Adumar: Pilots Wanted was a five-part Planet Hoppers article from April 1, 2004, covering Adumar. The article was written by Cory J. Herndon.

Parts[edit | edit source]

The Art of the Duel
"In which an anonymous New Republic Intelligence agent offers a field report on the culture of Adumar."
Four Is Green-Lighted
"In which Derek Klivian provides an X-wing pilot's perspective on Adumar's Blade fighters."
Three, Ready For a Furball
"In which Wes Janson offers a brawler's look at ubiquitous Adumari honor duels and blastswords."
Two Standing By, One Hundred Percent
"In which Tycho Celchu describes Adumari native Cheriss ke Hanadi's contributions to the planet's history."
Leader Has Two Lit and In the Green
"Wedge Antilles offers a few words of wisdom for Adumar and recalls the turning point in his diplomatic mission."

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