Administrator was a title held by employees of Outer Rim Oreworks (ORO) who were responsible for the management of any mining interests of ORO in a certain location, such as a planet.

An Administrator was supposed to be profitable for ORO, so any mines under his jurisdiction were to give benefits.[1] ORO provided Administrators with technology, sometimes leading to the mines being fully automated and requiring no organic intervention. ORO regularly sent inspectors to a mine, and the Administrator was to pay ORO for this privilege.[2]

An Administrator could either decide who would replace him,[1] or his post could be revoked, whereupon a new Administrator would be chosen. In certain cases, should ORO abandon their assets in a certain location, an Administrator could be elected to manage the mines.[2]

Any other ORO employee with lower rank in the area was to answer to the local Administrator,[1] even if the Administrator ordered that person to perform a task outside their area of expertise.[2]

For all these reasons, Hugo Bartyn, who worked for the exploratory branch of ORO, took advantage of his opportunity to become the Administrator of the ORO mines of the planet Lamaredd c. 529 BBY. He was a successful manager, and in the following five centuries, his descendants replaced him as Administrators.[1] Eventually, c. 29 BBY, ORO abandoned his mines in Lamaredd, the Administrator's power was revoked and a public election was held to choose a new Administrator.[2]



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