Adventures in Wild Space: Books 4–6 is the unabridged audio version of books four to six of the canon Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space series, written by Cavan Scott and Tom Huddleston. That includes the books The Dark, The Cold, and The Rescue. The audiobook was performed by January LaVoy and was released by Disney–Lucasfilm Press on October 19, 2018.[1]

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  2. In Adventures in Wild Space: The Steal, Ezra Bridger is an infant. Since Ezra was born on the first Empire Day (which Star Wars: Galactic Atlas cites as 19 BBY), the Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space series (the books of which take place in close proximity to each other) must be set around 18 BBY. The events of Tarkin take place five years after the rise of the Galactic Empire, which Star Wars: Galactic Atlas dates to 19 BBY. Therefore, Tarkin must be set in 14 BBY. In that book, Wilhuff Tarkin has been at Sentinel Base for three years, meaning he must have arrived there in 17 BBY. As Tarkin also leaves his position at the base during the book, and since Adventures in Wild Space: The Rescue features Tarkin in command of Sentinel Base, The Rescue must be set during or after 17 BBY. Because The Rescue takes place shortly after Adventures in Wild Space: The Steal, but must also take place after Takrin arrived at Sentinel Base, it must take place around 17 BBY. Therefore Adventures in Wild Space: Books 4–6 begins around 18 BBY and ends around 17 BBY.

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