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"You are in command now, Admiral Piett."
Darth Vader promotes Firmus Piett to the rank of admiral[13]

Admiral was a senior command rank in many navies, including those of the Galactic Republic,[2] the Galactic Empire,[4] the Confederacy of Independent Systems,[3] the Chiss Ascendancy,[1] the Alliance to Restore the Republic,[5] the First Order,[7] the New Republic,[6] and the Resistance.[11]

Like the flag rank[source?] of General, there were different grades for Admiral, denoting seniority and position in a fleet. In the Galactic Empire, the ranks were as followed (from highest rank to lowest): Grand Admiral, Fleet Admiral,[14] Admiral, Vice Admiral, and Rear Admiral.[15] Below the different admiral ranks was Commodore.[1] The position of sector admiral also existed.[16]

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