An advanced concussion missile was a type of missile used by starfighters during the Galactic Civil War.


Compared to standard concussion missiles, advanced concussion missiles had a higher blast rating and exit velocity, and they were capable of tracking a target for a longer period of time. A pair was enough to eliminate a fully-shielded TIE Defender or Delta-class DX-9 stormtrooper transport.[2] They also carried a green shield around the warheads.[3]


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After the Battle of Hoth, Rebel Alliance pilot Wedge Antilles discovered technology to upgrade concussion missiles used by the A-wing to advanced concussion missiles during the raid on the Imperial Academy on Prefsbelt IV.[1]

Antilles also discovered the technology during the battle of Dubrillion.[4]

Other Rebel forces used advanced concussion missiles in their craft during the Galactic Civil War.[5]

Advanced missiles were equipped on new Imperial craft such as TIE Avenger, TIE Defender, and the Missile Boat (where its standard armament was two launchers each with 20 advanced missiles). The traitor Admiral Harkov's TIE Avengers were never equipped with advanced missiles, while Stele's loyalist unit of Avengers was, enabling Stele and his wingmen to defeat waves of Harkov's fighters. During the Zaarin insurrection, as regular missiles proved largely insufficient, Assault Gunboats and Mine Type Cs also received advanced missiles as well.[2]

Imperial pilot Maarek Stele, when often facing enemy Defenders in a Gunboat or Avenger, however often opted to advanced proton torpedoes instead, using his tractor beam weapon to snare the opposing fighter, and one advanced torpedo was enough to take out a full-strength Defender.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Advanced concussion missiles first appeared in Star Wars: TIE Fighter as a more powerful missile. They served the same role in the later Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance. In Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader, concussion missiles may be upgraded to the advanced version if the player picks up the upgrade during Imperial Academy Heist mission during the daytime version. Acquiring the technology is required for the mission's gold medal, and this article assumes the player did so. The technology may also be acquired in the game's sequel Star Wars: Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike during the Guns of Dubrillion mission.



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