Advanced proton bombs, also known as advanced bombs, were explosive weapons carried aboard Rebel Alliance BTL Y-wing starfighters. The bombs were upgraded versions of proton bombs and, as the name suggests, are improvements that increase the proton bomb's explosive power.

During the Invasion of Naboo, Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes of the Royal Naboo Security Forces discovered the technology in ruins during an attack on a Trade Federation base. He used the weapons in an NB-1S Royal Bomber.[2]

The commander of the Rebel Alliance's Rogue Squadron, Luke Skywalker, utilized the advanced proton bombs in BTL-A4 Y-wing starfighters. He acquired the upgrade for the bombs during Rogue Squadron's campaign against the Galactic Empire around six months after the pivotal Battle of Yavin during either the Raid on Balmorra by blowing up a domed building near a TIE landing platform, or during the Blockade of Chandrila by destroying a nearby AT-ST.[3]

Later Rogue Squadron leader Wedge Antilles also discovered the technology after the Battle of Hoth, during a prison liberation raid at Bakura.[4]

Certain versions of the advanced proton bomb also produced a cluster effect with bomblets.[5] Antilles discovered the upgrade during a mission to Destrillion.[4]

Antilles also discovered the technology during a battle with an Star Destroyer over Kothlis. The weapon in question was contained within a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle that was presumably delivering it to the Star Destroyer during the battle.[6]

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Advanced proton bombs appear in the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron video game series. The weapons were available after picking up the upgrade in certain missions. Acquiring the technology is required for the mission's gold medal, and this article assumes the player did so.



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