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Admiral Forn Dodonna's flagship accompanied by two other Hammerhead-class cruisers.

"There! A break in the Sith formation! Green Squadron, move in!"
―Admiral Dodonna at the Battle of Rakata Prime[src]

The unnamed flagship of Admiral Forn Dodonna was a Hammerhead-class cruiser that saw extensive service within the Galactic Republic Navy during the Jedi Civil War. Aboard this ship, the admiral directed the Battle of Rakata Prime along with numerous other Hammerhead-class warships and Foray-class blockade runners. Jedi Master Vandar Tokare was also aboard this vessel during the engagement against the Sith forces under Darth Malak, which consisted of Interdictor-class cruisers, in an effort to coordinate a Jedi strike team to board the Star Forge and disrupt the battle meditation being used by the fallen Bastila Shan.

The Jedi, along with the help of the redeemed Revan and his companions, were able to penetrate the outer defenses of the Star Forge. Revan himself confronted Bastila; during the duel that ensued he was able to draw on their Force bond and the love they shared to redeem her; as a result Shan reversed her battle meditation, using it to aid the Republic fleet while causing the Sith forces to fall apart. Aboard her flagship, Admiral Dodonna gave the orders that turned the tide of the battle, sending Green Squadron into the fray to exploit a break in the Sith formations. Reinforced by Red Squadron and the fleet's capital ships, Dodonna's forces were able to widen the breach; almost immediately Malak's forces fell into disarray. The fleet then moved in to bombard the massive space station and factory; after destroying the Forge's main orbital stabilizers, Admiral Dodonna ordered the fleet to fall back lest they be caught in the massive explosion that followed.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the player chooses the dark path, this vessel is destroyed by numerous slashing attacks by Sith fighters in a cutscene appropriately entitled "Dodonna's End".

Though the ship is canonical, it has yet to receive a name. In addition, among the several Hammerhead-class ships seen during the battle sequences at the end of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, no distinguishing characteristics are discernible, leaving the admiral's command ship nearly impossible to positively identify.


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