not see eye-to-eye with Skywalker tactically, she appreciated his quick thinking and decisiveness in combat. Her amusement at Skywalker's recklessness[4] was not shared with those she believed had not earned the ability to speak their mind, including Akaris, who she was quick to shut down despite her sympathy for the young woman.[10] As the war dragged on, Gallia proved herself to be an effective general. Long sympathetic to Kenobi for the death of his master and her friend, Qui-Gon Jinn,[7] who shared her preoccupation with class issues,[20] Gallia nobly offered to aid his hunt for Jinn's killer, a choice that would lead to her death at the hands of Savage Opress.[7]

Powers and abilities[]

"Master Gallia, you go ahead. I'll get Eeth back to the shuttle."
"May the Force be with you."
―Anakin Skywalker urges Adi Gallia to fight General Grievous[28]

Attuned to the Force, Master Gallia employed the power of battle meditation, including while in-flight.

Like all Jedi, Gallia received training in lightsaber combat,[64] but her concentration on operating her covert intelligence network on Coruscant after rising to a position on the High Council meant she lacked the expertise of her peers and was not a skilled lightsaber duelist. When forced into action as a General of the Republic Army during the Clone Wars, Gallia had to improve her abilities[7] and soon proved an aggressive warrior on the battlefront.[4] A user of Form V,[65] a variant of Form III that focused on incorporating both defensive and offensive tactics,[66] Gallia's lightsaber style was acrobatic and made good use of her limber physique.[67] During the war, she dueled the feared General Grievous twice and held her own despite failing to defeat him either time. Though Gallia was able to improve her skills as a duelist, they were still no match for the sheer brute strength of Savage Opress. Unprepared for the fury of her adversary's attacks and her own strength dwarfed by his, Gallia's relative weakness as a combatant led to her death.[7]

Among Gallia's other abilities, she was recognized for her piloting skills as an expert starfighter pilot,[4] which proved vital to the space battles she was involved in throughout the Clone Wars,[30] such as Geonosis[7] and Lola Sayu.[30] Naturally attuned to the Force from a young age,[7] Gallia was adept at using telekinesis,[48] a talent honed during her Jedi training,[64] and was able to use the power of Battle Meditation.[68] She was also an agile fighter, and she could nimbly dodge attacks[51] and make quick movements in the heat of battle.[35] Gallia was widely celebrated for her intelligence[16] and diplomatic abilities, proving herself a capable political advisor[7] as well as a naval commander; during the Clone Wars, she was able to make critical decisions quickly, for instance swiftly ordering the evacuation of her flagship when under attack during the Battle of Patitite Pattuna,[35] a choice that allowed many of the soldiers under her command to survive.[36]



Adi Gallia piloting her Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor

Over the course of her long career as a Jedi, Master Gallia wielded two lightsabers. After her first was lost on a mission prior to the Invasion of Naboo, she replaced it with a new lightsaber that she would wield for the rest of her life.[12] A single-blade lightsaber that emitted blue plasma from its central kyber crystal,[67] Gallia used the lightsaber in many battles and duels during the Clone Wars, including against opponents such as Grievous and Savage Opress.[7] The weapon's hilt was constructed of durasteel and measured 26.6 centimeters in length.[67] Another of Gallia's personal equipment was her Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor. Manufactured by Kuat Systems Engineering, the Delta 7B was a variant of the Delta 7 and was the common starfighter used by the Jedi Order.[15] Equipped with an astromech droid co-pilot, Gallia's starfighter was given a red-and-white paint scheme with the Republic crest displayed on its wing.[30]

As a Jedi Master, Gallia wore an outfit commonly worn among members of the Order, a tunic and accompanying robe. In addition, she wore simple pants and tall travel boots, and on her belt was a utility pouch. Like her cousin, Stass Allie, Gallia wore a traditional Tholothian headdress on her scaled cranium.[1] During the Clone Wars, when many Jedi adopted the white-plated armor developed on Kamino for the clone armies,[26] Gallia began wearing forearm armor previously utilized by the Coruscant Guard.[26] Like her fellow Jedi, Gallia[4] accommodated their Jedi robes for the changes,[26] with her sleeves tucked into her armor, adorned with the Coruscant Guard's symbol, at the elbow.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

"It said sort of African, South African, regal, right? And so, I looked at it, and I was like, 'I don't do South African.' And, um, I always say that the way I got this role is by spending the night with Don Cheadle."
―Angelique Perrin, on auditioning for the role of Adi Gallia[69]

Adi Gallia first appeared in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, where she was portrayed by Gin Clarke, credited only as "Gin."[6] For the sequel to The Phantom Menace, Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, Clarke was unable to reprise the role and the casting department for the film began searching for someone to replace her. In their search, the casting directors came across Lily Nyamwasa, a model who resembled Clarke. At their request, Nyamwasa went to Fox Studios to try on Clarke's headpiece for Gallia, which fit perfectly, but her appearance was noticeably different than Clarke's. Because of the difference in appearance, Star Wars creator and Attack of the Clones director George Lucas decided to cast Nyamwasa as Adi Gallia's cousin, "Stass Allie," rather than have Nyamwasa portray Gallia herself. Though Lucas decided not to recast Gallia,[70] stock footage of Clarke's portrayal of her from The Phantom Menace was recycled as part of new Jedi High Council scenes.[19]


Adi Gallia is voiced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars by Angelique Perrin.

Gallia is featured in the 2008 animated television series Star Wars: The Clone Wars[28] as a recurring part of the supporting cast. In The Clone Wars, Gallia is voiced by actress Angelique Perrin. Perrin, a lifelong Star Wars fan, was first sent information about the role by her agent. As was the case with many casting calls made for The Clone Wars, the casting sheet did not specify the character and, according to Perrin, only requested an actor who could portray a "sort of African, South African, regal" voice. Though initially wary of agreeing to audition because she did not believe she could do a South African accent, Perrin spent the night watching the 2004 film Hotel Rwanda, in which actor Don Cheadle uses a South African accent, and by the next morning recorded her audition without hesitation and was later informed that she had landed the job.[69] For The Clone Wars, Gallia was designed in part by Darren Marshall, who created a stylized maquette of Gallia's head for reference and concept art of the character.[71]

The first episode of The Clone Wars in which Gallia appears is "Grievous Intrigue," the ninth episode of the second season, which was directed by Giancarlo Volpe, written by Ben Edlund, Drew Z. Greenberg, and Brian Larsen, and released on January 1, 2010.[72] In a rare moment for the show, Gallia was scripted to say the famous Star Wars line "May the Force be with you" by series director Dave Filoni. Though Filoni believed that George Lucas would remove it when reviewing the script, Lucas left it in. While recording the episode, Perrin stopped the session to express her excitement despite it being her first time recording with the cast, and as a result, the session was delayed when she and the rest of the crew discussed the line and its importance. Soon after "Grievous Intrigue" aired, Perrin began receiving mail from fans of The Clone Wars, which she felt cemented herself as a Star Wars actor.[69] Perrin reprised the role in four more episodes, season three's "Witches of the Mist"[32] and "Citadel Rescue,"[30] season four's "Nomad Droids,"[35] and season five's "Revival."[51]

By the time of the recording of "Revival," the creative team behind The Clone Wars had ceased sending actors scripts prior to the sessions, and Perrin was unaware that Gallia would be killed off in the episode until the day of recording. While reading the script, Perrin first missed the action line indicating that Gallia would be killed. Upon re-reading the script and realizing her character would be dying she became emotional in her recording booth, but later appreciated that Gallia "went out with a bang."[69] Perrin, alongside several other Clone Wars veterans, reprised her role for a voice cameo in the 2019 film Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, in which Gallia is one of the "Voices of Jedi Past" who speak to Rey during the film's climax.[56] The actors who reprised their characters were only called in the weeks before the film's release on December 20, 2019, and were given the same set of lines to record. Although the returning actors had to record in secret, rumors swirled that there were actors brought in to film appearances as Force ghosts.[73]


There are two conflicting sources regarding Gallia's home world: Ultimate Star Wars claims she hails from Tholoth, while Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know and Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded state she is from Coruscant. At the same time, the old Encyclopedia on StarWars.com and Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Character Encyclopedia - Join the Battle! listed Gallia's height as 1.74 meters. Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded says she stands at 1.84 meters. Although the Encyclopedia on StarWars.com is no longer readily available, this article assumes the newer source, that being Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Character Encyclopedia - Join the Battle!, is correct.



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