Adol Bel was a male Human who served as the director of Xucphra Corporation during the final decades of the Republic Classic era.


When many criminals of the exterior edge merged with a commercial combine under the leadership of the smuggler Iaco Stark, the Corporation went under Xucphra Adol Bel's Stark Commercial Combine. Bel faked an explosion of its processing plants and staged in an apparent bacta shortage. By pretending that the production of the drug has decreased by two-thirds, and then the price rose rapidly, he drove himself a substantial profit. The Viceroy of the Trade Federation Hask was privy to Adol Bel's plans. This led to the Stark Hyperspace War.

During the war, Adol Bel later found his displeasure with Iaco Stark when he released a navcomputer virus that all vessels prevented access to hyperspace routes. Bel was not able to extradite its tons of excess bacta.

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