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"Etsero runs the largest gambling house on the pleasure planet of Adner."
―Airen Cracken, Wanted by Cracken[5]

Adner was a planet located in the Expansion Region's Yataga sector. It had two suns and was a hot world with cold, arid nights. Adner was the homeworld of the sentient Adnerem species. The base unit of the Adnerem society was the steris, a relatively small group of genetically-unbounded individuals.

Two millennia before the Galactic Civil War, the Adnerem transformed their homeworld into a famous pleasure planet, featuring popular casinos, pleasure houses, and theme parks. In the entertainment venues on Adner, the natives chiefly employed members of other species.

The Adnerem Etsero ran the largest casino on Adner. By 7 ABY, Etsero was in debt to an unnamed party, and as a result, his casino was used to launder credits for Imperial interests in the sector. The New Republic dispatched an agent to put an end to the fraud and suspected murders taking place in Etsero's casino.


"Make a mistake, and you'll never see another twin sunrise over Adner."
―Airen Cracken, warning New Republic agents about Etsero in Wanted by Cracken[5]

Adner was a terrestrial planet[3] located in the Adner system. It was a part of the Yataga sector,[1] within the Trailing Sectors portion of[2] the Expansion Region.[1] Adner orbited a pair of bright reddish stars that provided the planet with a hot climate, although the nights on Adner were cold and arid.[3]

At some point, Adner was home to a semi-social species of omnivorous scavenger-hunters. The species eventually evolved into the sentient Adnerem.[3]


"In an attempt to stop these illegal activities, an agent was dispatched to Etsero's den, The Red Lisken. He never reported in and it is believed he may have met with foul play at Etsero's hands."
―Airen Cracken, Wanted by Cracken[5]

Etsero owned the largest casino on Adner.

Adner was discovered by a Duros scout 5,000 years before the Galactic Civil War. Overall, the history of Adner consisted of either individual Adnerem social groups, called steri, achieving or losing power, or the strategic movement of individual Adnerem between different steri. Such changes usually resulted in cold wars and raid-wars—quick and small-scale conflicts unique to the Adnerem.[3]

Two thousand years before the Galactic Civil War, the Adnerem transformed their homeworld into a[3] famous[7] entertainment[3] and pleasure world[7] in order to fund their strategy of planetary self-sufficiency.[3] At some point before the Battle of Endor[6] in 4 ABY,[8] the Human freighter captain and gambler Theol Dunoche visited Kala'uun,[6] a spaceport on the Outer Rim Territories planet Ryloth,[9] where he kidnapped two Twi'lek women about to be sold into slavery. Dunoche, who had a bounty posted on him as a result, befriended the Twi'leks, and the latter came to work as dealers in an Adner casino owned by Dunoche's associate Etsero.[6]

Upon the death of the Hutt crime lord Jabba[5] earlier in 4 ABY,[8] Etsero found that his debt to the Hutt had been transferred to an unnamed party allied with the fragmented Galactic Empire, with his casino being used to launder credits for Imperial interests in the Yataga sector. In order to put an end to the fraud and suspected murders being carried out in The Red Lisken,[5] in 7 ABY[10] the New Republic dispatched an agent to the casino; however, the agent never reported in with his superiors and was suspected to have been dealt with by Etsero. New Republic General Airen Cracken subsequently described Etsero and his operations on Adner in Wanted by Cracken, a datafile that served as a compilation of reports on various threats to the New Republic.[5]


The Adnerem were native to Adner.

Adner was the homeworld of the Adnerem, a species of tall, slender[3] mammalian[11] humanoids.[12] The natives of Adner had reached the Information Age level of technology. Imports on the planet were mainly specialty items and information products. Over time, the primitive tribal bands of the prehistorical Adnerem evolved into a complex social system based around the steris, a group of five to a hundred individuals unbound by genetic ties and dedicated to providing mutual support and collective advancement. This system was already well in place by the time Adner was discovered by off-worlders.[3]

Despite the steris orientation of their society, individual Adnerem were relatively asocial and introverted, and most members of the species were encountered on Adner as opposed to elsewhere in the galaxy. Overly large steri were traditionally frowned upon in the Adnerem society and were usually forcibly reduced in size; therefore, to increase their resource base, the steri managing Adner's entertainment industries chiefly hired members of other species to work there. As a result, a visitor in the entertainment zones of Adner was far more likely to encounter non-Adnerem than Adnerem.[3]


"Not only is Etsero still paying, but his gambling house is now being used to launder credits for Imperial interests in that sector of the galaxy."
―Airen Cracken, Wanted by Cracken[5]

Adnerem lived in towns, villages, and in more isolated farms and compounds. The buildings known as steris-houses were usually single- or two-floored earth-bermed disks. The buildings' round shape helped conserve and evenly distribute heat at night, while the earth provided insulation from heat during the day. Adner also featured casinos, pleasure houses, and theme parks, which were visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists and thrill-seekers.[3] The largest casino on Adner, The Red Lisken, was run by the Adnerem Etsero[5] and his small but very affluent steris.[3]

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Adner was first mentioned in the 1993 sourcebook Wanted by Cracken, which was written by Louis J. Prosperi for West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game.[5] The 2009 reference book The Essential Atlas placed the Adner system, and therefore the planet Adner, in grid square N-16.[4]


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