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The Admonitor was an upgraded Imperial-class Star Destroyer under the Empire of the Hand and served as the command vessel, and personal flagship of Grand Admiral Thrawn in the Unknown Regions. Thrawn had use this capital ship during the Imperial Navy exploration and conquering the vast Unknown Regions for the Galactic Empire.



The Admonitor in space.

The Admonitor's first reported commander was Dagon Niriz. When Grand Admiral Thrawn was assigned to the Unknown Regions, it was this ship which he departed on; his longtime associate, Voss Parck, was assigned as the ship's first officer.[2]

One of the Admonitor's first encounters on this mission was with Ebruchi pirates, which Thrawn was able to deal with effectively.[2]

Later, the Admonitor returned briefly to the Galactic Empire so Thrawn could assist Darth Vader in the removal of Zekka Thyne, and thus Black Sun's influence, from Corellia.[1]


The Admonitor in the Space Battle at Carida.

It is likely that it was during the course of these events that Thrawn participated in a space battle over Carida with crime lord Tyber Zann. The head of Black Sun, Prince Xizor, had arranged a meeting between Imperial contacts and Zann so he could sell a Sith artifact to the Empire. When Zann's freighter arrived, it was met by the Admonitor leading an Imperial fleet, and Thrawn double-crossed the crimelord by informing him of Xizor's death and demanding the artifact be turned over in exchange for a quick and honorable death. Zann responded by having the rest of the fleet he had stationed nearby make a short hyperspace jump into the system. In turn Thrawn fired a hidden hypervelocity gun on the planet's surface, destroying an Interceptor IV frigate. Finally, Zann brought his new flagship, the Merciless, out of hyperspace, and the two fleets engaged. Soon after, Zann was again betrayed by his henchman Bossk, who stole the Sith Artifact and absconded with it to the Admonitor aboard his ship, the Hound's Tooth. Thrawn, outnumbered but with his prize secured, retreated, leaving the rest of the fleet to its defeat. However, Zann, having predicted this betrayal, had his lieutenant Urai Fen attach a homing device to the artifact, which eventually led Zann to Palpatine's Museum on Coruscant.[5]

During his time in the Unknown Regions, Thrawn and the Admonitor waged a war with a mostly-primitive local species. He discovered that a military commander of that species had crafted three wooden statues with gem incrustations that had been acquired by Yarkora antiques dealer Saell-Terae. Thrawn, wanting to understand his enemy by studying their art, offered to buy the artworks from Saell-Terae, but the Yarkora refused. Saell-Terae eventually had to escape from Thrawn's forces and abandoned his ship, the Lost Reef, with the statues still hidden inside.[6]

In 8 ABY the battle on the planet Quethold and the death of Nuso Esva, the Admonitor left Quethold to cleanup Esva's legacy in the Chaos Triangle of the Unknown Regions.[7]

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In Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption, the Admonitor is colored a pale blue, in contrast to the Imperial gray of all other Star Destroyers.



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