The Adumari Civil War occurred in 13 ABY, and was fought between the dominant nation of Cartann, and a coalition of smaller nations, such as Yedagon. The Civil War had a greater galactic significance because of outside involvement: the Imperial Remnant was supporting Cartann with a detachment from the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing, led by General Turr Phennir. The New Republic was supporting anti-Cartann Adumari coalition, after General Wedge Antilles disobeyed orders and allied Red Flight with Yedagon Confederacy, which persuaded other states to accept the leadership of General Antilles.

The Yedagon Confederacy and its allies was ultimately successful in the Civil War, with the corrupt Perator of Cartann Pekaelic ke Teldan ousted in favor of his son, who was more favorable towards the New Republic.

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