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Admiral was a Human male soldier who lived during the reign of the New Republic. He was active during the years 5 ABY and 10 ABY.


A Human male who lived during the reign of the New Republic, Admiral was active as a soldier[2] during the years 5 ABY[3] and 10 ABY.[4]

Personality and traits[]

Admiral had brown hair, fair skin, and brown eyes. His right eye had a large vertical scar going down across it.[1]


Admiral wore a black uniform with a shirt, with the front of the shirt presenting a red band going down past the right shoulder. The uniform also had a red collar and a set of symbols on the front and back of the shirt. Admiral wielded numerous weapons throughout his time as a soldier, including an E-11 blaster rifle, a rail detonator, and thermal detonators.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Admiral first appeared in the 1997 computer game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II as a character who only appeared in the game's multiplayer addition as one of the playable character models. He also made an appearance in Jedi Knight's expansion pack, Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith, which introduced "multiplayer personalities," a form of character creation that put different character models under different professions. Each profession had its own set of starting weapons for a match, with Admiral being categorized as a soldier. Admiral's face texture is the same one used for Santiago, another multiplayer character in the game. Neither game states whether "Admiral" is the character's name or an indicator of his rank. Due to his multiplayer-only appearances, Admiral's place in canon is uncertain.


Notes and references[]