Adriphar was a male Mon Calamari and one of the Mon Calamari Rangers who protected their people during the Genocide on Dac in 137 ABY.


He and his fellows ranger Shonmai were scouting the area near the Devil's Crevasse when they spotted the Sea Leviathan, created by the Sith Scientist Vul Isen. They decided to return to their base in Ranger Grotto to inform the Imperial Knight Treis Sinde of these new devilry, before they spotted the nearby Aquatic Terrain Armored Transport. It shot down Adriphar's Krakana, which crashed onto the massive Leviathan. Adriphar called for Shonmai to return to the Grotto, before his life energy was sucked out by Leviathan.

Behind the scenesEdit

Adriphar first appeared in the 2009 comic Legacy 33: Fight Another Day, Part 2, the second issue of Star Wars: Legacy's Fight Another Day story arc.


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