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"Adi Gallia of Corellia—Jedi Master and Chief Negotiator for this treaty. My parents longed for a settlement between your government and the rebels. I've come to finish their work."
―Adi Gallia[8]

Adi Gallia was a female Tholothian Jedi Master during the twilight years of the Galactic Republic. Gallia was a respected member of the Jedi High Council, who served on that august body in the years leading up to the Clone Wars, as well as some time into that devastating conflict. Though the daughter of Corellian parents, Master Gallia was notable for wearing a traditional Tholoth headdress, suggesting she had ancestors from the planet Tholoth.

As a revered Jedi Master of the High Council, Gallia was naturally an exceptionally skilled member of the Order, who completed several notable assignments during her service to the galaxy. Gallia was a key player in the Stark Hyperspace War and served as the chief negotiator during talks aimed at mending ties between warring factions on Malastare. Gallia also participated in the opening battle of the Clone Wars, where her actions saved countless lives.

Despite her undoubted skill in combat, Master Gallia eventually fell to the blade of Nightbrother Savage Opress while fighting alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi on Florrum in 20 BBY. Kenobi would manage to partially avenge Gallia by using her lightsaber to sever Opress's left arm. She was succeeded on the Jedi Council by her cousin, Stass Allie.


Early life[]

"Better a few faithful supporters than a wealth of false friends."
―Adi Gallia[9]

Gallia and her apprentice, Siri Tachi

Born more than six decades before the Battle of Yavin, on Coruscant, to diplomats from Corellia, Gallia was discovered to be Force-sensitive and her name was recorded in the Kyber memory crystal at the Jedi Temple. During her childhood, her parents were on a diplomatic mission on Lannik when the conference was attacked by suicidal assassins of the Red Iaro terrorist group. Her parents and the Prince of Lannik were all saved by the timely intervention of revered Lannik Jedi Master Even Piell. When recruiters came to retrieve Gallia, her parents handed her over and she entered into the academy of the Jedi on Coruscant within the halls of the Jedi Temple. Gallia progressed through the academy until she graduated and was selected by a Master for one-on-one training. Crafting a lightsaber using a synthetic red crystal, the Corellian woman chose to study a reverse grip style of wielding her weapon. Gallia spent several years with her master, eventually passing the Trials of Knighthood and being elevated to the status of Knight.[8]

Jedi Master[]

After years of study Knight Gallia was promoted to the rank of Master by the Jedi High Council. Taking many assignments from the Order's governing body, she formed many contacts on Coruscant and amongst the delegations of several Core Worlds, and had a strong bond with her colleague, Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Circa 44 BBY, Master Gallia was appointed to the High Council, an honor she accepted with grace and humility. From this seat of power, Gallia continued to forge powerful bonds within the Galactic Senate and the Judicial Department. Forming close ties with then-Senator Finis Valorum, Gallia was asked to accompany the Senator to Troiken for a peace conference with the Trade Federation and the Stark Commercial Combine along with Master Tyvokka, Jinn, and his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi. When the negotiations went sour, Gallia protected the Senator as the group escaped, standing by his side through each trial that plagued the delegation. Finally, when the conflict continued, Gallia escorted Valorum, Senator Nute Gunray and Judiciary member Jace Dallin aboard a confiscated ship and returned to the capital. When the conflict cooled down, Gallia continued to monitor the activity of the Trade Federation, as she had uncovered that their involvement in the Stark conflict was greater then what they let on.[10]

The following year Master Gallia accepted Initiate Siri Tachi as her Padawan. Taking the feisty Human on several missions, she was assigned by the High Council to accompany Master Jinn and his student, Obi-Wan Kenobi on a joint mission to Kegan. Their assignment, on behalf of the Acquisition Division, was to collect an infant girl for training and open communications with the isolated world and the Galactic Republic. Detecting a sinister undercurrent on the planet, Gallia and Jinn were eventually able to discover the corruption of the Benevolent Guides and their isolationist policies and out an end to the organization. At the close of the mission, Gallia and Jinn were able to take the Force-sensitive infant and return to the Temple with her.[11]

Not long after their assignment on Kegan, Gallia and Tachi were contacted by Master Tahl while investigating the disappearance of Master Noor R'aya. The Jedi Master asked the Jedi team to travel to Simpla-12 to aid Jinn and his apprentice once again. Gallia had gathered information on the mission Jinn had been assigned, the tracking of Jenna Zan Arbor, and had reason to believe that the mad scientist was behind his kidnapping, as well as that of Master R'aya. Kenobi confirmed Jinn had been captured and the trio set off to infiltrate Zan Arbor's compound. Hiring Cholly, Weez, and Tup to smuggle the Padawans and she inside, the Jedi hid under a pile of assault droids as they entered the compound. Once inside Zan Arbor activated the droids and the Jedi were forced to engage the armed machines. Padawan Kenobi, who did not have a lightsaber on him, was using a vibroblade when Master Jinn jumped into the fray, having been able to escape his prison earlier. With Jinn assisting Kenobi, Master Gallia and her Padawan raced after the fleeing scientist in the hope they could bring her to justice. When Zan arbor got away with Master R'aya, the two Jedi teams were asked to join by Master Tahl on Coruscant. Relaying a mission from the High Council, the two teams were to hunt down Zan arbor and retrieve Master R'aya and return him to the Temple. Accepting the mission, Masters Gallia and Jinn departed Simpla-12 sending their Padawans to Sorrus to recover and injured and endangered Astri Oddo.[12]

With their Padawans finished up on Sorrus, Masters Gallia and Jinn chartered a Consular-class cruiser to ferry them to Belasco and landed at a spaceport in the capital city of Senta where they were scheduled to regroup. Briefing each other on what they had learned, the Jedi decided that Zan Arbor had rendezvoused with the bounty hunter Ona Nobis and planned to meet with Senator Uta S'orn for a dangerous confrontation. As the Jedi teams made their way through the city to warn Senator S'orn, Gallia learned from a street vendor that the water supply on the planet had been poisoned and many were fleeing the world. Warning S'orn that Zan Arbor may try to contact her, the Jedi realized they were being followed and confronted the man trailing them: the Coruscanti street thief Fligh. Sharing intelligence with the Jedi regarding Zan Arbor and her involvement in the death of S'orn's son, in addition to both women black-mailing each other. Looking for more evidence, the Jedi entered a water treatment facility through one of the Great Sea's rivers but were repelled by security teams stationed at its underwater entrance. While they hadn't gotten everything they went in for, Gallia had managed to retrieve some samples and send them to the Temple for identification. With enough evidence to present to Leader Min K'atel, the Jedi went to the Royal Palace to get Master R'aya who they believed to be a prisoner there. Ordering his guards to surround the traitorous Senator, K'atel's guards instead turned on the Jedi, only to be felled by their lightsabers. Locating both Zan Arbor and Master R'aya, Gallia freed the Master while the Padawans engaged the hidden assassin Ona Nobis. Taking the fight to the roof, the Padawans had fought well but would have lost the fight if not for Master Gallia's timely arrival. Severing Nobis' lightwhip with her blade, the Corellian Jedi sent the bald bounty hunter plummeting to her death.[12]

Masters Gallia, Koth, and Choi engaged Yinchorri warriors on Yibikkoror.

When Knight Naeshahn and Padawan Ebor Taulk's mutilated bodies were delivered to Chancellor Valorum's office, The High Council decided that it was time for a more active investigation into the disturbances amongst the Yinchorri. Dispatching several cruisers to the Yinchorri system, Master Gallia was assigned to Yitheeth with fellow Council member Eeth Koth, as well as Master Tsui Choi and his Padawan Theen Fida. Crash landing in the seas of the ocean world, the Jedi managed to make it to land and travel into the nearby city in search of a command center. While they were ambushed by Yinchorri warriors led by the Devaronian Olmar Grahrk, they were able to defeat the soldiers and capture Grahrk. Discovering that the command center was on Yibikkoror, the group departed the world to give assistance to the Jedi team there. Following a successful extraction from Yibikkoror, Gallia and the combined teams rendezvoused with Master Windu's team on Yinchorr. There the fighting had escalated and Master Gallia was forced to protect the ships along with Master Choi and his Padawan while the others went and joined the battle elsewhere. While Padawan Fida died during the fighting, Gallia was able to protect the ships and lead the surviving Jedi back to the Coruscant Temple, with the Yinchorri conflict in the hands of the Senate.[13]

On one of their last missions together before Jinn's death, Gallia and Jinn were assigned as bodyguards to the young boy, Talesan Fry, who had overheard plans of an assassination plot against twenty senators. Accompanied by their Padawans the Masters departed for Cirrus to save the child from bounty hunters. With the cil in their protection, the Masters began back towards Coruscant; however their ship was damaged and the Jedi team crash landed on the planet Quadrant Seven. Sending the Padawans and Fry into the nearby caves, Gallia remained unaware of the simmering tension between her Padawan and Jinn's. While the teams were able to successfully return to Coruscant with Fry, Tachi and Kenobi's relationship went unnoticed by Gallia. However, before it budded into something unbecoming of a Jedi the pair ended their romance, with Gallia none the wiser.[14]

Prior to the mission to Obredaan, Gallia dueled Kenobi in the Jedi Temple, with the Padawan finishing by defeating the Master.[15]

Investigating the Trade Federation[]

Adi Gallia at the time of the Invasion of Naboo.

By 33 BBY Master Gallia served on the Council of Reconciliation in addition to her duties on the High Council. Continuing her friendship with now-Supreme Chancellor Valorum, she constantly updated him on Jedi affairs and acted as his representative on the High Council. Discovering more information on the Trade Federation, Gallia was dispatched to Esseles to uncover what the Federation was up to on the planet. While investigating the manufacturing of droid starfighters equipped with hyperdrives, Gallia was disarmed and captured by Bartokk saboteurs, finding herself imprisoned and injured on the planet. The High Council quickly realized her peril and dispatched Master Jinn, his Padawan, and the Knights Vel Ardox and Noro Zak to rescue her. After defeating the Bartokk guards, Jinn recovered the injured Gallia and sent her along with Zak and Ardox to the Jedi medical facility on Rhinnal for healing.[16]

Soon after her recovery, she spoke with Master Jinn regarding his desire to bring pirate Arwen Cohl to justice, as well as other members of the Nebula Front. Meeting Jinn outside the Temple's administration center, Gallia walked with him to the Senate Building for a scheduled meeting with the Chancellor. Arriving in the Avenue of the Core Founders to find a political rally in progress; a disturbance in the Force aided in the averting of an assassination attempt on the Chancellor.[17] By this time, Gallia's first lightsaber had been destroyed on a mission, and the lightsaber she constructed as a replacement had a traditional blue stone, giving her weapon an azure blade.[18] Speaking with a recovered Chancellor Valorum, Gallia was finally able to compile a true threat assessment of the Trade Federation and reported their plans of a blockade to him. Needing a covert investigation completed before moving against the Neimoidians, Valorum petitioned the High Council to dispatch Jinn and Kenobi secretly to uncover the true motives behind the Federation's blockade of Naboo.[19]

When Jinn escaped from Naboo with its peoples' queen, he came before the Council with disturbing news: he believed he had been attacked on the planet Tatooine by a Sith Lord. Shocked by this pronouncement, many on the Council had their doubts, though if Gallia had any, she remained silent during the debate. In addition, Jinn believed he had discovered a virgence in the Force, centered around a boy named Anakin Skywalker. Gallia was present for the boy's testing at the hands of Master of the Order Mace Windu, watching him with polite interest, and was there when the Council decided it would not allow the boy to be trained. Jinn left the Council chamber for the last time, departing for Naboo where he would die at the hands of Sith Lord Darth Maul. Saddened by Jinn's death, Gallia accompanied the majority of the Council to Naboo and was present for her long time friend's funeral.[20]

Shortly after the Invasion of Naboo, Gallia and her Padawan had a major disagreement, which led to the Jedi Master dismissing her informally as Padawan, and Tachi leaving the Jedi Order. It wasn't until Jedi Kenobi and his new Padawan, Anakin Skywalker, began investigating the slave trader Krayn that they ran into a woman named Zora, known to them as Siri Tachi. Master Gallia and the rest of the High Council had agreed to falsify reports of Tachi's disappearance so that she could work undercover with Krayn in order to undo him. Working with Padawan Skywalker, Tachi was able to defeat Krayn and was welcomed back to the Jedi Order as a full-fledged Jedi Knight.[21]

Emissaries to Malastare[]

Masters Gallia, Windu, and Piell on Malastare.

Soon after the crisis on Naboo, a summit was called on Malastare to negotiate a treaty between the Lannik Royal Family and the terrorist group, the Red Iaro. The High Council was asked by the Judicial Department to send only members of the august body to act as arbiters, making up a six member delegation on behalf of the Republic government. Because of her self-imposed debt to Master Piell for saving her parents' lives, Master Gallia volunteered to attend the summit in the company of Masters Windu, Piell, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Plo Koon, and Yaddle; Mundi's Padawan, A'Sharad Hett, also accompanied the group. Upon their arrival on Malastare, Masters Piell and Gallia separated from their group after detecting they were being followed. Ambushing the men following them the Jedi recognized them as a Lannik member of the Red Iaro and a Ffib Inquisitor, both of whom opened fire. Deflecting the blaster bolts, the Jedi were unable to capture their fleeing assailants. Regrouping with their fellow Councilors, the Jedi made their way to the conference room where they met with Lannik Prince R'cardo Sooflie IX and Red Iaro leader Myk'chur Finux Zug. As the proceedings opened, Gallia became incensed by the Prince and his disregard for Master Piell's past service to his bloodline. Calmed By Master Windu, Gallia remained calm as the first part of the negotiations were concluded and the delegation was escorted to their quarters by the Prince's adviser Hutar Zash. En route through the city, the Masters' speeder pilot and Zash revealed their thermite vests and prepared to detonate them. However the Masters were able to abandon the vessel before it detonated, with Master Gallia clinging to Piell's robes as they fell. Clinging to a passing podracer, Windu, Piell, and Gallia managed to meet up with the other speeder and crash through the roof of the Prince's quarters. Landing in his sleeping quarters, Masters Gallia and Yaddle defeated an akk dog unleashed in the room while the other Jedi took care of defending the endangered Prince. When the terrorists and their beasts were defeated, the Jedi delegation was no longer needed, as the war was over. Bidding the Lannik delegation farewell, Master Gallia and her peers returned to Coruscant.[8]

Mission to Kiffex[]

Two years later Master Gallia continued to sit on the Council, working alongside Masters Koon and Windu when the latter had need to travel to Kiffex. When the Council had authorized Jedi Quinlan Vos' mission to Kiffex, they had been unaware of the dangers that lurked on its surface. Weeks went by before Caretaker of First Knowledge Astaal Vilbum notified the Council that he believed the Dark Jedi Volfe Karkko was behind the disturbance on Kiffex and that the lack of communications between Vos and the Temple probably meant the worse. Believing Masters Tholme and T'ra Saa to be dead also, Gallia and the other two Masters departed to investigate. When they arrived, Vos revealed that Karkko was dead and all of the Jedi were indeed alive. After a brief argument with Sheyf Tinté Vos of Kiffu, the Jedi departed the world and returned to Coruscant aboard the Intrepid. Having recovered the amnesic Padawan Aayla Secura on Kiffu, the Council members helped refresh some of her memories by detailing the history of the Stark Hyperspace War, which her master and all present had fought in.[22]

The hunt for Aurra Sing[]

Not long after the debacle with the Kiffar, Adi Gallia joined with fellow Master Mundi and his apprentice, Padawan A'Sharad Hett, in a mission to bring the assassin Aurra Sing into Jedi custody. Aboard a Consular-class space cruiser, the group eventually found Sing in the Kamdon system where they were ambushed; the Jedi only survived by hiding their escape pod in their ship's debris. Fortunately for the Jedi, the ship of Quarren Senator Tikkes of the Galactic Senate was nearby and retrieved the wayward pod. En route to a so called "business deal" Senator Tikkes allowed the Jedi to accompany him to the surface of one of the Kamdon worlds. Once on the ground, Senator Tikkes' survey team began to explore the area where they were caught in rope traps or killed by hidden mines. In the confusion, the Quarren guards spotted a shadowy figure and opened fire, believing the being to be behind the attacks. In fact it was the Jedi known as the Dark Woman, and Master Mundi raced to assist her. As the group calmed, Sing roared through the undergrowth on her speeder bike, aiming to kill her Jedi pursuers. Using the Force to hurl a boulder at Sing, Master Gallia succeeded at making the woman crash into the forest. Going in search of her body, Gallia discovered a collection of lightsabers that was stowed by Sing in a small clearing in the jungle. Fearing that Sing had indeed survived the crash, Gallia rushed to aid Padawan Hett and the Senator when she tripped a mine underfoot and was hurled into the air. Mundi rescued the badly burned woman and returned with the Corellian Jedi in time to find Sing badly wounded from a duel with his Padawan. Inadvertently, Sing managed to recover and escape Jedi justice, forcing the Jedi to return to the Temple empty handed. Gallia was taken back to the Temple to recover from her burns in the Temple's Halls of Healing.[23]

Separatist Crisis[]

During the years of the Separatist Crisis, Master Gallia received Ambassador Loreli Ro in the Tower of First Knowledge's planetarium. Ambassador Ro had requested information on the notorious Feeorin pirate Nym, a request Master Gallia filled by presenting the woman with a holocron. Within the device's memory was stored a report by Vana Sage of the Royal Naboo Security Forces; she detailed the time she had spent with Nym's pirate gang. The Ambassador departed the Temple and Gallia's company, giving her thanks to the Jedi Master.[24]

Coinciding with her duties on the High Council, Master Gallia attended the funeral of Master Yarael Poof and the Knighting ceremony of Padawan Aayla Secura.[25][26] Secura would later accompany Master Gallia to Kuat where the two would accept the Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptors on behalf of the Order's starfighter Corps from Kuat Drive Yards.[27] Assisting with the testing of the ships alongside Master Saesee Tiin, Gallia was assigned to assist the pirate Nym in the Karthakk system. The Corellian first met with a friend of Nym's, a Toydarian called Reti at the Ruby Nebula, who had unknowingly been tracked by the Trade Federation. Gallia and Reti later engaged in a space battle with Federation droid starfighters, ending the confrontation victoriously. Gallia rendezvoused with Nym on Maramere and was accepted into his band of pirates. With the Jedi Master's assistance, Nym was able to route the Trade Federation and destroy Cavik Toth's factory on Nod Kartha, which was being used to manufacture the highly illegal and highly dangerous trihexalon poison.[28]

Clone Wars[]

Early conflicts[]

Adi Gallia, member of the High Council during the Clone Wars.

Master Gallia was present in the Council Chamber when Jedi Kenobi reported on the failed assassination attempt on Senator Padmé Amidala, the former Queen of Naboo. The Council then authorized Master Kenobi's investigation into the attempts, which led him to the ocean world of Kamino where he discovered a secretly commissioned Grand Army of the Republic. When Master Kenobi, who had followed the bounty hunter Jango Fett to Geonosis, was discovered to be a prisoner of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Council decided to mount a rescue mission. Along with two hundred other Jedi, Master Gallia flew to Geonosis, flying escort to the several assault ships carrying infantry carriers filled with clone troopers. As her colleagues descended to the planet, Master Gallia led the space portion of the assault, alongside her former Padawan, Siri Tachi. Engaging a group of Cavik Toth's Hex Bombers, Gallia and Tachi managed to destroy all of the ships, killing Toth in the dogfight. Along with Knight A'Sharad Hett and several other Jedi, Gallia led a successful attack on fleeing Confederacy ships until the Republic disengaged from the fighting and returned to Coruscant.[28]

Gallia spent a brief time on Karthakk with Nym after the battle, but was quickly assigned to lead the battle on the world of Agomar.[29] Returning to Coruscant, Master Gallia sat in on a Council meeting as they debated the Order's official stance on the Separatist General Grievous. During the debate, Gallia suggested that the Council push for the knighting of more students, an idea the rest of the Council backed. Master Gallia joined the Bith Jedi Master Ph'ton in the mission to Alderaan, flying her starfighter in an attempt to guard the convoy headed to the peaceful planet.[30] Following the battle of Aargonar, Master Gallia and Master Plo Koon were called in to assist Senator Bail Organa, the representative of Alderaan. His ship was under attack and being boarded by pirates and were in dire need of assistance. Piloting their starfighters into the fray, the two Masters were able to repel the pirates and escort the Senator back to Coruscant.[7] During a similar situation near Varonat, Masters Gallia, Koon, and Ki-Adi Mundi, with the help of Padawan Anakin Skywalker, destroyed a massive pirate vessel that was harrying the Republic. When Skywalker and Mundi parted from the group to investigate the Padawan's belief that his former Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi was indeed alive, Gallia and Koon finished off the other pirate vessels before rendezvousing at Riflor.[31]

Rescuing a Master[]

Adi Gallia during the Clone Wars

At some point during the war, General Grievous captured Master Eeth Koth aboard his star destroyer. Grievous, proud of his capture of Master Koth, sent a message to the High Council daring the Jedi to find their comrade, and Gallia, along with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, volunteered to lead the rescue mission. After one of Plo Koon`s clone troopers discovered a hidden signal, and Kenobi interpreted it revealing Koth's position that the captured Council Member had left, the three Jedi discovered that Koth was being held on Saleucami. Gallia was initially confused on whether or not it was an accurate report, given that Republic Intelligence had not specified the planet as one controlled by Grievous. When Republic Intelligence proved inaccurate, the three Jedi led Republic forces to the planet where they engaged Grievous's fleet in battle. The objective- capture Grievous and save Eeth Koth. As Kenobi lured Grievous onto his vessel over Saleucami, Gallia and Skywalker rushed the bridge of Grievous' flagship, confronting a host of commando droids. Despite the droids' best attempts to halt the two Jedi, Koth was successfully freed after Gallia and Skywalker destroyed all of the droids.[32]

Gallia and Skywalker defend themselves against commando droids.

Later on in the skirmish, as Koth was being escorted back to a Republic vessel, Kenobi reported that Grievous had defeated him and escaped. Gallia left Skywalker and Koth in order to find and help Kenobi, flank Grievous and capture him once and for all. Meanwhile Kenobi was engaging Grievous. Grievous managed to get the upper hand but became unsuccessful and fell into a docking tube. Kenobi managed to get a grip and was about to be killed by Grievous but Adi Gallia then arrived and engaged Grievous in a brief duel. The fight stopped short though due to the distraction of the docking tube being ruptured, allowing Grievous to flee to an escape pod and, from there, the surface of the planet. Gallia rescued Kenobi and several clone troopers and then closed the tube. She then escorted Koth to a medic.[28]

A new threat[]

"In the past, only Dooku's assassin has been capable of such an effort, but she was presumed dead in the Battle of Sullust."
―Adi Gallia on Asajj Ventress[33]

Adi Gallia was present with fellow Jedi Council members Plo Koon, Saesee Tiin, and Obi-Wan Kenobi at the Jedi Temple when Delta Squad brought back the remains of Jedi Master Halsey and his Padawan, Knox. Gallia surmised that in the past only Dooku's assassin was capable of this feat. She then pointed that Dooku's assassin was missing since she presumably met her end at the Battle of Sullust.[33]

Master Koon believed that someone or something eluded the Jedi, and he suggested that it could be a newly-appointed Sith Lord. Kenobi thought otherwise and said it was neither the work of a Jedi or a Sith, but a "reckless and impulsive animal".

Rescue mission to Lola Sayu[]

Adi Gallia later assisted master Plo Koon, along with Kit Fisto and Saesee Tiin in rescuing Kenobi's and Skywalker's team from the Citadel on Lola Sayu. Gallia was, along with Masters Fisto and Tiin, a fighter squadron leader. Gallia, along with Fisto and Tiin, protected Plo Koon's Gunship as he made his towards the pick up point. Gallia successfully escorted the gunship until it returned to the fleet.[34]

Capture by Grievous[]

"Thanks for the rescue, Master Plo!"
―Gallia to Plo Koon[35]

Gallia duels with General Grievous aboard her ship.

Later, R2-D2 and C-3PO were transport to Adi Gallia's flagship; to bring them back to Coruscant. While they were preparing for the journey. General Grievous's Fleet ambushed them and damaged the cruiser's main reactor. She started evacuating all the troops, when General Grievous arrived on the cruiser, intending to claim Gallia as his next victim. She dueled him, but she was no match for the General, who took Gallia, and her ship was destroyed.[35]

Immediately after emerging from hyperspace near Grievous's destroyer, Koon's five-cruiser fleet of Star Destroyers began to exchange heavy turbolaser fire with the Separatist dreadnaught. The Republic fleet quickly gained the upper hand, launching squadrons of Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighters and BTL-B Y-wing starfighters to challenge the destroyer's defenses. The clone trooper pilots moved in with their starfighters and assaulted the enemy battleship, hitting several places along its hull. Koon was thus able to board the destroyer with a rescue team, taking the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic's 104th Battalion to push through the Separatist battle droid forces. While Koon and his men from the 104th Wolfpack squad fought B1 battle droids in one of the vessel's hallways, Clone Commander CC-3636," took another squad of troopers to the bridge, where Gallia was being held in custody.[35]

Gallia was rescued and General Grievous's ship was destroyed. During their rescue they found C-3PO and R2-D2 and took them back to Coruscant while C-3PO talked with Commander Wolffe about their adventures.[35]

Later conflicts[]

After the Battle of Kiros, Admiral Wullf Yularen confirmed that the colonists were nowhere on Kiros. Gallia was at the Jedi High Council, suspecting Sith activity, tasked the three Jedi into finding the colonists before they met a dreadful fate.[36]

After Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi faked his death by assassination, Gallia participated in his mock funeral.[37] Kenobi's "body" was clothed and lowered into a lower coffin chamber, and then sealed with a laser device.

Final battle[]

"What is in the Sertar sector?"
"That's where Florrum is."
"You've been there? What can we expect?"
―Adi Gallia asks Obi-Wan Kenobi about the mission at hand[3]

Gallia impaled by the horns of Savage Opress

Gallia later joined Kenobi in the hunt for the Nightbrothers Savage Opress and Darth Maul, the latter of whom had survived his confrontation over a decade earlier and the one that killed her friend, Qui-Gon Jinn, after hearing of the murders of Finn Ertay and a Nikto Jedi by the Zabrak's hands at an Outer Rim spaceport. The two Jedi ventured to the Cybloc Transfer Station where the two met the supervisor, who stated that there were two Zabraks onboard the station with red lightsabers that stole his cargo ship.

After learning that the two Sith were heading for the Sertar sector, they traveled there to find that Maul and Opress found allies in dissident pirates. Kenobi contacted the leader, Hondo Ohnaka to alert him to the impending danger. When they landed, a battle was already in progress and before they could do anything, the two Sith appeared. During a confrontation on Florrum, Gallia engaged Opress while Maul went after Kenobi. Gallia was able to match Opress until she threw a kick at his left leg which failed to even faze him. Caught off-guard, Gallia was Force-pushed into an engine by Opress, who then rammed her through her torso with his horns and drove his lightsaber through her prone body as Kenobi watched in horror.[3] Kenobi immediately attacked Opress, furious at Gallia's murder, but was stopped by Maul. Forced to retreat, Kenobi managed to grab Gallia's lightsaber before fleeing. He would later manage to partially avenge Gallia's murder by using her own lightsaber to sever Opress's left arm, and she was unintentionally avenged in full when Darth Sidious killed Opress in a confrontation on Mandalore.


With Gallia's death, a seat on the High Council was left vacant. Following a vote the Masters on the Council appointed Gallia's cousin, Master Stass Allie of the Circle of Healers, to replace her.[source?]

On the volcanic planet of Lok, Gallia's old friend and comrade, the Feeorin pirate Nym, named a great volcano Adi's Rest in honor of the Jedi Master he respected.[6]

Personality and traits[]

A highly intuitive woman of Corellian heritage, Master Adi Gallia was known for being a political creature and very well known and resourced within the political and judicial spheres of the Core Worlds' representatives.[6] Her understanding of the Republic's political complexities came naturally from being the daughter of diplomats, and she developed an extensive list of informants, networking both within the upper core societal echelons as well as the outer rim criminal underworld, making her one of the first to be aware of any suspicious galactic activity within the republic and the jedi order.[38] Opposed to tyranny, slavery and injustice of any form, Gallia was particularly appalled when she saw the art of the Malastarian palace and its depiction of the subservient lifestyle of the Dugs to their Gran masters.[8] She also had a dry wit, as she responded to Anakin Skywalker's query of closeness to Grievous's command ship at Saleucami with "Any closer and we'd be flying down hallways". Though she disdained battle as a consular honoring her parents' legacy, she was by no means unprepared for it and would have no problem resorting to aggressive negotiations and taking the fight to the enemy to bring about justice for those in need.

Powers and abilities[]

Like all Jedi, Master Gallia was taught the ways of lightsaber combat and the uses of the Force. During her lightsaber studies, Master Gallia sometimes chose to adopt a reverse one-handed grip when wielding the blade, giving her the ability to counter attacks with long, wide swings and strikes with the other hand free to build momentum. She originally chose an unusual red stone to power her blade which had strong association with the Dark Lords of the Sith and their weapons. Following the return of the Sith and the rising political pressure in the Galactic Senate, Master Gallia replaced the red crystal in her saber's hilt with a more traditional blue crystal, one associated with the Jedi Guardians. Over the other six forms of lightsaber styles, Master Gallia preferred to employ the lesser practiced Form V, Shien/Djem-So, an aggressive, strength oriented and physically demanding style of fighting.[6] This allowed her to stand against General Grievous and survive, and hold her own for a time against Savage Opress before he brutally murdered her.

Master Gallia's skill with a lightsaber was only rivaled by her affinity for piloting starfighters in battle, having trained with the renowned ace pilot Saesee Tiin. Indeed, Master Windu chose Gallia to lead her fellow Jedi in the space battle over Geonosis, in which she suffered minimal casualties while the other 250 member strong Jedi taskforce engaged the Separatist Droid Army on the ground with devastating losses. Using the callsign "Shooting Star", Master Gallia was assigned many missions by the High Council where she employed her exceptional piloting skills.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

Adi Gallia concept art for Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter

In The Phantom Menace Adi Gallia is played by the model Gin Clarke, who was made famous for her French work. "Gallia" is the Latin name for France. Though she did not return to film Attack of the Clones, she is credited for appearing in the Jedi Council scene, which recycled footage from Episode I. She was replaced by Lily Nyamwasa for other scenes, but this eventually became the character Stass Allie. Adi Gallia was voiced by Masasa in the games Star Wars: Obi-Wan and Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter. In Jedi Power Battles, she was voiced by Nancy Giles. In Star Wars: Clone Wars she was voiced by Grey DeLisle, but was mistakenly credited as her cousin, Stass Allie; Angelique Perrin lent her voice to Gallia for the 2009 series.

In Star Wars: Episode I Jedi Power Battles and Star Wars: Republic: Emissaries to Malastare, Adi Gallia has a crimson lightsaber, as does her Episode I action figure. Over several other media sources, Gallia changes her saber blade to an orange then blue lightsaber crystals. The New Essential Guide to Characters mistakenly identifies Adi as near-Human.

In the novel Cloak of Deception, Adi is also incorrectly described as a female Human and not as a Tholothian.

Adi Gallia's appearance in "The Clone Wars" was first rumored when a computerized Clone Wars style head bust of Adi was seen in a behind the scenes look of the show by ABC's Good Morning America. The bust can be seen siting on the desk next to a model of Ahsoka Tano.[39]

Death in "Revival"[]

Gallia was originally killed off in Obsession 5 (2005), but her death was later overridden by the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. Her death was instead depicted in the episode "Revival" (2012). Leland Chee, the Keeper of the Holocron continuity database, provided confirmation that any parts of the comic relating to her death should be treated as non-canon.[40]

The following section details her overridden death from Star Wars: Obsession.

Star Wars: Obsession[]

"You'd better hope they gave you deflector shields."
―Adi Gallia to Grievous before attacking.[src]

Adi Gallia is struck down by General Grievous on Boz Pity.

After Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker discovered the survival of the Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress and the location of a Separatist base on the graveyard world of Boz Pity, Master Windu dispatched a group of Jedi led by himself to capture multiple key Separatist leaders. Selected to assist, Master Gallia joined the likes of Masters Koon, Kit Fisto, and Soon Bayts to capture the cyborg Grievous, Sith Lord Darth Tyranus, and Ventress. Alongside Masters Windu and Bayts, Gallia went head-to-head with Grievous during the battle that erupted on the plains of the world. When Master Bayts fell to the cyborg, Grievous split his arms in half, surprising Gallia with the addition of two more limbs.

Grabbing the Councilor by the throat, Grievous plunged his twin lightsabers into her chest, killing Adi Gallia. Tossing her body to the side, Grievous escaped the battle, as did Count Dooku.[41] Following Gallia's death, her body was collected by Republic medical frigates and taken off Boz Pity.[41]



Adi Gallia in Jedi Power Battles

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