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Advozsec (singular: Advozse) were a humanoid species, easily distinguished by the single horn on top of their hairless heads. Their home planet of Riflor was geologically unstable, with frequent volcanic eruptions: a condition which shaped their culture and their place in the galaxy.

Biology and appearance[]

The Advozsec were evolved from herbivorous reptile-analogs which fed on the vegetation known to form around the planet Riflor's hot springs. Evolving into a class of reptomammal, the Advozsec had a single black horn at the crown of their heads, four digits on each hand and foot, pointed ears, and large black eyes. Their skin varied from yellow to dark brown. Advozsec were strictly vegetarian, being unable to properly digest meat.[2] Nevertheless, at least some members of the species had sharp teeth.[5]

The Advozsec home planet of Riflor was geologically unstable, with frequent volcanic eruptions. The geothermal hot springs that appear on their homeworld forced the species to evolve thick skin in order to survive. The large, black eyes of the Advozsec were adaptations to the clouds of volcanic ash which darkened Riflor's skies. Though they were most comfortable in the naturally dim light of their homeworld, Advozsec could adjust to levels of light found on other worlds with minimal discomfort.[2]

Society and culture[]

Advozse GG12

An Advozse

Since so much of the sunlight on Riflor was blocked by volcanic eruptions, Advozsec tended to settle near geothermal springs for heat. Unfortunately, these springs also tended to be in geologically unstable regions, and anything built near them was often destroyed or abandoned due to eruptions or groundquakes. As a result, the Advozse people ended up having little attachment to material goods or long-term plans, and developed a pessimistic, selfish, and even paranoid outlook on life. This facet of their culture remained long after contact with the Galactic Republic gave them access to modern construction techniques allowing for more permanent buildings.[2] Seeing financial stability as the only truly achievable stability one could find in life, the Advozsec constantly strove to accumulate as much monetary wealth as they could in a lifetime in order to have the ability to rebuild when the worst happened.[1]

Reading and writing the language Advb, Advozsec generally used a first name and a second name. Typical names included Kol Nurn, Roda Lem, and Vel Ramdro.[1] Other Advozsec, such as the warlord Tulak and his son Kalut, were only known by a single name.[6]


Gaining representation in the Galactic Senate on Coruscant, the species was often perceived as being decent bureaucrats. When the Clone Wars erupted between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Riflor's Senator Silvu Donte attempted to secede from the Republic[7] but the planet was quickly placed under the guardianship of the 19th Sector Army of the Grand Army of the Republic and was unable to support the Separatist cause in any substantial way. Despite this, a strong Separatist leaning permeated the society and representatives of the Republic were not welcome.[8]

When the Galactic Empire came to power, Advozsec involved in Riflor's rich mining operations were cut off from planetary decision making by their Imperial overseers. While most Advozsec supported the Empire, with many serving in its bureaucracy, the Imperial forces on Riflor had to put down several protests demanding a greater Advozse voice. In the decades following the Galactic Civil War, the world was invaded by the Yuuzhan Vong as they waged their campaign of conquest and terror across the galaxy. Creating a bio-virus which killed off Riflor's plant life, the Advozsec who remained on the world died of malnutrition. The species survived only through those Advozsec found on other planets and colonies.

Advozsec in the galaxy[]

Advozse Mercenary EM

An Advozse mercenary

As part of galactic society, the skeptical and control-oriented Advozse temperament led many of them into bureaucratic careers with large corporations or the Republic.[2] Other Advozsec were enemies of the Republic, however. These included the warlord Tulak who ravaged the planet Koba in circa 300 BBY, and Tulak's son Kalut, who attacked Koba a century later.[6]

Some Advozsec turned to smugglers or became smugglers themselves to get around high Imperial tariffs during the Galactic Civil War. Bom Vimdin, a smuggler who was often seen at the Mos Eisley Cantina, was one of the most prominent Advozsec during the Galactic Civil War.[2] Another Advozse involved with illicit trade, Gjeel Dhantra, served as majordomo for Pok Nar-Ten, the Klatooinian Trade Guild representative on Boztrok.[9] One famous Advozse was Grelk Micabra, who was a swoop racing champion of the Corellian sector.[10]

Force-sensitive Advozsec existed, as evidenced by a Advozse Sith Lord who joined the Brotherhood of Darkness during the New Sith Wars[4] One Advosec known to have joined the Jedi Order was Goril Sevintran, a Jedi Knight who served during the Galactic War.[11]

Behind the scenes[]

The Advosze makeup was created by Rick Baker for Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. The character that appeared in the cantina scene was nicknamed "Don Rickles" by the production crew due to its resemblance to the insult comic. He would not receive a proper name until 1993, when West End Games identified him[12] in the book Wanted by Cracken.[13]



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