The Adz-class patrol destroyer was a type of small capital ship used by the forces of the Galactic Empire in the later stages of the Galactic Civil War.


The Adz was armed with six weapons batteries, all carried in turrets: three class-D quad laser cannon and three class-B dual ion cannon, plus a flight of six TIE fighters. Among its sensors was a soliton antenna, which enabled it to track ships in hyperspace.

It was designed with the most recent advances in slave circuitry so as to require as small a crew complement as possible. The minimum crew required to operate the ship was just twelve, but it usually carried six additional deck crew, six TIE pilots, eight soldiers, and twelve gunners to man the weapons. Automation allowed just two gunners to operate each battery of weapons, which in turn allowed them to concentrate fire on targets with much more precision. This reduced the number of personnel needed for patrol duty, as well as the cost of training new recruits.

In sublight travel, an Adz-class ship would reach a velocity of around one million kilometers per hour after several hours of flank-speed acceleration, and it required less than ten minutes to decelerate down to station-keeping speed. While this performance was sufficient to catch many civilian vessels, it was not fast enough to overtake the Lady Luck, Lando Calrissian's high-performance space yacht. For longer-distance travel, the Adz was equipped with a Class Two Hyperdrive.


The Adz-class design was relatively new at the time of the Black Fleet Crisis, and used primarily by the Imperial Navy forces in the Deep Core, such as the Grand Imperial Navy of Warlord Foga Brill, defending the fortress world of Prakith.

Behind the scenes[]

In Tyrant's Test, the maximum speed of the Adz-class design is said to be "point five-five", a term which would normally indicate a very fast hyperdrive speed, but which, in this context, is apparently a sublight figure.



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