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"I knew it would be you. Did Jari beg you to "save me"?"
―Aelan confronting the Barsen'thor[3]

Aelan Kalder was a Force-sensitive Human male soldier and a loyal friend to Jedi Knight Jari Orez during the Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire.


"I didn't feel anything. A single day couldn't change a whole lifetime of good work. He must have become one with the Force"
"In the end, dark or light, all things are part of the Force.
―Jari Orez and the Barsen'thor talk about Aelan's fate after his defeat[3]

During the Galactic War, Aelan and Jari joined with Guardian Hold Six on Corellia to battle against the Empire. While Jari was checking the sentries on Corellia, Aelan began to attack his own friend with the Force. It was revealed that Aelan was a Child of the Emperor, however, when Jari dueled him, he sensed no darkness in him.

When Barsen'thor arrived to the planet to help Corellia, Jari instructed the Jedi Consular to destroy an Imperial factory on Corellia and prevent Aelan from leading chaos throughout the planet. Jari sensed that there was still good in Aelan and part of himself was still inside, trying to fight his way back from the dark side. The Jedi eventually found Aelan in the factory and tried to save him. Aelan was willing to avenge his brothers and sisters of the Emperor and engaged the Jedi in a duel. Aelan proved no match for the Jedi and was defeated. After his death, Jari rushed in and mourned the lost of his friend. He sensed that his friend was free and became one with the Force.

During the final confrontation with Tenebrae, Aelan was among the spirits that were summoned to help defeat the former Sith Emperor. After witnessing his final death, Aelan found peace in the light and became one with the Force.[3]

Powers and abilities[]

As a Child of the Emperor, the reborn Kalder wielded a yellow-bladed lightsaber in combat, and was capable of generating Force lightning. He was trained in Form IV lightsaber combat, also known as Ataru.


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