Adria Reyn was a female Human who, through political maneuvering and corrupt activities, was appointed Moff of the Callia sector of the Inner Rim during the early years of the Empire's reign. After Emperor Palpatine strengthened a blockade around the Imperial prison planet Ord Vaxal within the sector, agents representing the Hutt slaver Sassallo, who had been operating on the planet, confronted Reyn and blackmailed her into opening a narrow gap within the planet's sensor net to allow the safe and undetected passage of slaver vessels. Though Reyn complied and was paid for her cooperation, she swore to break off her deal with Sassallo at the first possible chance.


Adria Reyn was a female Human who politically maneuvered herself through the ranks of the Galactic Empire to highly favorable positions of authority. After many illicit dealings, she was eventually appointed Moff of the Callia sector of the Inner Rim, home of the Imperial prison planet Ord Vaxal.[1] Prior to the rise of the Empire, the Oubliette shadowport on Ord Vaxal had been the site of an underground slavery ring[3] led by the Hutt crime lord Sassallo.[4] Though Sassallo was able to bypass the pre-existing blockade above Ord Vaxal, her operations came to a halt when Palpatine declared himself Galactic Emperor and increased security measures around the blockade, forcing the Hutt to turn to Moff Reyn.[2]

Unbeknown to Reyn, some of the second parties she utilized in her more unlawful dealings were also employed to Sassallo. Shortly after the strengthening of the blockade, Reyn was confronted by Sassallo's operatives, who used their knowledge of the Moff's private exploits as leverage for negotiations concerning the blockade's tight security. Left with little choice, Reyn reluctantly allowed the slavers to blackmail her[1] and, within hours, she secretly rearranged the sensor net around Ord Vaxal to allow for a narrow access corridor leading to the Oubliette shadowport for the slavers' use.[2] Despite being unhappy with the arrangement, Reyn was paid well by Sassallo for keeping the route open,[1] and over the next few years the Moff expanded upon her position of authority within the sector.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Adria Reyn was a highly-skilled politician but possessed little practical military experience. She maneuvered her way up the Imperial ladder by any means possible and had no qualms about using bribery, extortion, slander, or murder to achieve her goals. She expected nothing less than perfection from her subordinates and those who failed to please her were often reassigned to less important but highly dangerous roles. Reyn lived only for the power and prestige that came with her position as Moff[1] and was considered the perfect example of Imperial duplicity and corruption.[2] She was taken by surprise when Sassallo was able to undermine her so easily, but vowed to sever her ties with the Hutt if ever given the chance.[1]

Reyn was a middle-aged woman during the early reign of the Empire with graying brown hair, cruel hazel eyes, and an athletic frame. Her uniform and attire allowed her to radiate an aura of intimidation but maintain her femininity at the same time. She was typically armed with a blaster pistol and had access to a personal shuttle. Reyn could also read, write, and speak Huttese.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Adria Reyn was created for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game article Ord Vaxal: Prison Planet of the Empire, written by Gary Astleford and published in Polyhedron 165 in 2003. She was illustrated by artist James Ryman. Astleford suggests a number of ways that Ord Vaxal could be used in a role-playing campaign, such as having the Imperial player characters be tasked with seeking out evidence of Reyn's corruption.[5]


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