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The Advisory Council was a seven-being body that advised the Chief of State in the operations of the Alliance to Restore the Republic.


As mandated by the Corellian Treaty, the Council's seven members were chosen as representatives of the Allied governments "who have given the most lives to the battle against the Emperor." By this definition, Princess Leia Organa should have taken a seat on the Council, as Alderaan was still considered to be an Allied government even after its destruction. However, she refused the position, preferring to focus her efforts elsewhere.[1]

Legally, the Council's only power was to approve or disapprove of the Chief of State's policy decisions, and could remove the Chief of State and call for a new election with a two-thirds majority. The Treaty also mandated that after the Alliance's victory, the Council would assume Executive Power and convene a Constitutional Convention to determine the shape of the Second Galactic Republic that would be formed.[1]


Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the Council consisted of at least three Humans, a Mon Calamari, a Sullustan, and an Ithorian.[1]

Vin Northal, a former Emperor's Royal Guard who defected to the Alliance, single-handedly saved the entire Council from capture on Hythrope IV.[2]



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