Advanced blasters, also known as advanced lasers, were an improvement to various starfighter blasters. As indicated by the name, they improved the firepower of a ship's laser weapons systems.

Upon rescuing the then-recently defected Imperial TIE pilot Tycho Celchu on Dantooine and escorting him back to the landing zone on speeder bikes, then-leader of Red Squadron Luke Skywalker took the left fork of the path upon noticing the advanced lasers nearby.

Skywalker, the leader of Rogue Squadron, briefly disengaged from the raid on the final Tibanna gas platform on Taloraan during a mission to destroy Imperial-owned Tibanna gas canisters by dive-bombing into Taloraan City nearby and retrieving the advanced blasters that were situated within the floating city's town square, carefully navigating through the buildings to avoid smashing into them.

During the Battle of Hoth, Wedge Antilles, acting as leader of Rogue Squadron after Skywalker was shot down, circled back to the then-recently destroyed shield generator at Echo Base to retrieve the advanced blasters among the ruined wreck.



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