"Mm. I promise you, Smuggler―I am no Jedi. My order, too, was nearly extinguished by the Empire… but we are a heartier breed. Shall we continue?"
―Mentor Xiath, to the Smuggler[src]

The advisers were a Force-using organization based in the Anoat sector. Their existence was tied to that of the Noble Court, the assembled ruling families of the sector. The advisers' role was to ensure the survival of the Court, which involved the teaching of Force techniques to some nobles.[1] With the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Anoat sector was subjected. However, despite the Empire's efforts to stomp the noble families, they managed to survive in secret[2] with the help of the advisers. By the time of the Imperial Iron Blockade of the sector, the nobles and the advisers were still working to return to their former power and prestige. Xiath, a male human who held the title of Mentor among the advisers, hid from the Imperials with his Nothoiin apprentice Amrosio in the Ancient Palace on Hosra,[1] a planet that was of no interest to the Empire due to its lack of valuable resources. In spite of all the secrecy, the survival of the advisers and the Court was known to the Data Seekers, an underground scholarly organization. Months into the blockade, a young smuggler from Burnin Konn acquired a pack of holodiscs claiming to outline secrets behind the Noble Court's survival against the Empire.[1] After traveling to Hosra, the Smuggler met Mentor Xiath, who tested the visitor before agreeing to impart some of his knowledge on them.[3]


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