"...Nobody's called off the war on my account."
―Adon Fox to Gina Moonsong shortly before his death[src]

Adon Fox was a male starfighter pilot who served in the fleet of the Alliance to Restore the Republic. He fought in the Battle of Hoth, and was the Wing Commander of Blade Squadron in the Battle of Endor.



Adon Fox joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic at some point prior to the Battle of Hoth. He was stationed at Echo Base, the Alliance headquarters on Hoth, along with his wife. When the Galactic Empire invaded Echo Base, Fox had less than one hundred hours of flight time, but was still asked to fly his single X-wing to escort a transport during the necessary evacuation. Fox managed to survive the mission, but his wife was killed when the transport she was on was destroyed by a blockade of Star Destroyers.[1]


Later in the war, Fox reached the rank of Wing Commander and was placed at the helm of Blade Squadron, the Alliance's B-wing starfighter squadron. He worked with Lieutenant Braylen Stramm and Cadet Gina Moonsong. When the Alliance decided to attack the Empire's unfinished battle station, the Death Star II, Fox and his squadron were charged with guarding the fleet's rear and safeguarding its lines of communication. Once the Rebel fleet arrived at Endor, where the Death Star was located, Fox was shocked to discover that a large flotilla of Imperial Star Destroyers had been deployed. His squadron's rearguard mission was quickly aborted, and Blade Squadron was reassigned to the kill-zone. Fox soon noticed the presence of the Devastator, the Imperial ship which had destroyed his wife's transport at Hoth. He ordered an attack run on the Star Destroyer, but was met with two dozen TIE/IN interceptors.[1]

Blade Squadron engaged the Devastator and its TIEs. Imperial Commander Gradd, of whom had a grudge on Fox, attempted to kill the man but only damaged his B-wing before being destroyed by one of the other members of Blade Squadron. The Devastator soon fell to Blade Squadron's bombs but not without heavy casualties. Fox's B-wing was severely damaged and only Lieutenant Stramm and Cadet Moonsong remained to be by his side. His pod couldn't eject leaving him to perish shortly before the Death Star's shield went down.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Fox was described as being rotund and red-faced. He made up for his lack of warrior physique with reflexes and mental agility. He was also known to be a first-rate leader across the Alliance fleet.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Adon Fox appears in the two-part short story Blade Squadron written by David J. Williams and Mark S. Williams. There is a discrepancy concerning what type of starfighter Fox piloted during the Battle of Endor: Part One explicitly states that Fox piloted an A-wing during the battle, while Part Two and some sections of Part I explicitly state that he was piloting a B-wing. Details in story (heavy shielding, escape pod, referring to the squadron as an "elite B-wing unit") suggest that Fox was canonically piloting a B-wing.[1]



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